Are you looking for new small business ideas in Ohio State?

Ohio is the 34th largest by area, the 7th most populous, and the 10th most densely populated of the 50 member states that comprise the United States of America.

Ohio’s geographic location enables it to serve as a link between the western and eastern parts of the United States of America.

Ohio State ranks highly on many financial indices for ease of doing business, business-friendly fiscal regulations, benevolent tax regimes, ease of getting small business loans and grants, acquiring business license and registration as well as the availability of requisite infrastructure.

7 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Ohio

Starting a unique small business is feasible as any savvy business investor can take advantage of the following business opportunities that exist in the State of Ohio:

1. Child Care Services

The State of Ohio features among the top 10 most industrialized states in the United States of America, with a GDP of over 500 billion USD. The state’s economy supports a growing number of working-class families. These individuals need to have their kids/wards tended to when they are at work.

Hence the home-based business investor can either start a babysitting service or a daycare center or both. The type of service structure to pursue is dependent on the financial resources available to the investor.

For limited capital, the investor can start with a babysitting service on a small scale and grow from there. If there is available space that is large and comfortable for kids to be in, the business owner can start a Daycare center, to cater to a large clientele base.

2. Private Security Firms  And Military Contractors

The state of Ohio plays host to a sizable number of affluent corporate bodies and individuals. These classes of people are usually in need of protection other than that provided by constituted authorities.

The savvy investor can key into one of the easiest business ideas, which is to provide security and escort services to wealthy customers, for a profitable amount.

It predisposes that such businesses in Columbus Ohio and other cities of the state either possess some security or military background or will engage the services of personnel with such training.

Also, the entrepreneur will be required to obtain relevant certifications and training before starting the self-employment business.

3. Professional Laundry Services

The high pace of economic activity in Ohio means that working-class individuals have only so much time to spare.

Chores like doing the laundry are usually given out to business services. The savvy business investor can decide to take advantage of these men’s and women’s business opportunities by providing professional laundry services.

The owner can decide to offer home services or s/he may acquire more formal office space where people can come in to drop their clothes and have them delivered to their residences afterward.

4. Financial Services and Consultancy

With a thriving economy, the State of Ohio is at the forefront of several thousand financial transactions that take place daily.

Many individuals and corporate bodies need financial services that help them to properly file their tax returns, make informed investment decisions, as well as help, maintain balanced financial records and systems.

The business entrepreneur, especially if s/he has adequate knowledge in best Accounting practices, can render these financial consultancy services for a fee.

To open a business in Ohio, a small business consultant must find out what permits and documentation are required for the Financial Services consultancy to commence business.

5. Information Technology (IT) Services

Many of the best businesses in Ohio have already embraced modern technological advances, in running their daily activities.

Such activities range from employee data stratification and verification to systems security protocols to sales and marketing structures and company data security.

These processes require competent hands for their planning and execution.

To start any of these creative internet-based small businesses in Ohio, you can offer these IT services, with proper training, can offer consultancy services in disciplines such as web design and development, software creation, data calibration, and security among others.

The web business owner can also develop applications and processes that meet specific and custom-ordered needs.

6. Waste Collection and Recycling

Ohio is home to over 12 million people.

The state has to grapple with millions of tons of waste that is generated yearly. An entrepreneurial college student or youth can cash into this thriving business idea to start a waste collection and recycling business.

Requirements for starting a waste collection venture will include registering with relevant regulatory agencies, to obtain certification and business permits.

The business owner will have to decide what kinds of material s/he would like to collect and re-cycle, the size, and scope of the operations, and the level of technology that will be deployed in the day-to-day running of a viable waste recycling business.

7. Convenience Store

With a booming economy recording momentous growth, more and more citizens of Ohio have large amounts of disposable income. A favorite pastime of Ohioans is shopping, with a good number of them preferring to go directly to stores to buy essential everyday items.

The entrepreneur can key into this lucrative business opportunity by setting up a convenience store, in a good location that will be easily accessible to a large number of people.

Also, the business owner should endeavor to seek bargain discounts on large purchases, to have a variety of stocked products. This is unarguably one of the most profitable business opportunities in Ohio.