How to Become an Actress

How to Become an Actress in Hollywood TV Series

Do you want to become a famous actress at 12 or 16?

The entertainment industry has become a melting pot for a lot of talent as these consist of musicians, actors, comedians, poets and fashion designers among a long list of others. In the movie industry, actors and actresses are the main characters as they consist of both genders.

Thus this article will focus on providing you with the needed information you need on how to become an actress as well as the process you need to follow.

Actresses are basically female performers who have to relive several roles in movies. These may include having to sing and dance.

One thing an actress cannot do without is memorizing scripts and acting them out. It is a highly creative profession that requires highly motivated persons who are willing to put in all the work necessary to achieving excellence. There are several levels in the acting profession. The top tier is where the elite ply their trade. These act big roles in big budget movies.

However, that is not our focus. How does one become an actress?

  • Acting Schedule and Skill Requirements

Before becoming an actress, you have to first understand that it is a rigorous profession that can sometimes be physically and mentally draining. This is because actresses can stay on set for extended periods of time during movie production. This also involves having to travel from location to location. These locations may be far apart or close by.

Unlike most types of jobs which have a predictable schedule of events, the acting profession has its own different schedule.

Becoming an actress will require patience on your part as there are times you will have to wait for extended periods of time for acting jobs. However you can improve your chances of getting an acting job tremendously when you have the required training and skills.

With these, it will only be a matter of time before you find the big break you deserve. Apart from educational requirements, other requirements necessary for success include creativity.

In fact the acting industry thrives on this. You will also need to have a flexible schedule as you can be called up at any time of the day.

Having the passion as well as the ability to memorize, having a perfect grasp of speaking, and reading are necessary.

You must also love travelling. The ability to empathize is a valuable skill that will help you achieve greatness.
Every script you act out requires that you put yourself in the moment. This includes involving your emotions too. These are great skills that will help you realize your dreams as a successful actress.

  • Educational Requirements

There are no education requirements for becoming an actress. However you can take some courses or enroll for degree programs in certain fields of study that will give you an edge in your profession. There are several of these such as theatrical production, theater arts management, play-writing and screenwriting courses among several which can tremendously increase your skills and chances of making a mark in the movie industry. You may want to consider enrolling for a degree in drama or theater arts. This training will enable you overcome stage fright among other things.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, actresses with degrees tend to have better job prospects than those without. This clearly shows an incentive for enrolling in a formal training in the field of acting.

  • What do you Want to Achieve?

Many times, a lot of people get into the field of acting for the wrong reasons. Many do consider implications before venturing out.

For these set of people, they are either attracted by the glitz and glamour or by the money they can make.

This approach rules out any consideration for personal reflection to see if one is qualified or passionate about this field of work.

If you are most concerned with the external/outward allure without considering the work you must put in as well as the level of dedication you need, you will hardly make an impact as an actress.

  • How much do Actresses Earn?

In your bid to become an actress, this article not be complete without disclosing how much actresses earn. As mentioned earlier, this is very important but must not form the basis why you want to become an actress. The salary of actresses differs with location. This means that in certain locations, they are paid higher while the same is not true for others.

Movie hubs such as Hollywood are where every major thing happens. The big names, production houses as well as studios are here. Actresses in such locations earn significantly higher than those in other locations.

Actresses in the United States earn approximately $51,000.00. This can be significantly higher or lower. An hourly rate ranging from $9.32 to $99.60 is paid. Overtime pay also ranges from $7.74 to $977. There are others such as bonuses $30.30 to $98,986, commission $54,000, as well as profit sharing of $1,000 all, included in the payment details.

These are approximate figures currently obtainable for actresses.

In Conclusion

Becoming an actress can be very challenging especially for newbies.

However all of these can be surmounted if you are driven by passion and have the required qualifications and talents. It is interesting to note that most of the top actresses today passed through several challenges and hurdles before gracing the big stage. This shows that nothing is impossible to achieve if you are determined to attain your set objectives.

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