6 Business Ideas To Start In Kentucky

Do you work in Kentucky and you are looking for a little side business to go into? Have you been wondering what business idea in Kentucky would take you to the next level? If your answer to any of the above is a yes, then this article is just for you.

Kentucky, located in the east south-central region of the United States is one place that supports and encourages the growth of both large and small booming businesses in KY.

6 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Kentucky

Due to the rise in the standard of living, doing a side business is one of the ways of meeting one’s needs. Kentucky favors new businesses and the climatic condition is good. Discussed below are 20 businesses that thrive in Kentucky;

So how do I start a business in this state? Here are some viable business ideas that would thrive in the friendly business climate in Kentucky.


1. Dry Cleaning Service

One great and profitable business idea you could exploit in Kentucky is opening a laundry and dry cleaning business.

Most of the residents in Kentucky spend their whole week working, with little or no time left to do their laundry and this is where the dry-cleaners come in.

People who venture into such a business idea never and will never run out of customers because, let’s face the fact, no one likes doing laundry, especially when you know you could get it done in a better way and end up spending just a little amount of money.

Although putting this Kentucky franchise business opportunity to work might be a little challenging and labor-intensive at the beginning, with careful planning and good customer relationship, you could make it work. One amazing thing about this business idea in Kentucky is the fact that as soon as you get it right, it only gets better from there.

2. Event Planning Service

Event planning which involves the process of planning and organizing events is another low-cost business idea to go into Kentucky. It involves choosing the right location for events, budgeting, decoration (if needed), catering, and coordination of technical aspects of an event.

With the hundreds of events held in Kentucky weekly, event planning is ever in need. Event planners rescue people who have issues with putting things together in place and save them the worry of stressing over planning events.

Event planners practically take your worries away which is the dream of everyone hosting or planning an event.

3. Pet Care 

Another great business idea that would yield great success in Kentucky is Petcare. The pet care industry is one of the most lucrative businesses for men and women in Kentucky. The average American is a pet lover.

Taking care of pets is one agricultural-based business idea that is very profitable to those who go into it because most people in Kentucky own a pet or two and this has led to high demand for pet care products. You could open up a pet care company that offers services such as veterinary services, food, and medications for pets, pet walking and sitting services, and sale of pet-related products.

4. Day Care Services

Opening daycare in Kentucky is also a good business idea with good returns. Every working mother is always in need of daycare services especially mothers with tight schedules and other circumstances which makes it difficult to attend to their little ones 24/7.

Also, children are given birth to every day, so it is not as if you would ever run out of customers. This business idea is wonderful because you do not even need capital to start, as you could start up at home, and all you need is to be good with children and love them.

Mothers come in with everything the child would need throughout the number of hours you will spend with the children and since most children even end up “taking care of themselves” it is not a business idea that is labor-intensive.

5. Hair Care Services

Everyone loves good hair on their head and the people in Kentucky are no different. Sale of hair-care products, or opening up a salon is one great business idea that will thrive in Kentucky.

Haircare service is one business idea that has remained relatively resilient over the years and it will continue to, this is because the hair is usually the first thing noticed by most people on a person’s appearance and people are always concerned with taking care of their hair.

You could also combine pedicure and manicure to the services you offer. Starting such a business might cost a lot but you could start up with running a mobile business and making house calls until you have enough to open up a salon.

6. Fitness Center

With the never-ending concern about gaining weight, opening up a fitness center in Kentucky is one great business idea that would thrive in Kentucky. With the increase in obesity and weight-related problems, Americans are always concerned with their weight.


Due to the rise in the standard of living, doing a side business is one of the ways of meeting one’s needs. Kentucky favors new businesses and the climatic condition is good.

Although Kentucky State supports new businesses, it is also important to do feasibility studies on any business you want to venture into. Advertise your products and services to the appropriate demographic and record good sales.

Venturing into any of these business ideas in Kentucky is a good way to start earning good cash.