Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs For Publishers – 3 Highest Paying

Best Pay Per Click (PPC) Affiliate Marketing Sites For Ad Publishing: Get Paid Per Visitor

There are many high paying pay per click affiliate (PPC) programs outside there that allows various bloggers to earn their money online through blogging from each click generated through advertisement codes. These codes are inserted into the blogs of the bloggers.

Traffic is one very important criterion for making from this kind of business. Without having a good number of traffic, you might not make the money that fast and easy, and this might lead to frustration.

So, it is very necessary and compulsory that before applying for any good pay per click program, you should ensure that blog of yours has a lot of traffic. And when it comes to choosing the best converting pay per click affiliate programs traffic, search engine should be dealt with seriously.

There are different posts out there telling different ways of generating free traffic for your blog. There are also numerous posts and write up on the various means one can create Facebook ads if one intends to use the social media to generate more traffic.

Below is a list of the best pay ppc affiliate programs which anybody including webmasters and bloggers can easily generate and make their money from. So what are the highest paying pay per click affiliate programs available at the moment?



Recently, as I was browsing through the internet, I came across a pay per click company which allows one to make money from just blogging. Adcmedia Company, through their platform, allows owners of blogs to make money from every click generated from their (Adcmedia) ads placed on the blogs of bloggers.

Adcmedia is a pay per click affiliate program which pays you an instant 10% of the income they generate for every member referred by you. So, you see, pay per click affiliate program is another way of making money online. Also, their application is fast and easy. It is an instant approval. You just need to fill the application form on their application page, then, you get accepted into its pay per click affiliate program.


Chitika keyword pay per click affiliate program is also among the very best pay per click affiliate marketing programs many webmasters and bloggers apply to. It allows one to monetize their blog by converting every keyword in their blog into another link, probably external.

Now, for every click generated from the link, you will get paid. That is it! If you have a blog and you are looking forward to making money from it, this is a great move for you! Register now and start making your money from it.

According to Chitika, most readers do suffer from what is called banner blindness and one sure way to cash in on this and make money from it is to replace these banners with pay per click links within your post.

It is quite easy to generate a higher click though rate from CHITIKA than from GOOGLE, but in terms of cost per click, GOOGLE sure has a higher cost per click compared with CHITIKA.

There was a time I used them on my blog, but I just had to just remove them. I didn’t remove them because they are not good, no. I removed them because they were increasing my bounce rate.


Many people who are familiar with this kind of business will agree that GOOGLE ADSENSE pay per click program is the easiest and best way bloggers can earn good money from their blog(s) through Google’s affiliate programs for pay per click.

This is a program that is being administered by the world’s largest search engine which is GOOGLE. It is solely aimed at assisting bloggers make money through pay per click business. It was in the past people easily get access to Google AdSense account.

Currently, due to the enormous volume of application Google AdSense receives almost daily, the rules are now becoming more strictly than before. Sincerely, getting an AdSense account these days might be really hard.

Moreover, there is still a way I will advise. Make your site well structured one and easily navigated so as to help you get an approved Google AdSense account.

I will advise that if you are not a very good or excellent web designer, you should do well to hire one to create that interesting, well-structured, and easily navigated blog or site for you. Also, do well to ensure that everything in your site or blog is original and not just lifted another’s blog or site.

There are also some top paying pay per click affiliate programs without website that I will advise you to apply for if you are looking for one. I will write about these in my subsequent posts.