4 Popular Business Plan Writing Services and Options

Professional Business Plan Writing Services for Hire

Top Business plan writing does not come easy for most entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs who have big businesses. While most small businesses could really do well and get along with a personally written business plan by the business owner, it is a very overwhelming task for most big business owners.

This is where business plan writing services come into the picture.

Basically, a business plan writing service comprises a team of business experts who collect your ideas and numbers, make their own thorough research, and come up with a well-forged and professionally written business plan for your business.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the top business plan writing services, as well as the cost of writing a professional business plan.

Wise Business Plans

Wise Business Plans are a business plan writing service that is well renowned for writing quality business plans. They are not one of those services who only copy your numbers and do nothing more than reformatting them as business plans. They are known for good customers’ services.

They are not one of those business plan writing services that challenge you in every angle. Basically, they make sure not to change your ideas; rather, they ensure equilibrium by sticking to your original ideas, but only modifying them for the better.

In sensitive areas where the experts deem it right to make amends, they would only suggest appropriate modifications.

Basically, their price for writing a business plan usually varies, depending on a number of factors such as the type of project. However, their pricing accommodates most small businesses since the pricing could be anywhere from $1650 to $5,000.

Wise Business Plans is a recommended business plan writing service. For one thing, their pricing is quite modest, and they not only write business plans, but also give financial advice. Their business plan types range from bank plans, investor plans, non-profit plans, franchise plans, to visa proposals and viewpoints.

Basically, the business plan writing service begins with you completing a questionnaire which would be given to you.

After which, you would be required to relate the details to one of their writers over the phone. Subsequent communications is via email or phone. All their writers have MBAs. You could reach them and learn more at www.WiseBusinessPlan.com.

Optimal Thinking

Another top business plan writing service that could also give you value for money is Optimal Thinking. This business plan writing service can arrange your business plan nicely into good shape. This is your go to business plan writing service if you are looking for a good business plan writing service that can give you a high level consulting service or if you are looking to amend special issues with your business plan.

This business plan writing service is particularly known for working very closely with their clients towards achieving a quality and unique business plan. They have quality writers who all have first-hand knowledge from a number of industry experts, and so, you are rest assured of having a great and well-written business plan for your business. The only thing wrong with this business plan writing service is the pricing.

They have a killer starting price of $5,000, and the price could even be as high as $30,000. This would be very difficult for most small businesses to be able to afford. Visit their website www.OptimalThinking.com for more information.

Bargain Business Plan

Bargain Business Plan is another top business plan writing service which majorly turns your ideas and numbers into well-written, well-formatted and professional business plan for your business. One notable thing about Bargain Business Plan is their pricing. With a starting price as low as $450, you could get a good and quality business plan written by Bargain Business Plans experts.

To get started with Bargain Business Plans business plan writing service, you will be required to fill a questionnaire, then follows the actual consultation through email or over the phone.  Within 7 – 10 days, the business plan writing process should be completed.

This service does not particularly focus on consultation services as much as they focus on collecting your ideas and carving out a beautiful business plan suitable for your type of business. They are not the type of business plan writing service that challenges and changes your ideas.

They literally weave your ideas into a good and quality business plan. What you will get from this service is not a product of any business plan template. What you will get is a manifestation of a custom written business plan that is unique in itself.


BrainHive is a business plan writing service that produces well-written and quality business plans which are not created from the generic business plan writing software packages or business plan templates. Their team of writers is made of professionals who will get you a quality and unique business plan suitable for your business type.

BrainHive pricing greatly varies from one business plan project to another. This is due to certain factors such as page volume, complexity of business plan, business type, amongst others. Basically, the price of a typical business plan goes from $600 – $1,000 at BrainHive, while complex business plans could go for about $5,000.

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