10 Trucking Companies That Will Pay for CDL Training

Do you need a list of trucking companies that pay for your CDL?

With steady demand for qualified drivers, the trucking industry has rapid growth and opportunities for persons seeking a rewarding career in this sector.

While you’re mainly required to obtain the essential certifications, training, and experience, you can benefit from training provisions made by some trucking companies.

Trucking Companies That Pay for CDL Training

However, it’s necessary to state that not all trucking companies will pay for CDL training. While that is true, our focus is on those that do provide such training.

It’s also important to note that the suggestions provided below require further research on your part to determine what’s covered under their training assistance programs.

The Cost Factor

In looking for trucking companies that will pay for CDL training, the main objective is to offset the costs associated with training.

In a closer look at the costs involved, different factors include specific training needs and location.

Speaking of CDL training costs, this will range anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 or more.

There are several ways to cut down on or eliminate such costs besides seeking trucking companies that will pay for CDL training. These include seeking grants, available scholarships as well as financial aid.

Are you Better Off Finding Trucking Companies that Sponsor CDL Training?

While seeking to know or find trucking companies that pay for CDL training, people may have doubts or wonder if they should explore such options.

Now there are multiple reasons why seeking out such companies puts you at an advantage.

These reasons include job security, a way to avoid the high cost of training, career advancement, and convenience. For the most part, these are excellent reasons which make your search worthwhile.

Let’s proceed to find out what’s covered in the program.

What’s Covered Under CDL Training?

Before getting into specifics on trucking companies that cover the cost of CDL training, it’s necessary to provide an overview of what the program covers.

It includes classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel training, road test preparations, pre-trip inspection training, and study materials.

This is a general outlook of what to expect under the training program. While this is true, not every program will include all these components. In any case, you’ll do well to know what’s involved.

With that said, let’s proceed to identify trucking companies that will pay for CDL training.

What Trucking Companies Will Pay for CDL Training Near Me?

There are lots of companies that will readily pay or cover the cost of CDL training. Some of the top trucking names include CRST International and Swift Transportation.

Others include Prime Inc., Schneider National, Roehl Transport, Werner Enterprises, CR England, and Knight Transportation.

More examples include Stevens Transport, Covenant Transport, and US Xpress. While there are still more, we’ll be considering some of those mentioned to provide basic information on what they’re about.

So, without further delay, let’s proceed as follows;

i. CRST International

The CDL training program offered by CRST lasts four weeks. Like most similar programs, training consists of classroom and hands-on instructions and driving experience.

After enrolling in the program, there are provisions for eventual employment upon successful completion.

ii. Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation has a shorter training program that lasts about three weeks. As expected, all aspects of safe and professional training are taught.

Your rate of assimilation and performance will play a significant role in determining whether you get employed after completion of the program.

iii. Prime Inc.

One of the best CDL training programs is that offered by Prime Inc. Before commencement; students are required to enter into an agreement or contract spanning one year.

Besides paid CDL training, you also enjoy other perks like meals and housing for the duration of training.

iv. Schneider National

At Schneider National, both new and returning drivers get to start or launch successful driver careers. This trucking company offers a variety of options that help you choose a training program that fits your specific needs.

Its company-paid training program includes classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel driving experience, and compensation for time spent in training.

These and several other incentives make the training program worthwhile.

v. Roehl Transport

You might want to explore another CDL training option by looking at Roehl Transport’s training provisions.

Like some of the best trucking companies, Roehl Transport offers free meals and lodgings, amongst other perks. However, there are requirements you need to fulfill to qualify.

vi. Werner Enterprises

You can start your trucking career at Werner by joining its CDL training program.

This company pays for your CDL training which takes about four weeks to complete. With many resources, your training program is worth the time investment.

Your cost concerns are also addressed.

vii. CR England

CR England is another trucking company that pays for your CDL training. You need to fulfill several admission requirements to be accepted into the program.

The benefits are numerous and include comprehensive coverage of coursework that helps you start a successful trucking career.

viii. Knight Transportation

Knight Transportation offers expert driver training by equipping its drivers with all the knowledge they need to launch successful careers.

Part of the requirements for joining includes background checks, previous employment verifications, and drug screens.

ix. Stevens Transport

There are several reasons to join the Stevens Transport CDL training program.

These include the company’s focus on industry-leading safety, experienced certified professional trainers, and an excellent curriculum.

Students also get access to its state-of-the-art driving simulators to help them gain experience.

x. Covenant Transport

By joining Covenant Transport’s CDL training program, you can advance your career through its comprehensive partnership with public and private CDL schools across the United States.

Covenant Transport also makes pre-hiring provisions for your graduation, thus offering job security.

Why do Trucking Companies Pay for CDL Training?

Having discussed and identified companies that will pay for CDL training, it’s time to consider the “why.”

In other words, why do these trucking companies pay for CDL training? This is an important question to understand better what you’re going into.

Some of the most common reasons for covering the cost of training include cost savings, workforce development, retention, and recruitment.

The question: “what trucking companies will pay for CDL training?” has been carefully answered with details on the “why” aspects of training and some of these companies to consider.