161 Wedding Planning Business Name Ideas For Your Company

Find creative and catchy wedding planning name ideas to use, as well as tips to apply when choosing one for your business.

As a wedding planner, you’ll need to give your business some form of identity. The name you choose will speak volumes about your business as it will project an image to clients.

If you’re having difficulties coming up with an appropriate name for your business, this article will provide solutions.

Wedding Planning Business Name Suggestions

In a bid to give your business a great name, it will be necessary to follow certain guidelines. These are essential and cannot be ignored.

They include the following;

  • It Should Stick

More often than not, business owners make the mistake of using a general name that gets lost in the sea of thousands of others. Such a name doesn’t stick to memory. To choose one for your wedding planner business, you should go for one that is unique and unforgettable.

In addition to being memorable, your name should also be easy to pronounce. You don’t want your potential clients struggling to pronounce the name for your business as it can be tiring for them.

  • Keep It Simple

While trying to get a memorable name, care should be taken not to complicate things. The name you settle for should be simple.

In other words, the shorter it is, the better. Also, try to avoid the inclusion of hyphens in addition to other special characters. Doing so will further complicate things.

  • Does It Make Sense?

An important thing you don’t want to overlook is to have a name that makes sense. First, people seeking wedding planning services are likely to get a sense of what your business is about. This can eventually lead to patronage.

However, using an abstract or vague name will hardly make sense to your target clients.

In trying to make your preferred name sensible, try ensuring that it gives some clue or identity to the type of business it represents.

  • Check For Availability

This is perhaps the most important part of the process. All your brainstorming to arrive at a suitable name for your wedding planning business will prove worthless if it’s not available for use.

Before proceeding with a name search, it’s necessary to have multiple names on hand. This makes it more likely to find one that is available.

  • Avoid Boxing Yourself In

In choosing a name for your wedding planning business, avoid limiting or boxing yourself by using a restrictive name.

Such names might include those having the name of a county, city, or region as well as others which might include the entrepreneur’s name.

Although such a business might be initially successful, future expansion plans may prove difficult as modifying such names becomes nearly impossible without adversely affecting the business.

Wedding Planner Name Ideas

Name ideas for a wedding planning company will be provided in this section. These are catchy and creative names that will serve the purpose depending on what you want.

They include the following;

  1. The Planning Paradise
  2. Buttercup Events
  3. The conference Connect
  4. Effortless Events
  5. Platinum Living Events
  6. Las Moment Savers
  7. Event Wedding Planning
  8. Notch Event Planning
  9. Sensational Events
  10. Glamorous Occasions
  11. Strategic Planners
  12. The Event Company
  13. Dream Organizers
  14. Elegant Event Planners
  15. Perfect Weddings
  16. Splendid Soirees
  17. Monumental Event Planning
  18. Ultimate Event Planner
  19. Extended Occasions
  20. Eventrra
  21. Bridepride Wedding
  22. Bridebox
  23. Bride Song
  24. Bride’ n Grooms
  25. Bride Queen
  26. Bride & Groom Connection
  27. Bride Aesthetics
  28. Bouquet Toss Wedding Planners
  29. Black Tie Productions
  30. Blushing Bride Wedding Planners
  31. Bloomington Events
  32. Blue Lagoon Events
  33. Blossom Weddings
  34. Be My Guest Wedding Planners
  35. Be Our Guest Weddings
  36. Bespoke Weddings
  37. Better You Wedding Planner
  38. Beauty and the Feast
  39. Belle of the Ball
  40. Best Marriage
  41. Valle de La Luna Events
  42. Bamboo Grove Event Planning
  43. Somerset Garden Events
  44. Hyde Park Event Design
  45. Cliffs of Moher Events
  46. The Watercolor Orchid Planners
  47. Dancing Leaf Events
  48. Winding River Events
  49. Pink Crescent Moon Events
  50. Dewdrops & Sunlight Events
  51. Morning Frost Events
  52. Reflecting Pool Event Planning
  53. Spanish Moss Event Design
  54. Honored Guest Events
  55. Black Sand Event Planners
  56. Crystal Waterfall Event Planning
  57. Northern Lights Event Planners
  58. Basket of Gold Events
  59. Evening Unfolds Events
  60. The Polished Bannister Event Planners
  61. Flutes and Finesse Event Planners
  62. Bouquet Garni Events
  63. Mosaic Events
  64. Eden Springs Events
  65. Slate and Crystal Events
  66. Posh Peony Events
  67. Indigo Event Planning
  68. Done Right Event Designs
  69. Emotive Concept Planners
  70. Great Wall Events
  71. Exhibition Company
  72. Sky High Events
  73. Events Architects
  74. Fireworks Events
  75. Replay Events and Entertainment
  76. Super Venus Entertainment
  77. Dream Friends Entertainment
  78. Unlocked Events
  79. Smart Associations
  80. Helping Hands Events
  81. Five Star Events
  82. Outstanding Events
  83. Exquisite Events
  84. Wedding Wishes
  85. Planning City
  86. Brilliant Event Planning
  87. Life Events
  88. Events Extraordinaire
  89. Serene Solutions
  90. Wedding Setups
  91. Tie the Knot
  92. Divine Planners
  93. The Bliss Events
  94. Planning Pros
  95. Proper Planners
  96. Management Visions
  97. Planet Parties We Manage Plus
  98. Event Emporium
  99. Alpha Event Planning
  100. Party Pies
  101. Elegant Outcomes
  102. Happy Snaps
  103. Eventia Pro
  104. Even Charms
  105. Elevated Excellence
  106. Epic Events
  107. Event Horizon
  108. Event Network
  109. E-Vogue Photo
  110. Enchanted Events
  111. Enchanted Weddings
  112. Envisioned Events
  113. Happy Happenings
  114. Heart Meeting
  115. Heart’s Desires
  116. Heavenly Wed
  117. Honey Bride
  118. I Do for You
  119. Grand Weddings
  120. Grand Nuptials
  121. Great Beginnings
  122. Groovy Weddings
  123. Guru of Weddings
  124. Happily Ever After
  125. Lauren’s Events
  126. Lace & Company
  127. Let’s Get Married Event Planning
  128. Luxury Events and Wedding Planners
  129. Eventually Yours
  130. Fab Functions
  131. Immaculate Events
  132. Hearts Desire
  133. Lemon Drops Weddings
  134. Let’s Remember
  135. Down the Aisle
  136. Cater Masters
  137. A Series of Fortunate Events
  138. Flowers to Go
  139. Exquisite Events
  140. Destination Weddings
  141. DreamDay Weddings
  142. Enchanted Gardens
  143. Events that Amaze
  144. Golden Appeal
  145. Lean on Me Events
  146. Beauty Feast
  147. Black Tie Products
  148. Phenomenal Event Planning
  149. Posh and Private Event Design
  150. Raise the Ruth Events
  151. WonderWorks Event Planning
  152. Bourbon and Blush Events
  153. Love Affair Weddings
  154. Message in a Bottle Weddings
  155. Peachy Events
  156. Events Mean Business
  157. Wonderful Weddings and Events
  158. The Event Corp
  159. Sweet Cheeks Baking Company
  160. Tide the Knot Beach Wedding
  161. Dream Weddings and Bridal Show

There you go! These wedding planning name ideas are only a few of numerous other names to choose from. You can either decide to pick some of these to perform a name check or use the ideas presented to create your own unique name. It all depends on what works best for your wedding-based ventures.