Here, we identify and discuss one of the distribution chains of rice.

The wholesale price supplier is focused on providing retailers or persons purchasing in bulk with relevant information.

As one of the most widely consumed grains in the world, you’ll find this article on wholesale rice suppliers attractive.

Bulk Rice Wholesale Suppliers

Are you into the business of agro products? If you are, you’d understand that, like all kinds of economic transactions, this involves the interplay of supply and demand.

It’s common knowledge that agro products are highly varied and include sugarcane, poultry products, wheat, nuts, and cassava.

Others include soybeans, rice, potatoes, tomato, spices, pulses, fruits, and dairy products. Here, rice will be the main focus of our discussion as we intend to identify wholesale rice suppliers.

Most end consumers may be oblivious to the processes involved in rice getting to their plates.

An Overview

Before getting into specifics on wholesale rice suppliers, let’s start by identifying the major exporting countries of the world.

The well-known countries that handle the world’s rice exports are Thailand, India, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Brazil, and the United States.

More rice-exporting countries include Cambodia, Uruguay, and Burma. While these aren’t the only countries producing rice on an export scale, they easily stand out as the major exporters of this product.

With that said, let’s shift our focus to wholesale rice suppliers.

If you’re interested in distributors within the United States, you’ll find this article very helpful as it includes significant suppliers in North America.

So, without further ado, let’s proceed to identify who these suppliers are.

Wholesale and Retail Rice Suppliers

While the main topic particularly mentions wholesale rice suppliers, some of these distributors also offer retail services. That is why you’ll find such listed below.

While discussing these rice distributors, we’ve included information like rice types supplied, distributor location, and co-products.

Major Rice suppliers in the USA include Mars Food, Gulf Rice Milling Inc., Farmers Rice Milling Co., LLC, and Farmer’s Rice Cooperative.

More supplier options include Far West Rice, Inc., Erwin-Keith, Inc, Crop Marketing Services, Doguet’s Rice Miling Company, Castor River, Inc., and Cormier Rice Milling Co., Inc.

You can also contact other rice distributors like California Family Foods, Beaumont Rice Mills, Inc., and Associated Rice Marketing Cooperative.

National Rice Company, PGP International, Inc., Planters Rice Mill, LLC, Poinsett Rice & Grain, Inc., and Producers Mill, Inc. are other wholesale rice suppliers.

i. Gulf Rice Milling Inc.

Gulf Rice Milling Inc. is a wholesale rice supplier located in Texas. You can order varieties like rough rice, brown rice, and short grain.

Other types include medium-grain white rice, white rice, and white-grain rice,

ii. Doguet’s Rice Miling Company

This Texas wholesale rice supplier offers organic, medium grain, medium grain white rice, and basmati.

Others include U.S.-grown, organic basmati, long-grain brown rice, organic brown rice, medium-grain brown rice, and long-grain white rice,

iii. Cormier Rice Milling Co., Inc

Located in Dewitt, AR, Cormier Rice Milling Co. has varieties like short grain, brown rice, medium grain, white rice, and long grain white rice.

Others include long-grain and organic white rice.

iv. California Family Foods

As the name suggests, this supplier is located in California and has a rich collection of rice varieties.

Some of these include short grain, brown rice, medium grain, sushi rice, white rice, and sweet rice (glutinous). Its rice co-products have hulls, brewers, broken, and rice bran for animal feed.

v. Beaumont Rice Mills, Inc.

This is a wholesale rice supplier located in Texas and offers a variety of rice species.

Examples of the other rice sold by Beaumont Rice Mills, Inc. include long-grain white rice, white rice, and medium-grain. Its rice co-products include brewers.

vi. Associated Rice Marketing Cooperative

You may also want to try this wholesale rice distributor for your needs.

The Associated Rice Marketing Cooperative sells different rice types like medium grain, sweet rice (glutinous), white rice, brown rice, medium grain, and rough rice.

vii. National Rice Company

National Rice Company is a leading wholesale rice supplier.

It has a long list of rice types like organic wild rice, sushi rice, short grain, short grain white rice, organic white rice, sprouted rice, sweet rice, long grain white rice, long grain, and medium grain white rice.

Others are U.S.-grown jasmine, parboiled brown rice, parboiled white rice, red rice, organic basmati, black japonica, and organic instant or precooked rice.

Instant quick frozen, Arborio rice, U.S.-grown Arborio rice, and short grain brown rice are more types sold by this wholesale rice supplier.

viii. PGP International, Inc.

The types of rice sold by this wholesale supplier vary and include rice co-products like white, crisped rice, organic white rice flour, and brown rice flour.

Others include rice flour and organic brown rice flour. To know what’s available, visit the distributor’s site for more details.

ix. Planters Rice Mill, LLC.

Planters Rice Mill is a wholesale supplier you can contact for all your rice needs.

This supplier is located in Louisiana (403 S Washington St. Abbeville) and specializes in long grain and white rice types. Its rice co-products include rice bran, brewers, hulls, and broken.

x. Poinsett Rice & Grain, Inc.

This wholesale rice supplier is located in Southwest Drive, Jonesboro, AR.

It supplies a variety of rice types like medium grain, brown rice, and long grain white rice. Other types include long-grain brown rice, white rice, and rough rice.

Poinsett Rice & Grain also distributes rice co-products like brown rice flour, brewers, hulls, etc. Like other suppliers mentioned, you’ll need to visit its site for more information.

xi. Producers Rice Mill, Inc.

Producers Mill Inc. is a wholesale rice supplier in the USA.

It distributes various rice types, including brown rice and precooked or long-grain instant rice. Other types include parboiled brown rice, parboiled white rice, long-grain white rice, medium-grain, and white rice.

This rice distributor also has rice co-products for supply. Such include brewers, white second heads, stabilized rice flour, and brown rice flour, amongst others.

The wholesale price suppliers listed above are only a few of the many rice distributors in the USA. A quick online search will come up with tons of results to choose from.