Get Paid To Write Short Stories – 9 Websites To Submit Your Work

Many websites pay you to write short stories.

Do you have a very active imagination, have you been complimented for your stories or your writing prowess?

If yes, then you could get paid to write short stories. You don’t have to be a freelancer or even a professional writer. You just need to be able to write interesting short stories.

There are many legitimate websites for writing stories.

Earn Money Writing Fiction Online

Can you make money writing short stories? Yes.

If you’re not already doing this, you should realize that you passing up an opportunity to make some money doing what you love. You could earn up to $500 or even more.

Apart from stories, you could also be paid for poetry, articles, comedy, features, and other different forms of writing. We’ll be sharing with you how you can go about this.

Some certain publications and websites love to have fresh voices, that love to publish work from both amateur and professional writers.

9 Websites  To Make Money Writing Short Stories

We’ll be looking at some of those sites and how you can get paid writing for them.

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Fancy yourself an Isaac Asimov or another J.R Tolkien, well you can test your skills with this magazine. They accept stories that are up to 25k words long, and you get paid, somewhere between 7 and 12 cents per word.

For a 25k word story at 12 cents per word that would equal $3,000.

This magazine tilts towards fantasy and science fiction that possesses a bit of humor in them. So you might want to consider that as you write.

The Sun Magazine

For over 40 years, the sun has paid writers to entertain their readers with beautiful stories.

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This is the way they describe themselves “The Sun is an independent, ad-free monthly magazine that for forty years has used words and photographs to evoke the splendor and heartache of being human”.

You could make up to $1500 writing for this magazine.  For fiction and non-fiction pay is $300 – $2,000, poetry is $100 – $250

Harper’s Magazine

You’ve probably come across this magazine, it’s quite popular. Haper’s are usually more interested in articles and stories about contemporary issues; feminism, LGBTQ, e.t.c.

The challenge with this magazine is that you wouldn’t know their rates until your work is accepted to be published.

However, we are sure that their rate is very good.

They have published very popular writers, and for them to be “the oldest general-interest monthly in America” Then they are doing something right.

I mean they attract interesting writing writers that keep readers coming back for more.

The People’s Friend

The People’s Friend wants you to succeed working with them, therefore they’ve advised on how you can increase your chances of being published by them; “Study the Market”.

The people’s friend also advises that you study their previous publications from prior weeks so that you understand their style and their writing voice.

This publication accepts different kinds of submissions, from fiction to pocket novels.

For first-time publishers, you’d be paid, 80 pounds, and after they’ve published 6 of your works, you’ll begin to earn 110 pounds, and then if you’re doing a series then 150 pounds per installation of the series.

For pocket novels and long reads, you’d be earning 300 pounds, and then for poetry, 15 pounds per poem.

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Do you like writing for kids, do you have a style that both kids and adults can enjoy?

Then you might want to write for Zizzle. They accept fictional works of anywhere between 500 to 1200 words and they pay $100 per accepted work.

Black Warrior Review

Published by the University of Alabama twice a year, this magazine is the product of their graduate English Department.

The guys at Black Warrior are up for a lot of diversity and never-before-seen fiction genres. So stories from people of color and LGBTQ are more than welcome.

If you consider yourself a writer of risky fiction, you stand a very good chance of being published by this magazine. Of course, contemporary stories are the king here, but then there’s room for all other sorts.

As long as boundaries are being pushed, it’s a break from the norm or brings in an unpopular opinion or a new angle, Black Warrior Review would consider it.

We don’t know how much they pay though, they are tight-lipped about that. According to them, they pay “a nominal lump-sum fee”, whatever that means, and a one-year subscription to the magazine.


If you love honest feedback and critique from experts in the field and of course with a chance to make money if chosen, then Carve is the place to go.

This magazine is available in the online version, which is kind of an abridged version of the offline magazine.

The offline magazine contains poetry, illustrations, and nonfiction.  They would only accept literary fiction, so if that’s not your style, don’t bother sending it in.

As earlier send they would sometimes give honest critiques of your work, and how you can improve your writing instead of an outright “we’re sorry your work doesn’t meet our required standards” or the many other ways magazine editors frame rejection messages.

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The pay is usually $100 per short story.


This name also sounds familiar, you know why? They’ve been around since 1985.

This journal has biased so to speak towards a new author. If you have been published in a paid magazine, your chances of being published by the Boulevard are greatly reduced.

The Boulevard accepts essays, contemporary short stories, and poetry. Make sure what you write is contemporary fiction, as that’s what they accept. The pay ranges from $100 – $300 for prose and $25 to $250 for poetry.

Submission is open anytime between October and May each year.


This is technically not a  publication, it is more like a very useful search tool for writers.

With it, writers can search journals and magazines accepting publications, contents, agent listing, and basically the opportunity to publish your work or to write for money. It’s limited to only one writing genre.

As long as it is a genre in writing, Duotrope will help you find opportunities in that area.


Are you looking for where to submit short stories for money?

If you read up to this point, then we are sure that you’re interested in getting paid to write short stories. This is not an exhaustive list, there are other hundreds or sites.

But these are some of the most tried and trusted ones.

Find one that suits you, submit your work, and who knows you might be $1000 richer in the next few days.