Are you searching for company-paid CDL training programs with sign-on bonuses?

This article is written to help you get this information and more. As you read on, your quest to identify and explore such provisions is fully met with the detailed information provided.

Get Paid to Get Your CDL Training

It’s no secret that any aspiring driver wants a thriving career.

One of the surest ways to achieve that requires working with reputable trucking companies. Now many of these companies offer paid CDL training and sign-on bonuses.

This is where the focus of our discussion is. Here is how to get paid while training for CDL near me.

About Company Paid CDL Training

Before getting into specifics about company-paid CDL training with a sign-on bonus, knowing what’s being discussed is necessary.

First off, CDL is short for a commercial driver’s license. This is one of the essential requirements for drivers to determine their capability, expertise, and readiness.

Some trucking companies bear the cost of CDL training for various reasons, some outlined below.

So, in a bid to enroll in company-paid CDL training while also enjoying other perks like sign-on bonuses, you’ll need to pay close attention to the following information.

Why Do Companies Pay for CDL Training?

For the most part, trucking companies pay for CDL training for safety, legal requirements, compliance, and career advancement.

Let’s briefly examine each of these reasons for a better grasp of the objectives and inherent benefits.

i. Safety

This is one of the most apparent reasons companies pay for CDL training. Here, the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles is of utmost importance.

The object is to guarantee the safe handling of critical equipment while ensuring the safety of drivers and other road users.

What more? Safety measures include vehicle inspections, maneuvering different weather conditions, and dealing with various emergencies.

With critical safety skills acquired, accidents and other eventualities are significantly minimized or better managed.

ii. Legal Requirements

There are precise requirements by law or guidelines that govern the operation of commercial vehicles.

This is one of the apparent reasons why trucking companies pay for CDL training. These legal requirements consider driver’s licenses, vehicle inspections, and service hours.

Others include safety regulations, weight limits, insurance, record-keeping, and drug & alcohol testing, amongst others. These and other reasons mentioned are covered during the training program.

iii. Compliance

This has a lot to do with keeping to existing regulations, especially those involving the safe handling and operation of commercial vehicles.

During the training program, you’re taken through the whole process of compliance which significantly impacts your level of preparedness.

iv. Career Advancement

Trucking companies will pay for CDL training or the purpose of career advancement. Advancing your career as a driver will positively impact the company’s operation.

Here, you can work in various settings with employers ranging from small companies to major trucking companies.

What are the Benefits of Company-Paid CDL Training with Sign-On Bonuses?

The central focus of our discussion is to have an in-depth understanding of company-paid CDL training with sign-on bonuses.

However, this cannot be possible without knowing what the benefits are. There are several benefits attached, such as guaranteed employment and job security.

Others include a sign-on bonus and zero upfront costs.

When it comes to guaranteed employment, this translates to the open positions provided by the company to successful candidates that satisfactorily complete its training program.

This is exciting for many as they don’t have to worry about the rigors of securing a job after CDL training. Regarding job security, there’s high demand for qualified drivers.

This provides you with several options for potential employers. Sign-on bonuses are incentives meant to attract qualified and skilled drivers.

Types of Sign-On Bonuses for Company-Paid CDL Training

While discussing company-paid CDL training, it’s also essential to consider the other part of the covered topic (sign-on bonuses).

It’s common to find companies that include sign-on bonuses in their paid CDL training programs. Now the question is, what are these sign-on bonuses?

Multiple types include referral bonuses, flat bonuses, safety bonuses, performance bonuses, and mileage bonuses. It’s important to proceed further by briefly discussing what each of these sign-on bonuses entails.

i. Referral Bonus

This is pretty straightforward because it’s tied to referral activity. For many readers, a referral will have to do with referring the company to new clients.

However, that isn’t precisely the accurate picture; as such, a referral is targeted at new drivers.

In other words, this sign-on bonus for company-paid CDL training rewards current or existing drivers who bring in new drivers. This action is incentivized to maintain a growing and qualified pool of drivers.

While genuine, the referral bonus is only earned by existing drivers.

ii. Flat Bonus

A flat bonus is another incentive that accompanies paid CDL training. Here, you get rewarded for signing on with the trucking company.

This flat bonus will likely differ from one company to the next. In other words, you’ll probably notice sign-on bonus variations from one company to the next.

iii. Safety Bonus

You must maintain a good safety record to have a successful trucking career.

Companies go the extra mile to ensure drivers are incentivized to achieve such objectives. Such safety records include timely deliveries, accident-free driving, and safety compliance.

iv. Performance Bonus

It’s common to see trucking companies offer sign-on bonuses related to job performance.

Here, it’s clear that your performance on the job is being rewarded. Every company has its target or set goals. Drivers who meet or exceed such get a performance bonus.

v. Mileage Bonus

This is another type of sign-on bonus you’re likely to attract if you meet the minimum criteria. As the name implies, this has to do with mileage covered.

In other words, the number of miles covered will determine what you get paid. Typically, higher mileage translates to a higher bonus.

It’s necessary to state that all types of sign-on bonuses discussed have varying criteria. In other words, companies have different sign-on bonus policies.

Determining what applies by researching every company’s agreement terms would be best.

This is as far as we’ll go on company-paid CDL training with sign-on bonuses. With the information provided, you must make your findings or research before getting started.