Here, we’ve discussed why demand for reclaimed wood is growing, what buyers look for, and how your location determines demand for this recycled lumber.

We’ve also focused on identifying buyers of reclaimed wood. As you read along, you’ll find all the details you need to sell reclaimed wood for profit.

Selling Reclaimed Wood

Let’s proceed with details of these and more.

Do you have reclaimed or burl wood to sell?

Are you wondering how to go about finding buyers? This isn’t a problem as there are many reliable wood disposal options.

In answering who buys reclaimed wood near me, we’ve delved into the subject matter by identifying some reputable buyers nationwide.

Reasons Why Demand for Reclaimed Wood is Growing

With reclaimed wood, an existing resource is guaranteed, which prevents the cutting down of new or living trees for timber.

If you’re big on environmental sustainability, this point should excite you as the impact of climate change becomes more evident. Users of reclaimed wood actively engage in recycling for all kinds of projects.

Recycled wood is widely used for various projects, including interior design, flooring, cabinetry, beams, furniture, pots, window & door casings, shelving, decking, and siding.

There are also claims of wellness-enhancing properties of reclaimed wood to humans. The artisanal look and feel reclaimed wood brings to furniture and interior designs have also contributed to its popularity.

What Reclaimed Wood Buyers Look For

In looking for buyers of reclaimed woods around your area, knowing what they are looking for helps sell your salvaged products. So, what exactly do reclaimed wood buyers look for?

While every buyer may have unique preferences, certain qualities are vital to identifying the best products. Most buyers will seek to know if reclaimed wood contains any toxins.

If they do, the type(s) of toxins are investigated to determine whether such woods are suitable for the project or viable for resell.

Reclaimed woods may contain toxins like arsenic, mycotoxins, coal-derived pentachlorophenol, mold spores, coal-derived creosote, lead (for painted woods), and arsenic.

The presence or absence of these toxins in salvaged wood will also determine its marketplace value or selling price.

Your Location Determines the Market

Where are you located? We started our discussion on who buys reclaimed wood near me. An appropriate answer will depend on your location.

First, you must understand that there are national and local buyers of reclaimed wood. The national buyers will have a local presence across several states.

Some of the best-known national brands include Rustic Wood Products and Barnwood USA.

While there are still more, you’ll have to find out if these national buyers of reclaimed wood have a presence in your state.

As stated earlier, some may have a presence across all 50 states, while others may have business in most states. Besides the national brands, there are local businesses that buy reclaimed wood.

Finding reclaimed wood buyers around you can be done using valuable resources such as online directories, which are readily available.

Some of the best options include the Recycled Materials Resource Center, Old House Online, and Forest Products Laboratory.

You can search for information on reclaimed wood buyers in many directories around your area.

Reclaimed Wood Buyers

Irrespective of where you live, we’ve added a couple of reclaimed wood buyers in this section to help your research. Now, such buyers may not be in your region or area.

However, it’s an excellent place to start your research as you can easily find many of them using the directories mentioned earlier.

Some reputable reclaimed wood buyers include Southend Reclaimed, Pioneer Millworks, Appalachian Woods, E. T. Moore, Vintage Timberworks, and Rustic Roots Reclaimed.

Let’s discuss each of these as follows:

i. Southend Reclaimed

This is a great source to sell all your reclaimed wood. Southend Reclaimed prides itself as the largest and most trusted buyer and seller of reclaimed wood in the United States.

To know more about its full range of service offerings, contact the company or visit its “sell to us” link to learn about the types of salvaged products it buys.

ii. Pioneer Millworks

Pioneer Millworks is another trusted reclaimed wood buyer you can contact for your products.

Besides salvaged wood, this buyer deals in various products, including paneling, flooring, exteriors, single-origin batch products, and many more.

It has a presence in Oregon and New York and can be contacted for further inquiries and possible negotiations.

iii. Appalachian Woods

You can take advantage of this reclaimed wood buyer’s offer. Appalachian Woods buys beams, lumber, a complete barn, original flooring, and a log house.

It also deals in salvaged stone or brick and any other related products. Get details on these and more by visiting its page. It provides a short form, which must be filled out and submitted for further discussions.

iv. E. T. Moore

This reclaimed wood buyer looks for wood species, including rough-sawn barn wood boards, southern long-leaf, reclaimed oak, and yellow pine.

Reclaimed chestnut is also among the salvaged wood products this buyer wants. To sell, you’ll need to take pictures showing the entire structure and pictures of the building exterior from multiple angles.

The same should be done for the interior.

v. Vintage Timberworks

Vintage Timberworks is another reclaimed wood buyer that may have an operational presence covering your area. It buys in bulk and mainly seeks enough wood to make dismantling and transportation worthwhile.

Plus, you can get a good bargain for your products. Vintage Timberworks is usually interested in high-grade, old-growth lumber that’s straight with little to no notches and zero rot.

vi. Rustic Roots Reclaimed

This reclaimed wood buyer promises competitive offers with minimum red tape. Rustic Roots Reclaimed looks for antique woods (pre-1920) that hold at least 500 sq. ft. or more in uniform timber.

However, it won’t buy entire homes or barns. Fill out its online form to establish contact and start negotiations for your products.

There are lots of buyers of reclaimed woods around your area. We’ve provided tips on finding such buyers and examples of buyers who may have an operational presence within your area.

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