Do you want to start a software development business and you are looking for a software development business plan sample? Software development business is a business that deals with developing application that would be used with system or phone.

In this article, I present you a software development business plan sample that you can use as a guide to create a business plan for your software development business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a mobile and PC software development company.

BUSINESS NAME: Sandracast Software developer

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Sales Forecast
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Sandracast software Developer Company is a software company that has fulfilled the entire requirement for starting a business in New York, United state of America. The business will do all within the law to fully carry out all it operations. And we are set to offer the best services to our clients.

Stanley Cassandra Cynthia will be the owner and the CEO of Sandracast software developer company. She has contributed a total of $350,000 towards starting the business, while plans have been made to secure the remainder from the bank to complete the total startup capital of $500,000.

Our Product and Services

Sandracast software developer is a system software developer in New York, United State which will be especially interested in providing its services for client not only in New York or the United state alone, but throughout the world. We have made plans that will actually make this possible and presently we are equipped beyond reasoning to start a nice business. Below are some of the things that highlight our preparation:

  • Purchase of computers and laptop which are using the latest software updates in the world.
  • An unlimited internet supply that would make us keep working without interruption.
  • A 24hours Electricity source that would not aid our productivity.
  • Comfortable environment for staffs to carry out their activities.
  • Well furnished office.

With this set in place we know our services will not be altered. Our headquarter will be in New York, United state.

Our services will be based on Developing system applications which may include games, and other utilities application that will be used by both the system and phone.

Vision Statement

Our vision in the software development company is to attain the height of best software producers in the industry, to also be the leading developer when it comes to updating our applications.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be able build and develop standard application which will be made available on all platform. These platforms include the Windows, Android phones, Apple amongst others. We are ready to take the software world by a storm.

Business Structure

Due to the strong and intense competition in the market and the importance of software to the system, Samdracast will only be employing computer scientist, software developers and some computer engineer who are good and have a beautiful C.V showing applications or software they have previously worked on.

Market Analysis
Market Trend

To develop mobile and system applications expertise, commitment, and great sacrifice is needed so as meet the high demand for up to date application in the world. The world has so many developers and the secret to their success is staying relevant. This is what we are preparing to do.

Target Market

Our target market includes:

  • Computer training centres.
  • The general public also included.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Governmental Industries.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Our business will be greatly promoted by our great customers who have received the best services from us.

Since our success depends more on proper and good marketing strategies, below are some of the tools we will use in marketing our company:

  • Online advertisement, this would be used judiciously in marketing our company, especially since most users will be using either a system or a Smartphone.
  • Social media, most of our customers would be captured by advert sponsored on social media like Facebook, Instagram amongst others.
  • Our company would be greatly broadcasted on the Television.
  • We would use both Billboards and flyers to inform the world about our industry.
  • We would also us the Radio service to spread the gospel about our company.
  • Training at selected institutions would also be used to market and sell our products
  • The Newspaper would also be used to advertise our company.

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Capital

To really make our mark, we need more than enough resources materially and financially to begin with. As of present we have been able to realize a total sum of $350,000. In other to complete the remaining fund which amounts to $150,000 we would obtain bank loan.

Sales Forecast

Below are the sales forecast for our software developing company that is Samdracast software developer. This forecast is for the first three years of operation. This is clearly based on credible statistical data which was obtained from the industry.

First Fiscal Year $380,000
Second Fiscal Year $650,000
Third Fiscal Year $1,000,000


This article contains a software developing which bears the name, Samdracast software developer. The business will operate from New York, in the United State. It will be owned and headed by Stanley Cassandra Cynthia.

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