10 Best Absentee Business Ideas & Opportunities

Are you seeking an absentee-type business to establish? These are never in short supply, as you’ll soon find out. In this article, we identify and discuss such opportunities.

You must scan through the list to identify a business idea you’re most interested in.

Profitable Businesses for Absentee Owners

Regarding the choice of a business model, entrepreneurs have their unique preferences. Sometimes the desire to have complete control over one’s time while owning a business might conflict.

However, some businesses allow for absentee ownership. These kinds of companies are structured to allow for more independence.

  • Can a Business function while you’re absent?

Before we detail the different types of absentee businesses, we must first address a point.

It’s common to find people confused about absentee businesses or how they function. These are real businesses where the owner (you) does not need to be involved in day-to-day operations.

There’s a need to have a dedicated management team and employees to oversee the business’s daily operations. With this kind of business, you can carry on your other activities without worries as your business is in good hands.

  • You Need to Put in the Initial Effort

For an absentee business to succeed, you’ll need to put in the effort to see to its emergence and success.

This includes planning, conducting feasibility studies, sourcing for financing, naming the business, marketing, finding a suitable location, and business registration, amongst others.

These steps and procedures are needed to set up the business. One of the crucial requirements not included above involves hiring your management staff and workforce.

While some absentee businesses don’t require much staff, others do. So, your hiring needs need to be carefully addressed.

Best Absentee Owner Businesses

A lot of times, people face all kinds of challenges, especially when it comes to choosing an absentee business idea to try. The following are among some of the best ideas to try out.

They include an in-bay auto car wash, laundromat, vending machine, Wi-Fi hotspot provider, and a private ambulance service.

More absentee business ideas include opening a student hostel, FedEx route business, ATM, poster business, and fitness boutique.

Concierge, car hire, billboard, bread route, bakery, blogging, paint and sip, Pilates, and yoga studio.

You can also start a rental property business, bounce house, self-storage facility, security guard business, and an academic advisory services business.

More absentee business ideas include an RV park, tent rental, photocopy shop, banquet hall rental, and a host of others. Let’s have a brief look at some of these.

i. In-Bay Auto Car Wash

An in-bay auto car wash is a business that allows for absentee ownership. As the name implies, this car wash business model primarily operates in auto mode, thus freeing up precious time for other activities.

Because this type of business is unattended, you only need to find the right location for it.

Suitable spots to locate an in-bay auto car wash include convenience stores, middle-income neighborhoods, and 24-hour gas stations along the main street.

ii. Laundromat

A laundromat is one of the best absentee businesses you can try out today.

It’s one where your clients get to load their laundry and follow basic operational procedures. This semi-automated business requires minimal supervision, which you or a supervisor can offer.

iii. Vending Machines

By their design, vending machines are meant to operate with minimal supervision. All is needed is to have the device (s) loaded with products.

There are vending machines for all kinds of things ranging from beverages, candy, snacks, and specialized types or designs.

iv. Wi-Fi Hotspot Provider

One other top-rated absentee business you can start is a Wi-Fi hotspot provider. Like most tech-related enterprises, it affords you the freedom of being independent.

This, of course only possible after the business is set up successfully. Here, you’ll charge a subscription fee for access to your network.

v. Private Ambulance Service

Private ambulance businesses are now a thing and offer an essential service to the health industry.

It’s an excellent absentee business you can establish. All you need is to get your vehicles, make necessary preparations such as tools and software, and hire drivers to operate the business.

This can be highly profitable when done well.

vi. Opening a Student Hostel

A student hostel is one business you don’t need to be around to operate.

These hostels tend to be more profitable when located close to college campuses. They also provide accommodation for students staying out of town.

Once built, this investment fetches you residual income for many years.

vii. FedEx Route Business

A FedEx route business offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to own a thriving business while absent. It’s common to find FedEx route owners with multiple routes.

These routes are either outsourced or given to managers who oversee the business’s daily operations.

viii. ATM Machine

You can establish an ATM business without the need to be around due to its automated operation.

This is one of the best absentee businesses to run, as you receive a fee whenever a withdrawal transaction is completed on your machine.

It’s necessary to put in the work to get things in place.

ix. Billboard Business

Billboards are strategic marketing tools that help businesses create awareness.

This is one absentee business you can start by mounting your billboards in strategic areas. Of course, you’ll need permits to mount such billboards.

Businesses and individuals get to rent your billboards for a set duration.

x. Fitness Boutique

There’s a booming fitness industry that continues to expand. You can take advantage of this opportunity to start a fitness boutique. People will always shop for their essential fitness gear.

The good part is you can be absent while the business is being run effectively by a management team.

These are some of the best absentee businesses anyone can start today. While each of those mentioned can be highly profitable, that isn’t automatic, as a great deal of work is needed to put the suitable structures in place.

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