Most Profitable Woodworking Project to Build and Sell

Are you into furniture making and are looking for profitable woodwork you can build and sell? Do you know the steps involved in making money off of woodworking projects?

It is very crucial to know the most profitable woodworking project to build and sell if you want to make good money.

Fortunately, this post is aimed at increasing your profits as a woodworker.

Throughout the years, creative craft ideas regarding woodworking have continued to evolve. For instance, crafters are now making wooden picture frames, coffee tables, bottle carriers, wooden racks, phone holders, office desk organizers, shelves, and so on.

As a crafter, any of these projects can be profitable depending on your target market.


Woodworks like wooden spoons and bowls, pet houses, toys, chairs, etc. are among the oldest woodworking projects. Even though there is diversity in the type of woodworking project that can make you profits, specializing in one area can expand your business.


Here are the 13 most profitable wood projects that make money either on eBay or offline.

  1. Office Shelves

The current world is a budding haven for businesses. Even though most businesses are getting online, they are still maintaining remote offices. You can make wooden office shelves and sell them to businesses. This is one of the top-selling woodworking items to make for cash.

  1. Office Desk Organizers

Like office shelves, wooden office desk organizers are significant in businesses. You, however, need to craft unique organizers to attract more clients.  Most companies would prefer well-craft wooden desks and chairs to the modern metal desk organizers. This because wooden organizers are relatively cheaper than metal organizers. Thus, you can specialize and expand your business in this example of handmade wood products that sell.

  1. Phone Holders

Is it uncommon to you that wooden holders exist for phones? Well, beautifully made wooden holders can be used to keep your phone. It is one profitable woodwork with high demand in the marketplace. Their main advantage is that they can’t easily break, which ensures the safety of your phone.

  1. Kitchen Racks and Shelves

Everyone wants their kitchen to be organized. Beautifully organized. You can create cheaper alternatives to kitchen racks and shelves. Consider a woodwork project that builds kitchen racks and shelves, then sell them to homeowners.

This project tops the list of easy woodworking projects to sell and it can generate you more income especially if you take contracts to supply building companies with wooden racks and shelves for their new kitchens.

  1. Bottle Carriers

With a wooden bottle carrier project, you can build a business relationship with clubs, drink suppliers, bars, restaurants, etc. Whether holding wine bottles in a bar or soft drinks in transit, wooden bottle carriers provide sufficient means of bottle safety.

  1. Coffee Tables and Chairs

This is one of the good wood projects that sell on eBay. Coffee tables and chairs are among the most common woodworking projects. They have existed since the start of coffee shop businesses. However, they are still a reliable means of serving customers.

Your scope should be to craft unique tables and chairs that will attract coffee shop owners. To be specific, research the preferences of coffee buyers and shop owners and craft a compelling project.

  1. Picture Frames

Picture frames are more significant when relocating from one place to another. They keep pictures in position while sealing them from dust and damage. Wooden picture frames have also been existing for a long time.

Today, they are still common in homes and offices. Most people prefer these frames not only for holding pictures but also for complementing the beauty of office or home walls.

  1. A Refined Storage Bed

Most people are looking for beds that act as storage for items as well. A storage bed made from wood can yield you much revenue. You can do this project in an attractive way that will increase the attractiveness of one’s bedroom.

The merit of this project is that you don’t need to be a professional crafter to make a compelling bed. You can also decide on which bed size to build and sell.

  1. Coat Racks

If you are exploring some fun yet profitable woodworking projects, consider wooden coat racks. There is a variation of rack designs. You can search the internet to review rack ideas that would attract buyers. A coat rack is one popular example of woodworking projects that sell well.

  1. Outdoor Sofas

Outdoor sofas are mainly for luxuries. Most homes that adore outdoor leisure have this type of sofas. With this project, you can get high sales revenue. This is because wooden sofas are expensive and require much time in making them. Be prepared to spend your time on the project, but build quality sofas for your buyers.

  1. Swing Couches

These sofa beds are also part of maintaining outdoor comfort. They are mostly found in comfortable environments.

Besides, homes employ the use of swing sofa beds for children’s funs. You are, thus, sure to fetch considerable income with a wooden couches project. If you are looking for one of the best selling wood projects, build this.

  1. Nightstands

One item that usually appears attractive and keeps the elegance of a bedroom is a nightstand. People use them to store books and other objects, and it is one of the most profitable woodworking projects you should explore.

  1. Kennel Structure

Domestication is one of the earliest forms of human relationships with animals. Even in the modern world, humans are still keeping pets. In the case of dogs, you can build a cool kennel that will keep the pet in comfort. This project is one of the most profitable woodworking projects since most dog owners love their pets and would not resist a beautiful structure.

45 Easy Wood Projects that Sell Well for Beginners

Woodwork is a field of business that demands constant innovation as well as creativity to produce some of the most outstanding artworks that will attract high patronage. Before presenting some of these wood projects you can sell, you must be passionate about it.

Why passion? Passion is necessary because it is the single most important ingredient that leads to excellence.

In starting a wood project, it is important to have all the tools. Anything less than this will not give you the best results, thereby leading to inferior products. Experience also counts in running a thriving woodwork business. Your wealth of experience will act as a guide to fine-tuning your skills.

So, what are these wood projects you can sell? They include the following;


Chopsticks and Bowls

Chopsticks and bowls are kitchenware with Asian Origin. The beauty of carving these easy small wood projects especially bowls out of wood makes it more eye-catching or appealing to buyers. The bulk of your clients are likely to be Asians who use these often. However, non-Asian clients may be interested in adding this kitchenware to their collection.

Making Hexagonal Shelves

Woodwork is all about creativity. Artists have pushed the frontier of knowledge further by creating distinct and unique products that include furniture. These are not only used for keeping books and other items but also add to the beauty of homes. The best part of this furniture is that they are easy to make as well as painting them in a variety of attractive colors. There is always a market for these shelves.

Coffee Tables

These are desirable furniture that can fetch you a handsome income if done right. You will need to be creative in drawing up a variety of designs that have the potential to attract clients. Quality jobs speak for themselves. Hence your watchword should be quality. Apart from having a workshop where you display these wood projects, you can also ask your friends, family, and existing clients for referrals.

Serving Trays

Serving trays are some of the most important kitchenware used for serving food and drinks. These quick wood projects help keep such stable and prevent from carpet or furniture spills. You can create these wood items to sell to the open market. Wood serving trays have a beauty about them that makes them irresistible. However since it will be used for food, you should only make use of non-toxic paint (if you need to) as well as wood.


Apart from the hexagonal shelves mentioned above, there are several other varieties you can make. Some of these include floating shelves, triangular shelves, and many more. Shelves have a versatility about them that you can exploit.

In other words, you have the freedom to create any shape or design you deem fit. The most important thing is that these wooden shelves should be creative to attract the attention of your target market to make a purchase.

A Rack or Entryway Organizer

This is an increasingly valuable piece of furniture that is needed in homes. An entryway organizer consists of hooks, racks, or storage for items that need to be kept at definite areas that will avoid losing them or damage. Some of the woodworking projects that make money that you can keep on the entryway organizer include keys, bags, jackets, hats, and shoes in some cases.

This drop-off zone provides orderliness. You can make this wooden project for sale with a variety of spaces for different items.

Overhead Lighting

Just as there are chandeliers covering light bulbs and adding beauty to the home, you can replicate the chandelier by creating a wooden piece of furniture that hangs above and encases the light bulbs. However because you are working with wood, it should be minimal enough to avoid blocking off light from proper illumination. Glass or netting can be added based on your idea. This piece of wooden furniture will always sell.

Wood Panelling

Wood paneling is popular with buildings. They bring aesthetic beauty to home and offices. You may want to consider this wood project by having wood cut into a variety of sizes and designs to offer variety for the needs of your clients. You may also provide polished as well as non-polished wooden panel variants to suit several purposes. Your choice of the wood type also contributes to the cost.

Accent Mirrors

Accent mirrors are great wood projects that will attract sales especially when you are very creative with your craft. The wooden frame is where the work should go into. If you need to draw the attention of your clients, it should be bold and beautiful. People need to have one more look at their makeup or dress before dashing off. This provides them with the solution as well as beautifies their entryways.

Wooden Sculptures

Wooden sculptures add beauty to home interiors and surroundings. You can exploit this by carving some exciting wooden sculptures that can be kept at entrances to homes or offices as well as in sitting rooms and around buildings. What makes this wooden project interesting to buyers is its aesthetic appeal. If gotten right, the market for these wooden projects will never be a problem.

Candle Holders

Although this is not a complex wooden project, it is quite popular with buyers. You can add this to your several other wood projects. Candleholders can come in several colors and designs, and these variants should be diverse enough for your clients to have sufficient variety to choose from.


Wood Clocks

Wooden clocks are a beauty to behold and provide you the needed patronage you need especially when done well.

For these cool woodworking projects to be achievable, you need to provide attractive and catchy designs with the numbering taking the form of Roman numerals or ordinary numbers arranged in the right sequence and taking a variety of forms. Clock mechanisms for your wooden clocks can be found in several online stores which include specialty stores as well as general-purpose stores.

Mobile Device Holder

A mobile device holder can be used to hold a variety of mobile devices such as phones and tablets. These may be located in the kitchen or bathrooms as the case may be. It allows the user to easily keep their mobile devices safe while attending to other things needing their attention. The shape, design, and size all depend on your creativity.

When displaying these, your clients should be guided on its directions for use.

Making Step Stools

This is a very useful tool to have around in homes. You can make these wooden projects for use by both adults and children. These are very handy in reaching high areas and can be used by children to climb their beds or use the sink.

Selling this wooden project will not be hard to achieve as it is a very useful tool to have around.

Storage Crates

Although storage crates can be very basic in its design, you can bring your creativity to bear by bringing out its beauty in its simplicity. This wooden project has a lot of uses which makes it easy to sell. You can make these in a variety of colors. The finishing counts the most as this will form the point of attraction.

Reading Tables

Having a reading table is considered a necessary part of home furniture to have around. This wooden piece can come in different sizes to fit specific client requirements. The more variety and better quality tables you provide, the better the sales. Some of these variants may include drawers and lampstands, while others may be plain.

Bowl Stand for Pets

As simple as this may seem, a lot of pet lovers purchase these bowl holders or stands for their pets to provide ease and comfort for these pets when feeding. With more households buying pets and an increasing pet population, you may want to consider starting the production of these bowl stands as there will always be interested buyers.

Wooden Pumpkin

There are lots of ways to create décor pieces, and this is one of them. Have you ever wondered what to do with the remaining scrap wood? You can put this to good use by crafting a nice wooden pumpkin which will not take you the entire time. You will need to get the right shape so people can instantly identify this as a pumpkin. This wood project will fetch you a nice income if done right.

An Outdoor Swing Bed

This wood project is a unique piece of furniture that people will love to have around. In constructing one, there should be a sample product around where clients can give specifications or need a duplicate of. This unique furniture is best for relaxation. Hence selling it will not be a problem as people will love it once they set their eyes on it.

Wine Rack

A lot of people love wine. You can cash in on the wine market by providing a wooden wine rack. It is interesting to note that your target market will include individuals as well as businesses selling wine. This leaves you with a broad market to sell your wooden wine racks. To increase patronage, there should be varieties of these racks to choose from.

Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

Although the need for this is seasonal, there will certainly be orders in off-peak periods. However, this will expectedly be higher towards the Christmas season as these are combined with other Christmas decorations.

Wooden Christmas trees can be used both indoors and outdoors. Making these available to the target audience will attract good sales.

A Coffee Cup Rack

This is an easy-to-build piece of furniture that can provide a whole lot of utility for the user. Your wooden project should be able to easily attract buyers simply from the finishing which although simple, should be done professionally. Your coffee cup rack wooden project will draw the attention of buyers if done properly.

Wall Corner Shelves

People can utilize the corners of their homes more effectively when you provide them with wall corner shelves. These are not everyday furniture one finds everywhere. This makes it quite an interesting furniture project to consider.

These can come in a variety of designs and colors. Your creativity should be channeled properly towards attracting buyer interests, resulting in sales.

Moon-Shaped Baby Cradle

This wood project can be made with drawers for baby diapers and other baby items. This product of creativity is sure to arouse the interest of buyers. There are a lot of creative ways you can achieve this. The color of these moon-shaped baby cradles may be determined by the buyer or you may make them in varieties of colors.

Building a Cat House

There is no limit to the wooden projects you may choose to embark on. However, what will sell easily should be your watchword as only this will keep you in business. A lot of people own cats which they keep as pets. They are ready to provide the necessary comfort for these pets. A cat house is a great idea to consider if you want to make more sales.

Picture Frames

The more attractive your wooden picture frames, the higher sales you make. People will want to keep lasting memories in deserving condition. Providing them with a beautiful wooden frame for their pictures will fetch a nice price for your products. Well made picture frames add to the beauty of the pictures.

Bath Trays

There are times when people will want to relax by soaking themselves in a bathtub while reading a novel, watching a movie, or using their phones. A wooden bath tray is needed to keep these items. It can also be used to hold aromatic candles. These are wooden projects which will interest buyers. Helping your target market get their furniture of choice will increase sales significantly.

Wooden Letters

You need to get creative if you are to become or maintain your relevance. Wooden letters are a great and innovative way of passing a message across. This makes it much easier to earn money as you spend a considerably short amount of time on each letter. There is a growing trend in how these are being used.

Business Card Holder

Business cards are a great tool for business as they contain all the information necessary to contact a business.

However, these cards can easily get scattered about that they have to be searched. Making a wooden business card holder can solve this problem as you provide a holding tool that keeps all of these organized while also adding beauty. Selling this wood project will be much easier due to its use-value.

Personalized Wooden Signs

These are increasingly used in homes across the United States for a variety of reasons. They either hold an important message to the user or may be directed at new guests. You need to know what interests your clients and provide them with these services. While you make these available for purchase, you should also be ready to provide your clients with custom services at any time.

Wooden Coasters

This is a great wooden project which you can start and sell to coffee businesses as well as households. It should come in varieties. For these to sell, you can also offer your target clients customized services by having a catalog of a variety of these coasters to choose from.

Selling Night Stands

Nightstands are important to have around. These necessities are needed for every bedroom which makes it one of the wooden furniture with the highest demand. These are needed by both commercial enterprises such as hotels as well as in homes. Nightstands are used for a variety of purposes such as keeping bedside lamps, alarm clocks, books, and mobile phones among others.

Farmhouse Kitchen Tables

You may want to consider making a farmhouse kitchen table. What makes this table valuable and attractive to buyers is its versatility. This table can be used for a variety of things and does not require highly technical knowledge to build. You can easily learn to build one by watching DIY videos online where several skills on how to build different types of Kitchen and dining tables are taught.

Tree Shelf

Wood tree shelves are innovative ways of building shelves and adding beauty to your home interior at the same time.

These come handy and enable easy storage of valuables. Because your clients will be interested in buying them, you need to have a design that will easily fit during installation. People are moved by unique wooden furniture. The tree shelf is one of such wooden furniture that will attract sales.

Boat Swings

As mentioned earlier, any type of woodwork relies strongly on creativity. One such wooden projects are the building of a swing in the form of a boat. This is not an everyday wooden project and will surely attract the attention of your target clients. To ensure this happens, you need to have a sample that people can inspect. You also need the skill to do a great job as only a great job appeals to clients.

Dog Bed

Dogs are lovely creatures everyone loves to have around. These pets require care and a lot of dog owners will seek to provide the best care possible. One of such is a dog bed. You can start making dog beds and displaying them where they can be easily seen. There are owners with multiple dogs. This is great for business as you make your dog beds available for purchase.

Wooden Stools

You can start making wooden stools for sitting rooms and kitchens. These stools must be attractive to the buyer if you want to attract sales. The better the quality of your stools, the more patronage you should expect to attract.

Floating Plat Rack

The simplicity of the floating plate rack as well as its beauty makes it a sought after piece of furniture among housewives. These can be placed in the kitchen as well as in the bedroom. They can also hold other things like general kitchenware as well as general items such as books, mobile phones and also racks for hanging aprons as well as jackets.

Clip Picture Frames

You can make these by using wooden scraps. These are simple frames where pictures can be easily clipped and changed whenever the person needs to. Producing the clip picture frame attracts the attention of passersby who will love to purchase these wooden projects for their pictures.


How does making a wooden button sound? There is a growing demand for these in the fashion world. Making or crafting them will require patience. However, there is a big market for it as people continually place orders for it. This wood project will fetch you a good amount of money if you handle it diligently.

Wooden Shoe Rack

We have discussed clothing rack and kitchen and coffee racks. However, shoes too require racks to keep them tidier and safer. Building a wooden shoe rack will attract patronage to your business as people will love to have their shoes better stored than being scattered all over the room. You can make and sell this wooden project easily as it will draw the attention of new clients.

Making Symbolic Wooden Flags

These types of flags tell the story of resilience, hard work, dedication, and strength. This piece of art is highly demanded by a wide section of buyers. You will have to learn how to build one. The best thing is that making these is not difficult at all. You can learn from the many DIY videos available online.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are pretty simple to make, yet very important to have around the kitchen. In making cutting boards, you can experiment with a lot of designs to bring out unique boards of different sizes and shapes. It is necessary to make a variety of sizes and shapes as your clients will love to have a variety to choose from.

Board Game Replacement Pieces

Here you need to get creative in building new pieces for board games that get easily lost. This allows people to worry less when a piece is lost and continue enjoying their game with a wooden replacement.

Wooden Beads

Beads are increasingly becoming fashion trends. You can take advantage of this by creating wooden beads of different sizes and different shapes. These are used in the creation of hand bands and many others.

The above-listed wood projects for gifts and sales are known to sell easily. Before starting this woodworking business, you must be driven by the right reasons. Passion for the job is what will keep you going in difficult times.

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Success here also strongly relies on creativity. There are several things you can make with wood as listed in this article. If you lack the know-how on making any type of wooden projects, there are tons of DIY videos online that can be of immense help