Do you own an accounting firm and you have a proposal to make that require you to draft up a business plan?

You would not agree less with me that it is no child’s play to write one.

But not to worry, here is a guide, you may call it a template for you to build your own.

Here is a sample business plan for starting an accounting company.


Sample Accounting firm business plan outline

  • Executive Summary
  • Mission Statement
  • Company’s Objectives
  • Our Services
  • Core Values
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Conclusion


Apex Accounting LLC is a firm dedicated to working on our best notes to ensure adequacy in handling your financial records. The organization is a formation of highly professional personnel who are foremost players in the field.

We are yet to attain our business menopause, we have been in the business for over four years now; and in this short while, we have established our name as one of the best companies to consult on issue that pertains to accounting and management services. We are not about to relent in any way.


To reach the zenith in our capacity to offer reliable accounting services in a professional fashion. To dominate in the role of accountancy in the major economic sectors in the country, from agriculture, commerce, and to ordinary individuals.


We are looking forward to attaining the following is our business years:

1. Becoming the standard for measuring success in accountancy
2. Conduct our services well and track the growth
3. Secure sufficient capital for investment
4. Concoct ideas and set goals towards team upliftment.


Apex Accounting offers the following services both to specialized industries as well as to individuals:

• Tax planning and handling of tax-related issues
• Accounting functions
• Auditing
• Assurance services
• Pension Planning
• Corporate finance
• Management consulting


The following are a number of virtues we hold religiously to: Integrity, excellence, Teamwork, Discipline, and Passion.


Having conducted a concise SWOT Analysis, we have reached the following:

Strength: This is to be found in the firm resolve of every member of the Apex Accounting Firm to reach our set goals under the sun or in the rain. The teamwork is commendable and there is, most likely, no stopping us. We are poised at achieving all we have projected in our plans.

Weakness: Being that we are virgin into the market, we are yet to buy the trust of the larger market. However, this fades off with more time, and as more of our stories are spread across the country.

Opportunity: many startups are launched roughly on a daily basis; especially in the environment we have based the company. This means so much for us, in the sense that these organizations would have to manage their accounts; there is where we come in. it is also evident that as population increases, there is an increase in the tendency for success.

Threat: there are two possible threats we are likely to face. One has to do with the policies that the government might formulate in the future although we hope they would be to our benefit. Second has to do with competitors that might turn up and stiffen the market, however we believe in ourselves. We are definitely going to be up to whatever tasks the future holds.


Apex Accounting Company has made impact on the market as much as it has made on the company. There are a number of aspects that the markets can be manipulated.

Economic parameters can influence the market in such a way that the best of our firm is seen when the economy is good. Otherwise there would be a severe challenge for our firm to overcome. Policies made by the government as well as the Central bank of the country has its way of tweaking the economy in a shape that either favors or mars the growth of the accounting sector.

Technology has also readjusted the way modern day accounting services are rendered. And we are running along with the changing trends. We now handle cloud-based service that simplifies the task we do by several times.

Competitors are already a force in the market that we are looking at reckoning with in due time. We have already mapped our way to beating off competition with quality and diligence.


• Businesses in all industries; that have at least 30 employees and that boast a sale volume of over $500, 000 yearly.
• Businesses that show interest toward setting up pension scheme for its workers
• Hotels.
• Ordinary people whose net worth range above $100, 000
• NGOs
• The Government.


Apex Accounting LLC has adopted a pricing strategy that appeals to majority of the clients that demand our services.

We have decided to put off the traditional hourly billing approach of pricing the service and now we are operating based on flat prices for the services. It affords the customers more relaxation and ease when transacting business with us.

We also discount our services to startups to encourage their patronage. Plus, we have reduced our rates below the usual costs of offering most of the services. To corroborate these strategies, we have given the privilege to our customers to make installment payments. And we have improved on our payment options.


• Budget
a) Cost of acquiring licenses, permits and certifications $630
b) Cost of securing stationaries and Office Space $36, 700
c) Online Image and Website $230

• Cash Flow First Fiscal year Second Fiscal year Third Fiscal year
Inflow $230, 000 $276, 900 $307, 210 $312,600
Outflow $221, 000 $224, 800 $254 850 $255, 00

• Profit and Loss
First year $9,000
Second Year $52, 100
Third year $52, 360
Fourth year $57, 600


Apex Accounting LLC is clearly poised at taking over the market, and no doubts, in the shortest future we would become the meter for measuring financial success in the country and abroad.

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