10 Green Business Ideas That Protect Our World


Business ideas in green energy and technology for new entrepreneurs: Do you want to know the best green business ideas? Are you of those aspiring entrepreneurs who is interested in starting a green business idea?

Are you one of the aspiring entrepreneurs who is interested in starting a green energy conservation business but you lack ideas on the best business to start?

Then, this article might be what you are looking for.


One of the hottest trends now with lots of opportunities is the “going green new business ideas” talks. In fact, it’s the big news because it has lots of new opportunities. And one thing worthy of being mentioned is the fact that this trend still has a lot of growth potential because people are just becoming aware of the need to be Eco-conscious and friendly.

What are we even talking about? Why the entire buzz for the ‘need to go green’ discuss? This is because of the dire need to protect Earth from the harmful effects of pollution and global warming. We all need to know that despite the fact that technological advancement has been good to us (and also made life easier), it also has its own negative effects (just like everything else in the world) Even many scientists will admit that technology has brought about some damages to our environment. And it’s now important that we make conscious efforts to eliminate.


The awareness regarding the need to preserve the ecosystem is rapidly on the increase. In fact, consumers are switching over energy saving and cost saving products, for greater convenience and health benefits. Yes, protecting our planet is not a day’s job and not something that can be done by only one individual.

Nevertheless, you as an individual can also play your own role too.

Do you know how entrepreneurs can play a part in protecting the planet? It’s simply by setting up a business focused on go green business ideas in India, USA and other nations of the world. Yet most entrepreneurs seem not to know how to invest into the green energy business because they find it difficult to generate the best small green business ideas to pursue.

Many entrepreneurs don’t seem to know that setting up environmental friendly businesses doesn’t only make one’s bank account swell up, but also give one the opportunity to protect one’s environment and encourage other people too.

So, let’s talk about ten green business ideas for new entrepreneurs.

1. Becoming A Green Blogger

As you will come to find out, these first green internet business ideas will have something to do with promoting green businesses, and making money from it.

I want to believe you already know what a blog is. And I want to believe you already know the ways it can be used to make money. I also want to believe that you already know you don’t need to have a laptop before you can start, because you can start with an Android phone. Yes, just set aside some little money for data subscriptions.

As a green blogger, your own niche will be focused on promoting Eco-friendly activities. And you can make money from some of theses profitable green online business ideas with Google Adsense. You can sell ad-space directly to advertisers (especially green businesses), sell a service, advertise banners of small scale businesses in your locality etc. The prospect is one of the best green business ideas for students.

2. A Green App Developer:

You can help to spread knowledge and information about environmental protection by simply creating a mobile application with an environmental-protection theme.This is one of the best green business ideas available to tech-savvy people.

Apart from the fact that successful app could fetch you much money, your app will also help people learn and understand the need for protecting the planet. It would also offer and teach ways to protect the environment.

3. Consultancy:

‘Going green’ is getting more and more popular. As it’s being given good publicity, lots of business owners and individuals are getting more and more interested. But despite being interested, many doesn’t know how to go about it. They need the knowledge of business ideas for green entrepreneurs to go about it. You can assist people with consultancy services and get paid for it. Consultancy appears to be lead the best green small business ideas.

4. Green Construction:

Green construction is now a very popular trend in the construction industry. Green construction simply involves the use of environment-friendly products to build houses. For instance solar water heating methods are preferred over the conventional heating systems in a bid to introduce water and energy saving materials and methods into the house.

5. Electronic Reuse And Recycling Business:

Just like furniture, one can start an electronics recycling business and gather damaged electronic items and later refurbish these products to sell them again. Recycling is a classic example of lucrative green business ideas for developing countries.

6. Bio-fuel Development Business:

As we all should know, Bio-fuel is another source of energy that is becoming more popular. You can start a producing bio-fuel for sale.

7. Energy Auditing:

What does this entails? Energy auditing involves visiting people’s homes to monitor how they use energy and suggesting more efficient and cost-saving energy usage patterns to these home owners.

8. Bicycle Sales and Repair:

Do bicycles emit gas? We all know that bicycles do not emit gas. And this fact made it an Eco-friendly means of transportation.

Starting a business of selling and repairing in your locality is also a good way to become a part of the green revolution and also make money. Just conduct your research right.

9. Being A Organic Produce Vendor:

In case you haven’t known, health experts and dietitians are becoming increasingly worried about the kinds of foods we eat daily and the resultant effects on our health. You see, eating too much of ‘packaged’ food and beverages is now discourages upon because they are said to cause a lot of health issues.

People are now being advised to eat more of fresh and unprocessed organic food. Being an organic produce food vendor means that you would establish a public or home-based green business targeted at supplying naturally fresh food, fruits and vegetables food to your community people; so that they can feed well and be healthier. And as we all know, food business on it own is a profitable business because people can’t do but eat.

10. Events Planning:

In many places, when events or parties are held, it results in a lot of waste that could take a long time to decompose wherever they are dumped. We also have issues with high consumption of water during parties. Start your own event planning business in a bid to make money from helping people hold parties in an environment-friendly way.

There are also many other options. But the most important thing is: ACT!!!!!!