10 Business Ideas To Start In The Netherlands

Do you want to know the profitable small business ideas in the Netherlands

Are you in Amsterdam and looking to invest in some good business opportunities?

The truth is entrepreneurs love investing in Europe due to the organization in many European countries. And one of the prominent countries in Europe (in terms of being a fertile land for business) is the Netherlands.

10 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Netherlands

This country has one of the best business culture and etiquette.

The government in the Netherlands deserves applause. Recently, there was a report that many prisons in the Netherlands will be closing because no criminals were being arrested to be kept in them. What does that mean? It means the country had tried a lot in terms of making her citizens responsible folks.

Therefore, the Netherlands is a nice place to begin a great business.

Here are ten creative business ideas you can start in the Netherlands.


Services of financial planners are needed by lots of people. To begin with, you simply need to go through the certification process. When you do, you can tag yourself a Certified Financial Planner.

Of course, your certificate will present you as someone who has expertise and credibility. This will help many people patronize your financial planning services. 


The Netherlands is a civilized country with so many people in the working-class category. Therefore, though everyone must eat, not everyone has the time to cook. Thus, many people in the Netherlands solely rely on restaurants for their daily meals. And being lazy, many restaurants fan will want their foods to come to them in the comfort of their homes and offices.

So, you can make this happen. Technology brought ease to us. When you set up a cool restaurant business that will bring food to people, they will patronize you to fill their stomachs, and for their comfort.


Movies are entertaining and they help people to relax. After a tough week filled with tedious works, many need places they can relax (especially with their loved ones), and many do consider cinemas.

Start a Cinema in the Netherlands, choose a nice location, and it is getting better.


Due to many families being busy in many homes, they don’t have the time to clean their homes- and they won’t mind paying for good cleaning services. Even offices need these services.

Therefore, if you want to start a profitable low-cost business in the Netherlands, you can consider running a cleaning firm.


Many mothers in the Netherlands are working thus don’t have time to take care of their children. Thus, they always want to ensure their children are with a loving capable hand when they are busy at work. You can start a standard childcare center.

Assure parents that their children are in a safe hand- and be true to your words.


People love paying for creativity. They are easily carried away by astonishing products. You can make money from this business idea for women by selling such things as pet dresses, hats that are knitted creatively, shopping bags that are so beautiful, and other things.

You can sell them in the streets (especially those places where people love to make a crowd).


Those purchasing new homes can of course often be overwhelmed with the choices in home decorating. You simply market your service to building contractors.

This is one of the most lucrative businesses in the Netherlands. It is also a good business opportunity for stay at home moms in the Netherlands


If you have the skill to write a copy that will prompt people to purchase products- then your service is needed all over the world!

If you are not too experienced from working in the copywriting field, take a course (there are many online courses available). Clients that will patronize services as this is broad and wide. You can write for brochures, websites, catalogs, and so on.


Since almost everyone is now health-conscious -offer this service and you can make lots of money. Brand yourself well, advertise your services almost everywhere, and have lots of people patronizing your service.

In all your attempts, ensure you include a website so they can go there and determine if own your approach to personal training is one that would work for them.


In the Netherlands, almost every household has several appliances (both large and small). You can decide to work on your own or decide to work on a contract with appliance stores to help cover their warranty service calls.

The most important thing is to have a good relationship with customers, let them keep coming to you, and let them refer others to you.

Remember, to run a successful Netherlands business, be able to do things because they need to be done and not just because someone is forcing you to.