Sample Cemetery Service Business Plan


Do you know how to start a private cemetery business?

How much money do cemeteries businesses make? No one on earth is going to escape the inevitable end. People die every day and more people are dying, this is why there are many cemeteries all over the world.

Without the cemeteries and those running it, imagine what would happen to the ever-increasing number of dead bodies, maybe we would have them littered around the streets or have more cremations instead of funerals.

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Because of cemeteries, loved ones can now bury their dead with respect. No doubt, the act of lowering dead bodies to the ground has come to stay.

There are public cemeteries everywhere, but private ones are coming up because of space shortage.

Many people would rather choose another type of business because of the delicate nature of the cemetery service business, but the truth is that it is very lucrative and will stand the test of time.

If you have intentions of going into the cemetery business, you will need a proper business plan to give your venture direction. Here is a template from which you can draft your private cemetery business plan.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a cemetery.

Name of Business: Call to Glory® Cemetery Services, Inc.

Table of Content

  • Executive summary
  • Products and services
  • Vision statement
  • Mission statement
  • Business structure
  • Market analysis
  • Publicity
  • Cost of starting
  • Sources of capital
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Call to Glory® Cemetery Services, Inc. is a licensed cemetery business that will be located in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. We have secured a suitable facility, one that is approved by the government for the operations of a standard cemetery.

We aim to provide an honorable resting place for the remains of the deceased, we will respect the wishes and beliefs of our clients concerning their beloved deceased and at all levels, our organization structure at Call to Glory® Cemetery Services, Inc. will be centered on the clients and their satisfaction.

We are set to run a world-class cemetery business service and though we are just starting, we are sure to be the most sought after in no time because we have done our research and consultations which have led us to pinpoint the way many existing cemetery service companies are lacking in customer satisfaction and we will focus on those areas.

Call to Glory® Cemetery Services, Inc. will offer extra services like providing obituary to news media and using the information and materials our clients provide us, we will go as far as helping them make memorial websites for their deceased.

Call to Glory® Cemetery Services, Inc. is a family business that is founded by Michael Cage and will be run by him and his immediate family members. The founder has degrees in both business administration and cemetery services with over 15 years hands on experience in the cemetery industry at both national and state levels.

Products and Services

Call to Glory® Cemetery Services, Inc. will offer the following products and services to customers;

  • Transportation of the deceased
  • Sale of graves and other needed spaces
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery
  • Columbarium operations
  • Provision of embalming services
  • Mausoleum operations
  • Provision of mortician services
  • Sale of flowers, obituary notice, and other merchandise of funeral
  • Memorial garden maintenance

Vision Statement

To be the most sought-after cemetery service brand in not only Atlanta but in the entire United States of America.

Mission Statement

To deliver excellent cemetery services to our clients anywhere we are located and to be ranked among the top five cemetery service providers in the United States of America.

Business Structure

The growth of Call to Glory® Cemetery Services, Inc. has a lot to do with our workforce, though it is a family business, we will use a structure that gives room for other employees. We will hire the best hands to join us and make a structure that looks like this;

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Director of cemetery services
  • Human resources manager
  • Accountants
  • Morticians and cemetery workers
  • Marketing officer
  • Security officer
  • Customer service personnel

Market Analysis

We will target customers by forming a good relationship with mortuary owners. Since they preserve bodies until it is due for burial, and it is our job to carry out the burying, we will strike a deal with them so that they get commissions for every burial they refer to us.


These days, people go to the media (both printed and electronic) to look for cemetery service brands.

Call to Glory® Cemetery Services, Inc. will have a strong presence in the media and also get reviews.

Cost of Starting

After much consultation, calculations, and research, we know it will cost us the sum of $450,000 to start the business. This covers everything, including the salary of workers for the first four months.

Source of Capital

The founder, Michael Cage will be the main source of money for starting the business.


Call to Glory® Cemetery Services, Inc. will be open to partnership and another financial investment as the business expands to more parts of the USA.

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