30 Business Ideas To Start In Maine

Need business ideas in Maine?

You can be lucky you know because so many entrepreneurs are making it big time in Maine. Maine is a state in the United States of America that has maintained one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, pegged at 3.4%.

Maine also has a robust economy and the following business ideas in Maine can be pursued by the business-minded individual:

30 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Maine

There are several businesses on can start in Maine with little capital. The State is known to favor new businesses and ensure its growth. The Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Service sectors are the major drivers of the Maine economy.

The State also engages in activities like sport hunting and sport fishing amongst others. Highlighted in this article are 20 businesses that thrive in Maine;

Bottled Water Production

Maine is home to several springs and aquifers that produce naturally purified, clean drinking water. You can cash in on this natural endowment by setting up a water bottling plant, that will comply with the health and safety codes and regulations of the state of Maine.

As a forward-looking investor, you can go beyond the local market and service international customers, as Maine supports cross border transactions.

Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Agency

Maine is hosts to many engaging scenery and landmarks (natural and man-made), which include Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Waters National Monument, and others.

Activities that Maine offers tourists each year include sports fishing, snowmobile rides, hiking through the Maine wilderness, and camping. In 2014, close to 32 million people visited Maine, to enjoy the scenic beauty of the state.

You can exploit this business idea by establishing a tourist consultancy to organize and manage these activities for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. You could also offer other value-added services that range from hotel reservations and bookings, foreign currency exchange services, geography, and history lessons as well as guided tours.


Maine borders the Atlantic Ocean to its south and east and it also has many important lakes namely Moosehead and Champlain. These waters support fishing activities such as lobstering and groundfishing; economic activities that provide substantial revenues for the State of Maine.

The savvy investor can tap into this valuable resource by setting up a fishing company. You could either start small with small boats or start on a commercial scale with the use of large fishing trawlers.

You will have to comply with all relevant fishing codes and practices put in place by regulatory agencies and also engage competent hands to help with the smooth running of the business.

Blueberry Cultivation

Maine is arguably the largest producer of both wild-growing and cultivated blueberries. The estimated output for 2015 is put at 80 million tones. Blueberries are an important base material for the wine and beverage industry.

You can take advantage of the availability of this crop to start a blueberry farm. The state of Maine offers extensive agricultural support and services, so you can rest assured that your venture will receive the encouragement that it needs.

You will also have to partner with the end-users, to guarantee a steady market for your produce.


Agriculture continues to contribute significantly to the Gross Domestic Product of the Maine economy. The main agricultural outputs in the state include poultry, eggs, dairy products, cattle, apples, maple syrup, and maple sugar.

Also, there is a growing awareness among Mainers on the need to embrace lifestyle changes that include making healthy eating choices. Hence, the demand for freshly delivered natural consumables like milk, eggs, and meat are on the increase.

You can pitch into this agricultural value chain by setting a farmstead. With the appropriate machinery and competent hands, you can engage in the cultivation and rearing of a combination of the crops and animals.

Maine offers support to farms with access to modern farming techniques and principles as well as the provision of improved varieties of seedlings and animals.

Communications Technology

Although Maine is rapidly connecting more communities and counties to the power and communication grids, there still exist communication gaps and inadequate power infrastructure in a substantial number of communities.

Specifically, there are concerns about spotty internet services and cell phone connectivity.

You can bridge this communications gap by establishing a solar power installation services firm, with an added value service of internet provision. Your target market will be the hinterland areas of Maine as well as other areas in the state that desire to go green and embrace the use of renewable energy sources.

You will have to obtain relevant licenses and permits as well as engage the services of competent staff, to help with the daily operations of your firm.


You can take advantage of the abundance of blueberries to establish a winery in the state. The winery can be located close to a blueberry farm/plantation. You will also have to procure ample space for the winery and associated storage for the final products.

Locksmith Business

One of the ways to earn an income in Maine is to be a locksmith. The market for this business idea is not yet saturated, thus you can make cool money from it.

Offer mobile services to your clients and earn more income. It is important to undergo some training and invest work tools to function effectively.

Advertise your services through local newspapers and social media platforms to increase patronage. You can start this business with small capital.

Frozen Food Business

The largest income generation sector in Maine is Agriculture. Going back to history, commercial fishing was one of the ways to generate sustainable income in Maine.

Thus, the frozen food business will thrive in Maine. You can choose to export Lobsters or any other specie of fish to other States in the U.S. The frozen food business requires low startup capital.

Cloth Customization

The art of customizing clothing is a profitable venture.

This business idea will generate a good income when the services are sold to the right demographics. You can draw, paint, or appliqué designs as specified by your client on clothing and generate an income. You can do this business from the comfort of your home.

The cloth customization business is suitable for stay-at-home-moms that love arts and designs. You can start this business in Maine with little capital.

Laundry Pick-up and Delivery

Many working professionals in Maine are always too busy to drop or pick-up their clothes from dry cleaners. Thus, you can make money from this business opportunity.

Drop your contact information with your prospective clients and let them call you for pickups, while you deliver on specific days.

Also, you can get into an agreement with a laundry service provider and offer these services to his/her clients. You do not need any work tools or capital to start this business.

Senior Care

The senior care industry has continued to boom over the years. This is due to the consistent increase in the population of senior citizens.

Studies showed that about 7 million people will be over 85 years in 2020, which is 5 times more than it was recorded in 1970. This evaluation shows that the market for senior care will continue to grow and record boom.

You can start elder daycare, errand service, senior citizen social club amongst others. Most of the business ideas in the senior care category does not require startup capital.

Records Search

You only need an internet-enabled phone to search for records requested by your clients.

Help them gather information about suitors, lost loves, every contractor’s track records, track down debtors amongst others. You can get the desired information from specialized databases.

Anyone in Maine can venture into this business. You can start this business from the comfort of your home.

Personal Shopper

Another cool way to earn additional income in Maine is to work as a personal shopper.

Start by conducting a personality test for your client and enquire to know his / her personal preferences. Advise your clients on brands, color, style, and other wardrobe issues.

As a personal shopper, you can shop with your client or on his / her behalf. Good fashion knowledge is a requisite for this business. This business can be done alongside other businesses in Maine.

No startup capital is required for this business.

Speech / Text Translation

A lot of foreigners visit Maine for business activities.

Speech/text translation services are often required due to language barriers. Thus, if you speak more than one international language, you can earn some bucks by providing translation services to foreign businessmen/women.

No startup capital is required for this business. Speech / Text translation is a lucrative way to make money in Maine.

Restaurant Delivery Service

Earn some quick money by delivering food to clients at home or offices.

You can work independently or in a restaurant. You need to have good knowledge of the road network to function effectively. You do not need startup capital for this business.

The restaurant delivery business can be done by anyone with spare time.

Cleaning Foreclosed Buildings

This business idea is not yet saturated, thus you can make cool money from it.

Most buildings when vacated are left in the untidy state and it needs to be properly cleaned before it will be put up for sale. You need to contact foreclosure agents to contract cleaning of buildings to you.

This business idea is not suitable for people with health challenges, as it might be very tiring and tasking. You do not need any capital for this business.

Craft Selling

If you are talented at a craft, then let your passion fetch money for you. Advertise your home-made goods online to increase patronage.

Also, you can sell your goods during art exhibitions and trade fairs. You should create a specific niche for your clients. You only need small startup capital to purchase work tools before starting this business.

This business can be done from the comfort of your home.

Valet Parking Service

Another easy way to generate income in Maine is to start a valet parking service. Engage the services of efficient and smart drivers to work in your team.

Dispatch some of your parking staff to work at convention centers, restaurants, or hotels. You might need to get registered with appropriate bodies before you start this business.

The required capital for the valet parking business is dependent on the projected size of the business.

Metal Fabrication

This business idea will thrive in Maine, as the market for the service is not yet saturated.

Advertise your services to refineries, paper, aluminum, and steel industries amongst others. You need to invest in machinery to kick-start the metal fabrication business.

Also, there is a high return on this investment. Medium to large capital is required to start this business.

Fitness Business

Keeping fit is a common lifestyle of Americans. They patronize Health and Fitness centers to control obesity and other weight issues.

Also, health care reforms have instigated many Americans to be more concerned about their bodies. Thus, the health and fitness industry records boom, unlike the previous years.

You can key into this business opportunity by establishing a fitness center in Maine. The capital for this business is dependent on the projected size of the business.

Sale of Fishing Equipment

The commercial fishing activities in Maine are high and it generates large revenue for the economy. This implies that fishing-related businesses will always thrive in Maine.

Selling tools and equipment for fishing in Maine will bring in high returns. Ensure your business location is close to the shore, where fishermen can easily purchase your goods.

You can start this business with small capital.

Window Cleaning

This is one quick way to generate income in Maine. Simply advertise your services within your locality and to commercial business owners.

It is important to invest in cleaning solutions, bucket, squeegee. This business can be done by students during holidays/vacations. The window clean8ng business is best done by people who do not have a phobia for heights.

Leather Manufacturing Business

Maine is one of the States in the U.S where you can purchase cheaper leather products. The State is also known for its thriving leather exportation to different parts of the world.

You will earn good profits by setting up a leather manufacturing business in Maine. This is because the cost of producing leather is low in Maine. Anyone can venture into this business. It is advisable to understudy an expert before starting the leather business.

Electronics Repair

Many people prefer to repair bad electronics than discard it. The advantage of this act is that it saves the owner the cost of making a new purchase. The electronics repair services are in high demand in Maine.

Also, the cost of starting this business is relatively low and it brings high returns. You need to invest in simple work tools before starting this business.

Advertise your services in a local newspaper to increase patronage. This business idea is suitable for anyone interested in electronics repair.

Green Consulting

The world is going to Green. A lot of small businesses are venturing into the Green business. This is due to the high return on investment in the Green Industry.

You can also generate good income by establishing a Green Consulting business, where you assist other businesses to implement green practices. You can start this business with medium capital.

Convenience Store

This business will thrive in Maine. Set-up convenience stores along major highways and heavily traveled roads.

This would generate good profits, as the market for this business is not yet saturated. Make different items/products like; beer, tobacco, food available in your store.

You can start this business with medium to large capital.

Although Maine supports new businesses, the importance of a feasibility study can not be under-estimated when it comes to starting a business. Carry out the necessary research before starting a business. This would help in making accurate business projections.

You will enjoy access to valuable resources and support as the State of Maine supports the activities of wineries in the state; even as far you receiving obtaining permits for the export of your products to the international market in this lucrative business idea in Maine.