8 Cheapest Long Distance Moving Companies

Are you planning on embarking on a long-distance move? You might need some help.

Cheap long-distance moving companies cater to all kinds of needs, such as packing, transportation, loading & unloading, unloading & unpacking, storage, and insurance.

The best part is that these companies’ services can be cheap if you take your time to find the right one.

Cheap Long-Distance Moving Companies

Here, we’ve taken the time to provide you with helpful information on the cheapest long-distance moving companies to patronize. You can also compare services to find the best for your moving needs.

  • Not all Long Distance Moving Companies will Fit your Moving Needs.

While looking for the cheapest long-distance moving companies, you’ll also consider licensing & insurance, reputation & customer reviews, and flexibility.

Other things to look for include experience, pricing, efficiency & reliability, professionalism & communication skills, etc.

When exploring your options, these and other aspects of their operation should be under the searchlight.

The objective is to find a long-distance moving company that ticks most or all boxes regarding the different things identified. With that said, let’s proceed to other aspects of our discussion.

Pros and Cons of Finding or Using Cheap Long-Distance Moving Companies

If you’ve wondered if there are any advantages or disadvantages to a cheap moving company, the answer is simple; there are. Regarding the pros, cheap long-distance companies offer affordable alternatives and customizable services.

There are typically no hidden fees besides various moving services being provided.

Flexibility is another likely benefit of patronizing cheap long-distance moving companies as such is extended to their range of services.

In terms of the cons, there are several to consider.

These include the possibility of these long-distance moving companies being uninsured. This can be risky to anyone patronizing their service as the client will entirely bear the cost of any damage.

Compared to more expensive long-distance moving companies, cheaper ones might have less flexibility in scheduling. The moving crew will likely have little to no experience handling your stuff, which could lead to damage.

Unlike more costly long-distance moving companies, cheaper ones won’t have as much variety in services rendered.

i. Making a Decision

Based on the pros and cons provided, it’s entirely up to you to decide if using cheap long-distance moving companies is worth the try or not.

If you prioritize safety and satisfaction, you might want to look beyond more affordable moving services. You’ll do well to consult widely before deciding on the option.

When consulting, consider speaking with friends & family, moving consultants, and exploring online resources like The Better Business Bureau; relevant online forums like Yelp, Reddit, Moving.com, and Angie’s List, etc. will help.

List of Budget-Friendly Long-Distance Moving Services

So far, our focus has been on providing an overview of cheap long-distance moving companies.

Nothing has been said about specific examples. In this section, we further identify some of the cheapest long-distance moving companies you can explore.

We must state that these aren’t particularly cheap but have provisions for more affordable or low-cost long-distance moving services.

Specific examples include the North American Van Lines, U-Haul, Two Men, a Truck, Portable On-Demand Storage (PODS), and U-Pack.

Examples include Penske Truck Rental, Atlas Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, Mayflower Transit, ABF U-Pack, and North American Van Lines. Let’s proceed to discuss each of these as follows briefly:

i. North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines provides cheap long-distance moving services to households and corporate clients. It also goes beyond national boundaries to provide international moving services tailored to your needs.

If you have questions, explore further to learn more.

ii. U-Haul

When planning long-distance moves, one of the companies to contact is U-Haul.

As one of the industry leaders, the company offers a range of moving solutions, including truck rental services. So, does it suit your specific needs?

It depends on what such conditions are. Contact the company for answers.

iii. Two Men and a Truck

In your quest to find cheap long-distance moving companies, you’ll do well to explore services offered by Two Men and a Truck.

With a presence in 46 states and counting, this company provides a variety of long-distance moving alternatives to choose from. All you have to do to get started is visit its site.

iv. Portable On-Demand Storage (PODS)

This moving and storage company caters to all your long-distance moving needs.

Of course, the company caters to the needs of people on a tight budget. You’ll need to establish contact for further discussions to determine precisely its quotes.

v. U-Pack

As an expert long-distance moving service provider for households, U-Pack ticks almost all the boxes. This company only charges for the equipment space you use.

All you have to do to get started is to make your reservation, after which you load your container. The company handles things from there.

vi. Penske Truck Rental

Penske Truck Rental provides personal or residential, and commercial long-distance moving services.

With a focus on quality, Penske’s discounted services and special offers make them a favorite for many movers. Round-the-clock assistance is also offered to clients.  

vii. Atlas Van Lines

Have you heard of Atlas Van Lines? This moving company caters to various moving needs including long and short distance.

These services are categorized under residential and long-distance moves, corporate relocation, military, government, international, logistics, and additional activities.

viii. Allied Van Lines

What are your long-distance moving needs like? Allied Van Lines can cater to such through its services, including housing and international moving.

Others include virtual surveys, long-distance, corporate, and office moving. With five years short of a century in experience, all your moving needs are adequately catered to.

For each long-distance moving company discussed above, further information can be found on their sites. You only need to explore and compare costs as well as quality of service.

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These are some of the cheapest long-distance moving companies you can explore today. Individuals and companies on a tight budget can easily take advantage of the discounts offered by these services.

Researching these companies further is essential to know precisely how your needs will be met.

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