Here, we will be showing you great product reseller opportunities you can exploit to make an extra buck. After reading this, you would start looking at the right places.

Product reselling is simply about buying products to resell them online at a higher rate. The aim here is to make a profit. Now, this type of business has increasingly become popular with a lot of people.

While this is a profitable venture, a lot of people are still oblivious of the fact that many such opportunities exist.


Product reselling has even become more popular with the internet. As long as you have a device with internet connectivity, as well as some cash, you should be good to go.

Why You Should Become A Reseller

There is a wide range of reasons to consider becoming a reseller. The first of course has to do with making extra profits.

Others include the limitless items you can sell, you get to also start immediately. What more? There’s no need for keeping physical inventory. There are drop-shipping sites that help drop-shippers hold products.

Also, the financial risks involved in a product reseller business is limited compared to other types of businesses.


Every heard or watched the Pawn Stars reality show? If you have then you’ll get an idea of what it means to buy and resell antiques. Antiques could constitute just about anything considered valuable. These items are considered valuable partly because they remain in good condition despite lasting decades or even centuries.

There are still lots of antique items ranging from furniture, watches, guns, farm implements, automobiles, currency, and yes gold coins! These are also known as collectibles. Great buys can be sourced from garage sales, ads placed in classifieds, estate sales second-hand shops among several others.

For online antique product sources, you’ll get these by visiting regular online and antique shopping sites like Ruby Lane, Artfire, Craigslist, Etsy, Bonanza, Webstore, Amazon, eBay, OLX, Rehab Vintage Interiors, Red Line Vintage, and Omerohome. Others include Tara Shaw Antiques, The Good Mod, Shopify, and Antiques & Chatchkes.

  • Not All Rosy

A lot of risks are involved in this product reselling opportunity. This is because a lot of examples exist of people buying items considered as antiques only to find out that such items are fakes or counterfeits. There are many factors involved, you only need to ensure you don’t fall prey.

You might want to commit time to become an antique expert. Although this will take some time, it is worth the wait and can fetch you an enormous fortune. It also saves you the risk of being conned into buying worthless “antique” items.

  • Selling

Buying antiques is one thing but knowing where to sell them is another. One of the best ways to get top dollar for your antique items is to hold a home-based sale or sell to collectors. Places you’ll find antique collectors include associations, clubs, and shows. You might want to target flea markets too. These places fetch you good money for your sales.

You can also use the online antique stores mentioned earlier to sell. Although you’ll still make a profit, you tend to make more by selling offline. This is only an observation and might change depending on who buys or sells what.

Computers And Accessories

Computers, as well as accessories, can be bought and resold for a profit. This product reselling opportunity can target specific high-end computer brands (military grade) or go for popular brands. Accessories include parts, storage hard drives, video cards, CDRW, RAM, among an endless list.

A lot of businesses have profited from this opportunity and still do. You can purchase these items on wholesale and sell retail. Plus, the advantage of buying wholesale is the considerable profit margins you get.


Ever wondered if clothing can be a great reseller opportunity? The answer is yes! There are certain popular clothing brands you can purchase and resell for top dollar. This $20 billion industry holds enormous potentials for resellers. The popular clothing brands include Lululemon, Frye, Helmut Lang, Vince, and Rag & Bone.

Rare Books

If books fascinate you, you might want to consider monetizing your interest by finding first editions or rare books to resell. Such books have long gone out of circulation but you can be lucky to place your hands on them. Though old, rare books can be purchased at rock-bottom rates and resold at a high value.

Places to find these include garage sales, flea markets, library sales, and auctions among others. There is always a rare book waiting to be discovered. If you’ve had an earlier passion for books, especially very rare books, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

There are lots of other book lovers like you who will scramble at the opportunity to get hold of such treasure.


These offer interested persons an opportunity to buy and resell such items easily. To make a profit, find cosmetics that are in high demand, purchase, and sell. Cosmetics range from beauty care products, skincare, and a host of others. These can be bought in bulk and resold online without having to keep a physical inventory.

Vehicle Accessories

Vehicles users shop for a wide range of accessories ranging from computerized scanners, Bluetooth, car stereo systems, and several others. You can limit yourself to a specific car brand or choose to sell just about any type of accessories for all car types.

These product reseller opportunities have helped people make tons of money and still do. We have listed ideas to explore and invest in with limited capital. Also, there’s little risk involved. You only need to purchase whatever you need to purchase from online stores and relist them for sale to other clients. This process is easy and can be started within a short time.