Luxury hotels have a statement to make that reinforces their brand. These first-class hotels achieve their status through ranking or categorization by reputable rating agencies. As part of their upscale services, these hotels carefully select where they shop their supplies. Beddings are one of these supplies.

So, who are the suppliers of beddings for luxury hotels? These are also reputable businesses that have won the trust of major clients like luxury hotels. They offer high quality bedding and linen products of varying designs. In this article, we’ve identified some of the top suppliers of bedding for luxury hotels.

What to Know about Luxury Hotel Bedding Suppliers

Most major luxury bedding suppliers are also known to manufacture their products. Products mostly consist of hotel bed linens, bed sheets comforters, duvets, pillowcases, fitted covers, and many more. These come in many designs, sizes, colors, textures, and materials that meet different client needs.

Luckily there are contacts within the hospitality industry that help get information on where to get what. You might want to rely on such recommendations or referrals to find your luxury bedding supplier. We have included quite a number of these reputable suppliers you can rely on.

Top Luxury Hotel Bedding Suppliers

There are major luxury brands known to offer premium bedding supplies to hotels. These are key players in the hospitality industry that have been around for several decades and continue to wax strong. With several suppliers mentioned below, you’ll need to make your preferred pick.

i. Pacific Coast Feather Co.

Pacific Coast Feather Co. is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of luxury hotel beddings. This bedding manufacturer not only supplies its products to hotels but also targets department stores. Pacific Coast Feather has a wide reach with a major part of its client base being in North America.

ii. Target Corporation

Target is a major retail corporation that serves the diverse shopping needs of its clients. Out of the tons of products on sale are luxury beddings for the hospitality industry. A lot of luxury hotels shop their bedding suppliers from target. A great aspect of their business model is the variety of beddings on display.

iii. ANICHINI, Inc.

Luxury hotels have a preference for carefully crafted bedding supplies. ANICHINI is one brand known to deliver on client expectations. This bedding supplier is known for its artisanal-made fabrics sourced from different parts of the world. The end product meets expectations as they’re beautifully made and exude luxury and comfort.

iv. Sigmatex Lanier

This is another top-rated luxury bedding supplier that not only serves the hospitality industry but also the healthcare industry. Of course its beddings are also available for other clients outside of the market categories mentioned. Sigma Lanier tailors its needs to the desire of the client, hence its strong brand recognition.

v. Brooklinen

Headquartered in New York, Brooklinen is a luxury bedding brand that serves a wide range of clients. Apart from the quality offered, this supplier offers highly competitive rates for its products. It’s no surprise that since its emergence in 2014, the company has attracted lots of dedicated clients.

vi. DEA Fine Linens

This supplier of a variety of linen and bedding suppliers is headquartered in Florida. It delivers quality products to clients within the hospitality industry among others. Few examples of its products include bedding linens, bath products, jacquards, embroideries, and coverlets etc. You’ll find tons of options when shopping for your bedding supplies.


The BELLINO brand is synonymous with quality. It has a large client-base especially within the hospitality sector. These patronize its linen and bedding products ideal for all sorts of uses. One fact about this business is that is supplies only the most exclusive hotels. The reputation earned for its quality products makes it stand out among its many peers.

viii. Garnier-Thilbeaut USA

The Garnier-Thilbeaut brand is almost 2 centuries-old and has expanded its reach far beyond the shores of France to other parts of the world including the United States. Among its many clients are prestigious hotels who solely rely on its premium quality bedding products that come in assorted designs, colors, sizes & textures.

ix. Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.

Listed among Fortune 500 Companies, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. is a trusted name in luxury bedding products for hotels. It also manufactures all sorts of home furnishings, kitchen textiles, tabletop items, and many other products. With its headquarters stationed in New Jersey, the company services clients across North America.

x. 1888 Mills

This is a luxury hotel bedding supplier whose services extend beyond the hospitality industry to others like the healthcare, and retail industries. As a demonstration of its reputation, this company has severally won the Supplier of the Year award on multiple occasions.

xi. Fabtex

Fabtex serves the needs of clients within the hospitality, government, healthcare, and cruise industries. Its top-quality bedding supplies are widely known for their quality. Its combined manufacturing operations produce premium products that meet customer needs across North America.

xii. Rise & Fall

Rise & Fall is a bedding manufacturer and supplier brand known for quality and luxury. Its clients choose the brand due to its quality, and sustainability approach to manufacturing. A wide range of products are available to choose from. These come in different sizes, colors, textures, and designs.

xiii. Venus Group, Inc.

This bedding manufacturer also doubles as a supplier that serves luxury hotels and a ton of other clients operating in different industries. Some of the industries served include hospitality, industrial laundry, spa, and healthcare among others.

xiv. Bedfolk

If you’re looking for a luxury hotel bedding supplier with ethical values governing its manufacturing practices, Bedfolk is the brand to trust. Its linens are woven from 100% pure fabric without chemicals. Clients get to choose from many product design options.

xv. Dusk

Dusk is a British bedding luxury brand that serves the hospitality sector among others. Its products are crafted from premium materials carefully sourced from around the world.

xvi. Downlite

Another major brand for premium bedding products is Downlite. This family-owned business serves hotels and different businesses. Whatever your needs are, you only need to visit its website to choose from different products.

These are reputable luxury hotel bedding suppliers that have built successful business brands by meeting the every need of their clients. With these, you get to make key comparisons on what is most suitable to you.