Two Men And A Truck Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

Two Men And A Truck Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you interested in joining a truck moving franchise? There are lots of opportunities to exploit this area.

Thankfully, Two Men and a Truck presents a great opportunity for franchisees to invest and partner. Services provided by this franchisor include local and long-distance moving.

This is in addition to in-home moving services, packaging as well as storage services.

The whole business concept started 30 years ago as a part-time job for two brothers; Jon and Brig Sorber. It expanded into franchising four years later in 1989. Today, this moving franchise has blossomed into an international business with over 360 locations across the world.

Apart from running an effective business, the franchisor operates by a motto; “Movers Who Care.” This is seen in its willingness to give back to local communities through charitable efforts and activities. Prospective franchisees who want to become part of a profitable franchise that also seeks a better world can explore this opportunity.

The Opportunity

Investment is all about taking advantage of opportunities as they come. At Two Men and a Truck, there’s always one.

People (clients) are always on the move. This franchisor has keyed into this opportunity by providing exceptional moving solutions through the adoption of industry best practices.

The result is a business that has seen significant growth and continues to expand and blossom. The franchisor offers prospective franchisees an opportunity to join and become a part of its success story. By adopting the Two Men and a Truck model, franchisees get to bring such exceptional moving services to new territories and markets.


Two Men and a Truck has a simple investment strategy. There are no complications whatsoever and follow two major steps; start-up costs and access to capital. An initial investment varies depending on what you need.

Getting started as a franchisee requires meeting the franchisor’s startup costs. What are these costs like?

There are mini-market start-up costs which will cost prospective franchisees anywhere between $100,000 and $192,000. Investors also get to choose the standard market franchise option. This has a higher start-up cost that ranges from $179,000 to $585,000.

The differences in start-up costs are influenced by several factors. A few of these include your store location, number of trucks as well as your state.


Net-worth requirements will depend on the franchise model you choose to apply for. Mini market minimum requirements start from $80,000 in liquid assets to $160,000 in net worth. The standard market minimum requirement, on the other hand, starts at $150,000 in liquid assets and $400,000 in-network.

The most important assets to have as a Two Men and a Truck franchisee are people and trucks. Franchisees get to decide whether to buy new or lease new or used trucks. The investment covers critical areas like working capital covering 6 months, licensing costs (local and national), insurance, and training.

This franchisor seeks to guide you through every step of the way to make the right decision. Available start-up costs also help determine the type of investment recommendations you get. Its partnership with vendors helps in no small measure to attract the best business opportunities for all its franchisors.


Financing is an important part of doing business. Two Men and a Truck franchise recognize the need for financing to help its prospective franchisees. Therefore, it has entered into strategic partnerships with financing sources such as SBA loans. This helps franchisees get access to SBA, banks or loans from other financial institutions.

The implication here is that you have multiple sources to raise financing for your franchise opportunity. As a member of the Vet Fran association, Two Men and a Truck franchise are actively looking out for veterans with the single goal of honoring them for their services.

Veterans and spouses get a 10% discount on the $50,000 franchise fee.

Getting Started

If you feel or are convinced this franchise opportunity is right for you, you only need to begin by carefully filling and submitting its online form. This starts the process and you should be contacted by a representative within a short period. It’s best to apply during workdays as it might take longer during weekends.

The franchisor reviews your application and works you through the entire process. Also, you might likely receive an invitation to visit for further discussions.


Two Men and a Truck franchisees are supported in a variety of ways. These include three broad categories consisting of ongoing support, marketing support and training.

All of these are meant to provide you with the best resources for easy and rapid growth.

  • Ongoing Support

This form of support offered by the franchisor covers vital areas like a grand opening ceremony, online support, security, and safety procedures as well as field operations.

Franchisees also get to benefit from purchasing cooperatives, newsletter publications, meetings & conventions, a toll-free line, franchisee intranet platform, use of proprietary software and site selection.

  • Marketing Support

Marketing support comes in various forms. It helps franchisees with marketing their moving services in addition to reaching out to a wider audience. This covers areas like regional and national media advertising, cooperative advertising, the use of its ad templates and social media advertising.

Others include SEO, email marketing, loyalty programs, and website development.

  • Training

This is essential to your success as a Two Men and a Truck franchisee. Training is provided in two phases; a 50-hour training session at the franchisor’s headquarters. As well as additional training for multi-unit franchisees also held at its headquarters. The franchisor allows for absentee ownership.

However, you must have a manager who must equally be trained to help maintain the smooth operation of your moving franchise.

Having provided basic information needed to proceed, making the move entirely rests with you. You can invest in an expanding business opportunity and benefit from the use of a well-known brand plus other benefits it confers.