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There is a growing need for assistance especially for the most vulnerable in societies across the world.

In most cases, the aged and the young make up the most vulnerable, as there are case of homelessness brought about by poverty, drug addiction, and prostitution among several others. Charity organizations have become very useful tools in helping and bringing succor to people in need.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a charity organization.

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If you are interested in starting a charity business but don’t know how to write the most important document for the business, which is the business plan, then you are at the right place, as we seek to provide a non profit charity business plan sample to act as a guide to helping you write yours.

We commence with the following;

Table of Contents – Non Profit Business Plan Outline

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Target Market
  • Competition
  • Sources of Revenue
  • Revenue Projection
  • Publicity and Advert Strategies

Here is how to start a charity business plan:

Executive Summary

Reach Out is a non profit charity business located in Virginia, which seeks to provide succour and assistance to the down-trodden in society. Our main area of focus is to provide our targets which are the homeless in society with a roof over their heads.

As a charity business, our services are not only restricted to the homeless within Virginia, as we seek to expand our services to cover the whole of America and Canada within a decade of commencing business.

Our services are driven by a strong passion to act on behalf of the homeless, as we see it as a responsibility which should be borne by all. Our desire for expansion is driven by the fact that there are a lot of homeless people in America. These people are exposed to the harsh weather especially during the winter season.

Products and Services

We are essentially a service driven non-profit business which caters for the needs of the homeless in the society. As such, we are strongly involved in mobilizing support for the homeless through engaging in meaningful discussions with city housing councils as well as embarking on public campaigns for more action to be done regarding the homeless by policy makers and implementers.

These would be done while raising funds for the construction of low-cost housing units to cater for the housing needs of the homeless in Virginia and across America.

Vision Statement

Through the activities of Reach Out which include the raising of funding for the construction of housing units and also public awareness campaigns conducted, we seek to achieve a lofty goal, which is to provide housing for all. This will not be restricted to Virginia alone, as we will seek to spread our services to cover the whole of America and Canada within a decade.


Our mission at Reach Out is that of rescue. We realise that shelter is among the primary needs of humans, and we are determined to provide that need through mobilizing for help and funding which would help us realise this mission.

Our actions will be all-inclusive, as we seek to involve both the public as well as private institutions to see the need and help us in our quest of making the society a better place to live.

Target Market

Our target group as mentioned earlier are the most vulnerable groups in society which consists mainly of children, women and the elderly. We will also provide our services to any other age group who meet our criteria for help. We are mainly concerned about sections of the population without a decent shelter.


As a non-profit, we see our activities as essential, and welcome other charity businesses as we see our services as complimentary.

Therefore, we will not see ourselves as competing with any other charity organization, but would gladly cooperate if the need arises to achieve better and faster results. There are several charity groups doing a great job, and we will be delighted if more come on board to help us achieve our objective.

Sources of Revenue

This is very crucial to the success of our activities; therefore, we would be embarking on a revenue drive, and would target corporate entities as well as well meaning individuals. We are also interested in raising awareness on the social responsibilities of businesses within our areas of operation.

Our main targets for generating revenue will be donor groups and agencies. However, the founder of Reach Out, Trisha Paine has set aside a startup funding of $200,000 raised from savings meant for this purposes.

Revenue Projection

With vigorous awareness campaigns coupled with definitive action regarding the raising of critical funding, we project an impressive revenue growth of $900,000 sourced within 2 years from the start of business operations.

There are great potentials for growth in funding as we expand our operations to cover more states. This would be primarily used in the provision f housing services to our target groups.

Publicity and Advert Strategies

We will embark on far-reaching publicity and advertising activities through the adoption all available channels.

This would include the use of both print and electronic media channels as well as the use of the internet through the establishment of a website as well as the use of social media channels to create awareness as well as source for funding from well-meaning groups and donor agencies.

This is a sample charity business plan which can be used by the entrepreneur interested in starting a charity business.

This sample is written for guidance purposes, and would greatly help the entrepreneur in achieving his/her objective through brainstorming sessions to help in bringing out a well-written small charity business plan.

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