7 Business Ideas To Start In Leeds

Are you looking for good business opportunities in Leeds?

Now, if you reside in Leeds, or you are moving to Leeds real soon, I have got a solution for the above worries as this article gives you an insight to the profitable startup business ideas and opportunities in Leeds that you should think about starting today.

Everyone loves the idea of being their boss. It is just amazing. But then, how can this happen? It happens when you start your business start-up. Do you know about the Leeds city region business growth program?

Now, this is usually the point where most people pause and think … What kind of Leeds business startups can I do? What should I invest in? what are the options I have to pick on? What are the available Leeds business grants?

7 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Leeds

Leeds is a city in the Northern English County of Yorkshire and it has the most diverse economy in all of UK’s main employment centers and also has had the fastest rate of private-sector job growth of any UK city. Leeds is also the next largest legal and financial center in the UK after London.

With manufacturing as one of the largest sectors and engineering, printing and publishing, food and drinks, chemicals, and medical technology as the largest sub-sectors, Leeds is just one great place to do business in.

So do you need help starting a new business in Leeds? here are some businesses that would thrive in an economy as fine as that of Leeds…

Take out Restaurant

A take-out restaurant is a restaurant that sells packaged foods to customers who eat them elsewhere. A take-out restaurant is just the right self-employment food business idea in Leeds because of the busy lives of the residents.

With having to work most of the day and rarely enough time to spend eating out especially during lunch breaks. A take-out restaurant is an answer.

This thriving business idea in Leeds would not be complete without delivery service and most importantly, online service.

Floral Business

Floral business is just another great business idea in Leeds. Flowers are always in high demand as their presence is almost mandatory at weddings, boutonnieres, bouquets, and not forgetting, on dates.

You could start this business part-time while learning floral designs- if you had no former experience- and then grow your business from there.

Gaming Business

Another viable business idea in Leeds that is highly profitable is the gaming business. Now, if you are a lover of games and sports, this is just the right booming business idea in Leeds for you as there are so many people out there who have the same interests as you and would love to play games.

If you can get a good location and get everything all set up, you are bound to make good money from this business.


As earlier mentioned, the residents of Leeds live busy lives and with little or no time to take care of their babies, a daycare is a great business idea that is bound to thrive in Leeds. So, if you are good with babies, or you can manage a daycare, then this is just the right business opportunity in Leeds for you.

You could also extend the services you provide to giving babysitting services to parents who would want their children to remain at their homes with someone to watch over them when they are not around.

One advantage of this lucrative business idea in Leeds is the fact that it requires little or nothing to start up. You could start your daycare right at home if your house is conducive enough. You do not also need to buy much since all babies are dropped with what they would need to take care of them.

Tourist Guide or Company

Leeds is one place known for its lovely tourist attractions. With places such as the Royal Armories, the Henry Moore, Sculptor Centre, West Yorkshire playhouse, and Harewood House among others, thousands of tourists flock every year.

This why a great business idea in Leeds would be a tourist guide or taking it big and starting your tourist company.

A tourist guide would need an in-depth knowledge of Leeds and its attractive sites as well as medium to transport tourists while taking them to see lovely sites. A tourist company, on the other hand, would take care of things like hotel reservations, tourists’ guides, transport, schedule and so many other needs of tourists.

Car Rental Company

Another unique rental business idea sure to thrive in Leeds is setting up a car rental business. Not everyone can afford a car and most people just traveling into Leeds especially tourists would want to be mobile, and every minute, they would either need a cab or other means of transport. Hence, if you have got some good cars, you could start up a car rental company as this is one best business idea in Leeds that would succeed.

Your car rental company should also have the option of providing drivers that comes along with the cars for customers who would probably not be comfortable driving themselves around town. Most importantly you would need to have an online presence to increase your customers’ reach.

Business Consultant

With multiple business opportunities cropping up each day in Leeds, another creative business idea in Leeds would be a business consultant. This means you get to offer advice and other services to people concerning their businesses in Leeds.

So, if you have got the certifications or the skill for it, you should think about starting as a business consultant in Leeds.