WaBa Grill Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

WaBa Grill Franchise Fee, Revenue, And Profit Margin

Are you seeking a franchising opportunity with a major brand specialized in Asian-inspired cuisines? WaBa franchise might just be the right pick for you.

Founded in 2004, the WaBa franchise has since grown into a successful brand with its franchising arm launched 2 years after it first opened for business.

If you live within the states of Arizona and California, you’ll want to take this franchising opportunity seriously as the franchisor is seeking partners within such areas.

Currently, WaBa Grill franchise has about 196 existing units and growing.

You could be the next WaBa franchisees.

To help you begin your journey, we’ve included all the basic information necessary to kick-start your application process. However, you’ll need to be qualified for this investment opportunity.

Let’s have a look at the set requirements candidates must possess.

Core Values

WaBa Grill’s core values are hinged on three key areas namely taste, health, and quality.

Here, everyone (that is, the franchisor, franchisee, and customer) gets to benefit. In other words, its core operational values help create a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

The Ideal Candidate

To be considered for a WaBa Grill franchise opportunity, candidates must have liquid assets to the value of $500,000 including a net worth of $1 million.

The franchisor expects all its partners or franchisees to be fully committed to its ideals and its everyday operations.

So, are you highly motivated, well organized, and compassionate? This may be the perfect opportunity for you as the franchisor requires all prospective franchisees to possess such qualities.

That’s not all. WaBa Grill requires prospective franchisees to be persons of acute business acumen, must love working with people, and also have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.

What more? You must have had prior experience in the food or restaurant industry.

Is the WaBa Grill Franchise Opportunity Profitable?

Profitability is a relative term when it comes to franchising.

As a WaBa franchisee, you get to own and manage your own restaurant outlet. Some outlets tend to generate more sales than others. Profitability can be guaranteed by lowering your cost of doing business while improving sales.

Also, WaBa Grill offers marketing support among other forms.

These enhance your visibility and sales volume, thus improving sales. Your prior experience in the restaurant or food industry combined with its support can work to your advantage in improving profitability.

  • What WaBa Grill Expects from Franchisees

Having qualified as a WaBa Grill franchisee, the franchisor expects you to meet set expectations. These include having a complete understanding of the WaBa philosophy.

For this to be possible, franchisees must undergo full training. This training process must be fully completed by all franchisees.

Next, all WaBa franchisees are expected to aggressively promote the Waba Brand. Full utilization of all its services and systems must be carried out.

More importantly, all agreements within its Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) must be fully complied with.

Financial Requirements

To become a Waba Grill franchisee, you must meet all its financial requirements.

Such requirements may differ depending on the size or scope of your investment. Speaking of size, the franchisor offers single as well as multi-unit investments.

The franchise fee for single-unit stores is $30,000.

For multi-unit stores, the franchise fee costs around $25,000 for every additional store. WaBa Grill franchisees are required to pay an ongoing royalty fee comprising 5% of gross sales. This excludes sales tax.

Also, franchisees must contribute to its (franchisor’s) marketing fund. This consists of a fee of about 3% of gross sales. The sales tax is excluded. So, what’s the franchisor’s per-store investment like?

It costs approximately $336,000 to $572,000.

WaBa Grill Franchise Term

Like most franchise opportunities, ownership of a WaBa Grill franchise lasts for an initial term of 10 years.

So, can such a term be renewed? WaBa Grill has a 5-year renewal term that’s only applicable after meeting certain requirements.

All such details about term renewal are found within its FDD which is issued during the process of franchise application.


WaBa Grill offers its franchisees support covering key areas of operation.

Such support ensures that new and existing franchisees can run their franchises smoothly and successfully. Support includes training and marketing among others. Such support is provided on an ongoing basis.

In terms of training, WaBa Grill has an initial training program coupled with ongoing training programs that are periodically offered.

As a new WaBa Grill franchisee, you benefit from on-the-job training lasting about 69 hours. This is followed by a classroom training of 11 hours.

Marketing support includes social media, access to its cooperative advertising, use of its ad templates, and national media advertising. Others include regional advertising, SEO, loyalty programs, and website development.

Email marketing is another support you get as its franchisee.

As mentioned earlier, WaBa franchisees (both new and existing) benefit from its ongoing support program.

Details of such support include access to its proprietary software, membership of its purchasing cooperatives, and field operations.

Other forms of ongoing support include meetings & conventions, security & safety procedures, a grand opening ceremony, and newsletters. There’s also access to a franchisee intranet platform, a toll-free line, site selection, online support, and lease negotiation.

How to Join

If you feel this franchise opportunity is for you, starting the application process would be the logical thing to do. Now, this won’t be possible without knowledge on how to proceed.

To begin, simply download its online form and carefully fill in all the needed information.

Next, scan the form and send it to the franchisor’s email address at application@wabagrill.com. With submission complete, you’ll have to wait for a franchise representative to contact you.

Having established contact, any questions you have are fully answered. Plus, the representative gets to find out if you’re the ideal candidate or not.

If you are, further directions are given on how to proceed. The process isn’t complicated at all. All you need to do is start your application process.

Optional ways to contact the franchisor are through its phone number 562-908-9222 or fax 562-699-1575.

With the information provided here, all aspiring franchisees can find out whether this franchise opening holds an opportunity for them or not.

Plus, you’re able to find out more about WaBa Grill from the horse’s mouth.