Companies the world over have come to embrace brand ambassadorship programs as a way to promote their business. This is a form of marketing that uses authority figures or star power.

Brand ambassadors are picked from a variety of specializations such as sports, the movie industry, music, and more.

Such companies and businesses are only leveraging on the influence of public personalities or celebrities to improve their brand image. Celebrities picked as brand ambassadors perform a wide range of responsibilities as required by the companies they represent.

In return for such services, they are paid in addition to benefiting from other privileges.

Traits Common To Brand Ambassadors

When companies pick their brand ambassadors, they look for certain traits. These qualify them as ideal candidates for ambassadorship roles.

Common traits include the following;

  • High Level Of Professionalism

Company brand ambassadors must demonstrate a high level of professionalism. This role involves certain responsibilities that must be performed exceptionally well. As representatives of a company’s brand, they will promote the company by talking about what it does or offers.

Not only do they talk about a company’s products or services, but they also urge their audience to check out such products and services. This role of influence seeks to improve the perception of the company’s image.

  • Natural Leadership Skills

This is an additional trait all brand ambassadors should possess. People should be able to able to trust and want to listen to whatever they have to say. Their influence on people should be such that people want to readily follow their advice or opinion.

  • Building Relationships

The trait of a good product ambassador should include being able to establish and grow relationships. This characteristic is very important as it serves your business at the end of the day. This is because ambassadors end up establishing strong connections on behalf of the company.

  • Strong Online Presence

Having a strong online presence is one of the qualities a good ambassador should possess. Being influential on social media platforms makes the message presented to easily resonate with their audience. Having a loyal online following means their (ambassadors) followers will hardly question whatever message they send out.

Enough of the attributes of an ambassador already! Join us as we discuss some companies with brand ambassador programs. There are lots of such companies but for want of time and space, we won’t be covering everyone. Rather, we’ll be focusing on only a few.

Companies With Brand Ambassador Programs

Having provided information on the common traits used in selecting brand ambassadors, we’ll now provide some companies having brand ambassador programs. They include the following;

  • Lululemon

Lululemon is an athletic apparel and accessories retailer serving a huge market. One of the ways this company has marketed its products is the adoption and establishment of its ambassador program. As a sports clothing company, it targets all sorts of sports personalities.

These range from yoga instructors, local influencers as well as elite athletes. All of these people are highly influential and help the company through partnerships to create community and provide feedback products. The Lululemon brand ambassador program has been successful in enhancing loyalty to the Lululemon brand.

Its brand ambassadors are given the necessary support they need to perform their roles and responsibilities. Such support includes initiatives and philanthropic projects which reflect positively on the company. This, in turn, has won this company the respect of its target market, thus, improving its sales significantly.

  • Coca Cola

Coca Cola is arguably the world’s best known and most valuable brand. This soft drink company, despite its huge successes, has continued to explore more effective ways to portray a positive image. However, its ambassadorship program is quite different when compared to most companies.

Coca Cola’s program is homegrown. In other words, it has been able to tap into the strength and reach of its workforce. A culture of supporting and appreciating its employees has created a system where ambassadors are created from within.

As ambassadors, these employees go on to promote the company on their social media platforms, thus creating a multiplier effect in reach and influence.

  • Yelp

Have you ever heard of the Yelp Elite Squad? This is the name Yelp’s brand ambassador program goes by. The program targets the Yelp online community. Here, users who are most active and show some degree of responsibility and character are recognized.

Yelp doesn’t restrict such recognition to active online participants only. It also goes further to choose ambassadors off the site. Different things are considered when choosing their ambassadors. These range from useful tips and well-written reviews.

As members of its Elite Squad Program, a badge is attached to their account profiles. Members of this program get to re-nominate themselves each year for ambassadorship roles.

  • Red Bull

Red Bull is a popular brand around the world. This company has successfully positioned itself as a lifestyle brand by associating its name with a variety of lifestyle events. These range from music, arts, festivals, and athletics among several others. This is championed through its student ambassador programs.

The aim is to enable it to reach student populations that it has successfully done.

To be considered for an ambassadorial role, students are chosen based on their passion for excitement as well as energy. The success achieved by Red Bull through this program has been phenomenal.

  • Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark is a small-batch bourbon whiskey company that has established a highly effective brand ambassadorial program. One of the requirements for becoming its ambassador is the pledge to promote and refer its products with friends and family.

It creates a sense of exclusivity and class among its ambassadors through the provision of perks such as bourbon barrels, and personalized brass plates among others. This has driven its ambassadors to work more in further promoting the Maker’s Mark brand.

These are a few of the many companies with brand ambassador programs. This method of doing business has proven to be very effective in further consolidating on gains made by attracting more clients.