6 Business Ideas To Start In Guatemala

There are several lucrative business ideas in Guatemala.

When it comes to Central America, Guatemala is the first place that comes to mind because it is most populous.

Home to volcanoes, rain forests, and ancient Mayan sites, Guatemala offers experiences and challenges that captivate visitors and even residents (I guess that’s why they stayed anyways).

Guatemala is filled with mountains and small patches of deserts and dunes with its major cities located in the highlands and Pacific coast regions. Popular for its archaeological sites, pre-Hispanic cities, as well as tourist-religious centers, beautiful beaches, National parks and Reserves, tourism, is one of the major drivers of Guatemala’s economy.

Guatemala is one place that is loaded with wonderful natural, historical, and cultural appeal. With Guatemala City as the capital of Guatemala, Guatemala is a place filled with opportunities for a hardworking business-minded person.

6 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Guatemala

So, if you are a resident of Guatemala, you are relocating to Guatemala or you live in any of the surrounding countries and you are wondering what business ideas to invest in that would thrive and make a huge success, here are some.

Opening a Spanish School

Do you know that there are so many people who troop into Guatemala just because they want to learn Spanish? Well, now you know, and opening a Spanish school in Guatemala is a very nice business idea.

Your Spanish school does not have to be limited to people in Guatemala only, it could also be online. So if you are fluent in Spanish, what are you waiting for? Dive into this great business idea and be sure of making success.

Advertising Agency

Another business that is bound to thrive is an advertising agency. Opening an advertising agency could contain so many aspects, ranging from doing online advertising to the printing of fliers to making adverts for companies to broadcast on radio, television, and social media.

This business idea is great because you do not have to limit yourself to Guatemala, you could advertise for companies in surrounding countries like Mexico in Guatemala. You could advertise using different strategies like printing adverts on the menu of restaurants or hotels and of course sharing the proceeds with either the hotel or restaurant you are using.

This is one great business opportunity in Guatemala that is bound to succeed, especially when you are a dedicated entrepreneur.

Tourist Guide

With lots of exciting places to see in Guatemala such as National parks, wonderful beaches, exotic places, fascinating sites such as Maya archaeological sites, Lake Atitlan and Semuc Champey, becoming a tourist guide or opening a company that provides tourist guides is another great venture in Guatemala.

Hence, if you are a resident in Guatemala, or you live close to Guatemala and visit often then becoming a tourist guide or starting your own company that provides tour guides for tourists is a great business idea you could venture into in Guatemala.

Coffee Company

One thing Guatemala is known for is its coffee. Guatemala’s coffee just stands out. This is why another great opportunity in Guatemala you could invest your money into is opening a coffee company in Guatemala.

One amazing thing about this startup in Guatemala is the fact that you do not get to sell your products to residents alone, but you could export to surrounding countries. You could start producing specialized or ‘customized coffee products and sell to both residents of Guatemala and those in neighboring countries as people will pay cool money for your product.

Hence opening a coffee company in Guatemala is one good idea for investment Guatemala.

Software Development

Another startup idea bound to succeed is software development.

Are you skilled in developing software?

Are you trained in computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing and the likes?

Then put your talent to good use by starting your own software development company in Guatemala as this is one business that is bound to thrive.

Food Export

Guatemala is known for its rich agricultural produce. Hence one business idea you could start in Guatemala is the export of agricultural products such as bananas, vegetables, and other fruits. You could decide to grow these items yourself and sell them to surrounding countries or you buy locally in Guatemala and export them to other countries.

You do not have to limit yourself to only agricultural products, you could also export other items like sugar and of course coffee as earlier mentioned.

The best part about executing any of these business ideas in Guatemala is the fact that Guatemala is not a wealthy country poor and therefore open to great opportunities. Guatemala offers a market that is unreserved so you can find lots of opportunities to develop new and creative businesses.

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