While being a tree defect caused by mold infestations, multiple uses have been found. You’re probably reading this because you have some burls you intend to sell.

If so, this article will prove helpful in finding the right buyers around you.

Who Buys Burl Near Me?

The value attached to burl wood comes from its many uses.

This wood has specific characteristics that tend to differ from other wood types. Such include having no sapwood, mainly having an incredible grain pattern with distinct coloration, and high durability.

Also, burl wood comes in various sizes, from small pieces to large blocks weighing several tons.

There’s also the shape variety. With burls appearing on trees, it takes 30 to 40 years for such formations to reach full maturity.

  • Burl on Trees

These formations, which mostly appear as warty growths or bumps (called callus tissue) on trees, are caused by tree trunk infections.

Burls may result from environmental injury. Such growth is a defensive mechanism that seeks to isolate and contain the damage, thus helping to heal the tree.

Now burls aren’t particular to a specific type of tree, as they’re known to appear on different tree varieties.

Examples of burl types include maple burl wood, redwood burl, oak burl, walnut burl, birch burl, cherry burl, ash burl, elm burl, etc.

Now, these tree formations are favored for their many characteristics.

This makes them valuable and can be sold for a good profit. To understand why burls are helpful, you only need to look at their many uses.

Uses of Burl

We mentioned earlier that burl wood is valuable due to its characteristics and uses.

Speaking of uses, these range from furniture making, wood sculptures, and automobile interior design. More services include making decorative items, spoons, ladles, tops, musical instruments, and bowls.

Here, it’s evident that there’s a ready market for burl wood, and yours can be sold quickly.

As such, finding buyers is one of the primary considerations you’ll have to make. Before then, it’s essential to have an idea of buyer consideration.

In other words, what do they look out for?

A Luxury Item

Before looking for buyers near you, it’s crucial to understand that burl is expensive.

That is due to several reasons, including the unique qualities of such woods. In other words, no two pieces of burl wood are the same, each unique to its owner.

You should also know that burl isn’t easy to find plus, they tend to be time-consuming when harvesting. As a particular wood is in high demand, it’s not difficult to see why such lumber is in tall order.

Finding buyers for your burl won’t be difficult as there are many willing buyers.

Burl Buyers Near Me

Now to the main focus of our discussion, burl buyers aren’t tricky to find as long as you know where to start.

First, you’ll need to look at the direction of potential buyers. Woodturners are among the most common buyers of burl.

Whatever city you’re in, you’ll quickly find lots of these. An excellent place to start your search is by searching “woodturner,” including the name of your town or city.

A ton of helpful search results are likely to come up. Sometimes, these sources may need your burl wood or know others that do.

If you can’t find woodturners within your area, you may as well visit the American Woodturners Association for a guide on finding a chapter within or closest to your location.

Contacting them for further discussion is the first step. Specialty woodworking shops are also great places to try.

Finding burl wood buyers depends on where you live.

These buyers are scattered across different locations. Examples include Prehistoric Wood Products, Burlwood, and Far West Forest Products.

What Burl Buyers Consider

When looking for burl buyers near you, they must understand that they are primarily interested in the best types or formations.

The size, whether barked or not, its shape, grain, species, or eyed are more considerations. Overall, you want to be sure that your burl will fetch a reasonable price.

i. Burl Size

Most burl buyers are interested in size.

In most cases, the size will determine how much you make. More extensive burl woods typically attract higher costs compared to smaller ones.

Based on this reality, expect your burls to be priced according to their sizes.

ii. Bark Presence

In almost all situations, burl buyers will be interested in finding out whether the burl’s bark is intact. Primarily, the presence or absence of bark signifies its condition.

To be more direct, a burl without its protective covering (bark) is likely to be affected by rot or filled with insects. This diminishes its sale value.

iii. Burl Shape

Burls appear in different shapes. This may play a role in determining whether they meet buyer needs.

Luckily, each buyer has unique needs, including the wood’s shape. So, your burl will likely attract a buyer who wants such a body.

iv. Burl Grain

Irrespective of species, burl grain, is one of the primary considerations for buyers.

It determines the price it will fetch. It’s common knowledge that intricate grain patterns have an aesthetic appeal that determines their value.

The intended application of the wood will determine what the buyer needs.

v. Burl Species

What burl species do you have? This is an essential consideration because certain species are more valuable than others.

The more valuable burl species are mostly scarce or hard to come by. As expected, certain species have unique characteristics or qualities that may be deemed more useful than others.

vi. Is it eyed?

Is your burl eyed? It’s not uncommon to find circular formations resembling swirls on burl to its center.

These patterns tend to add to the value of the wood, especially when they align with the intended use. By making observations and inquiries, you will have to determine what category your burl falls into.

Again, finding burl wood buyers near you isn’t difficult as long as you know the essential tips such as those discussed above.