What Does a Boutique Sell? 8 Must Have Items in Stores

In this article, the boutique is under focus. What does a boutique sell? That’s the question we intend to answer. If you want to find out, stick around for these details.

Whether you’re interested in starting your boutique or want to know what can be sold or bought in a boutique, we’ve got you covered.

Apart from the list of items sold, you’ll find information on the types of boutiques and what niches they serve. Without further delay, let’s go!

What is a Boutique?

The best way to start this discussion is by discussing what a boutique is about.

This is a store that sells all kinds of fashionable clothing. Now, different types of boutiques cater to a variety of niches. These businesses are independently-owned.

Now, it’s also important to also state that the term boutique is also used to refer to hotels with personalized designs offering personalized services.

Based on this definition, it’s necessary to point out that the clothing boutique is what’s being discussed here. With that said, let’s proceed with further details on items sold in a boutique.

Types of Boutiques

The fashion industry, of which boutiques are crucial, offers many business opportunities.

To better understand the things sold in a boutique, one must look at the different types of clothing boutiques.

As mentioned earlier, the different boutique types cater to specific niches. While that’s true, some boutiques have a general clothing collection. In other words, such isn’t niche-based.

The most common boutique types include concept, niche, pop-up, local, and online boutiques.

There are specialty boutiques, beauty & wellness, accessories, clothing, ethical & sustainable, vintage & secondhand, collaborative boutiques, etc.

What Items are sold in Traditional Boutiques?

Standard or traditional boutiques are known to offer an array of clothing as well as other general stuff.

Things you’ll find in a conventional boutique include children’s, women’s, and men’s shoes, purses & handbags, accessories, personal care, and beauty care products.

You’ll also find the following product categories sold in boutiques; tech accessories, swimwear, sunglasses, and intimates.

Others include activewear, hats, formal wear, art & décor, bridal wear, artisanal items, pet accessories, vintage items, health and & wellness products, etc.

Let’s go a little further to discuss the items under each of the categories mentioned above. We won’t go the whole 9 yards regarding items under each category.

Only some will be provided to keep the article short and precise.

i. Children’s Clothing

If you’re shopping for children’s clothing, you’ll find many items under this category—from school uniforms to sleepwear and pajamas.

Others include shoes, accessories (bows, scarves, gloves, etc.), skirts & dresses, pants, shirts, jackets, tights & socks, shorts, costumes, rain jackets, and more.

ii. Women’s Clothing

For women’s clothing, a long line of items is found in boutiques, ranging from tote bags to fur coats and dresses.

Other items include lingerie, tops, accessories, bottoms, crop tops, blazers, hats, skirts, shoes, cardigans, pants, leggings, intimate apparel, t-shirts, tank tops, boots, etc.

iii. Men’s Clothing

Shopping for men’s clothing in a boutique, you’ll find all kinds of varieties. Examples include wallets, pants, hoodies, jeans, and underwear.

Boutiques also sell men’s shorts, hats, caps, blazers, shirts, gloves, rings, ties, belts, watches, tracksuits, sneakers, flip-flops, casual shoes, backpacks, joggers, etc.

iv. Shoes

You’ll need to know what you want when shopping for shoes in a boutique, as there are wide varieties.

Examples include boat shoes, rain boots, combat boots, sneakers, clogs, mules, high heels, flats, pumps, athletic shoes, sandals, loafers, kitten heels, stiletto heels, driving shoes, and platform shoes etc.

v. Purses & Handbags

What type(s) of the bag(s) do you wish to buy? A ton of these is sold in the boutique. You are choosing different kinds like satin, convertible, and rolling bags.

More types include shopper bags, gym bags, frame bags, yoga bags, beach bags, clutch bags, wristlets, travel bags, shoulder bags, etc.

vi. Accessories

Accessories come in all varieties and are sold in boutiques. These include earplugs, hair clips, tie bars, lapel pins, barrettes, and headbands.

Others include bowties, crossbody bags, messenger bags, anklets, earmuffs, backpacks, tote bags, brooches, neckties, scarves, phone cases, belts, etc.

vii. Personal Care Products

Boutiques also sell a whole range of personal care products. These include hair oil, soap, nail polish, body lotion, and foot cream.

More personal care products include massage oil, mouthwash, lip scrub, razor, bath salts, aromatherapy diffusers, eye cream, toners, lip balm, hair serums, facial cleansers, etc.

viii. Beauty Care Products

Boutiques sell beauty care products ranging from setting spray, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, blush, and contour kits.

This category includes facial rollers, beauty supplements, acne treatments, hair extensions, nail polish, hair dye, perfumes, lip balm, and nail polish remover.

What do Other Types of Boutique Sell?

In the course of our discussion, we mentioned different types of boutiques.

However, what these sell hasn’t been discussed; this section answers what boutique types like niche, pop-up, and vintage & secondhand boutiques sell. Are you ready? Let’s go!

i. What Does a Niche Boutique Sell?

As the name suggests, these types of boutiques are niche-specific. In other words, they cater to particular niches. A home décor boutique sells items relating to home décor.

Fashion boutiques cater to fashion needs with footwear, clothing, and the like.

ii. What Does a Pop-Up Boutique Sell?

Pop-up boutiques typically operate temporarily.

These pop up for a limited period and may appear during events. Items sold range from cosmetics & beauty items, tech gadgets, arts & crafts, fashion accessories, and food and beverages.

iii. What Does a Vintage & Secondhand Boutique Sell?

A boutique name reveals a lot about what’s being sold there.

These types of boutiques deal mainly in vintage items. These could include artwork, home décor, shoes, dresses, hats, and similar items in good shape.

Now you know what a boutique sells. We’ve taken the time to discuss the different item categories sold in a boutique.

Whether you’re seeking to open a standard or niche-focused boutique, the information here can guide how to proceed. Of course, you’ll need to consider your demographic and location when planning.