Transportation is an essential part of our daily lives. This makes it an exciting sector to consider when starting a business. If you can’t create one from scratch, you might want to consider joining a franchise, as these tend to be less costly.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re looking for transport franchise opportunities to buy. You’ve come to the right place, as you’ll find all the information you need on what transport franchises to go for. Our list of some of the best transport franchises gives you the resources required to take action.

Some of the Best Transport Franchises to Own

Having introduced the topic being discussed, it’s time to focus on what these franchise opportunities are. These include reputable brands like JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, Caliber Care + Transport, Central Courier, Apartment Movers, Craters & Freighters, and BlueGrace Logistics.

You may also find the following interesting: Driverseat, Medex Patient Transport, Express Worldwide, Dine-In Delivery, and Nexterus. More transport franchises include InXpress, Express Medical Transporters Inc., NEPAT Transport, Intercargo, Caring Man in a Van, and Safe Ship.

i. JDog Junk Removal & Hauling

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling is included in our list of transport franchises to own. It’s specially designed to help provide veterans and their relatives with business ownership opportunities. As a veteran, this is a perfect fit. The total investment needed is around $41,700 to $104,000.

ii. Caliber Care + Transport

Caliber Care + Transport is a business designed to cater to the needs of patients and caretakers. It’s unlike ride-share, taxi, or public transport services. If this type of opportunity excites you, now is the time to explore what it takes to join Caliber Care’s franchise program further.

iii. Central Courier

Central Courier is another reputable transport franchise that seeks to partner with willing and qualified investors. It’s a courier service that offers its franchisees all the help and training they need to succeed with their operations. Its proven business model is made available for duplication by the franchisee.

iv. Apartment Movers etc

This transport service was founded in 1995 and started franchising three years later. It specializes in smaller moves and serves both residential and commercial clients. Does this sound like a business you’d love to join? If it does, you’ll need an investment of $75,000 to $150,000.

v. Craters & Freighters

Craters & Freighters is a transport franchise with a reputation for specialty packaging, crating, and shipping expertise. Its franchise ownership has many benefits, including purchasing discounts, a group cargo insurance policy, access to its proprietary software, large national accounts clients, large exclusive territories, etc.

vi. BlueGrace Logistics

BlueGrace Logistics is a company that handles large and small inbound and outbound shipments through its agile 3PL platform. This transportation management company offers franchise opportunities to interested investors for $40k to $181k. There are provides financing options for candidates in need of such.

vii. Driverseat

Driverseat presents you with another transport franchise opportunity. It offers a range of services like a designated driver, airport chauffeur, and a full range of others. New Driverseat franchisees get trained and are provided consistent support to succeed. You’ll need an investment of $30k to $35k to own this franchise.

viii. Medex Patient Transport

Medex is a transport franchise that offers both emergency and non-emergency transportation. Apart from medical transportation, it also provides mobile healthcare, managed transportation, and disaster response. Joining the franchise comes with an investment of $109,715 to $348,640.

ix. Express Worldwide

Express Worldwide is a courier and logistics company whose franchise program you can join. Of course, this requires meeting its minimum requirements, which consist of a minimum investment of $100,000. It’s a low-risk, low-cost, and low-overhead opportunity. Franchisees also enjoy the true residual income, a turnkey system, and no inventory or warehousing.

x. Dine-In Delivery

Have you thought about getting into food delivery transport? Dine-In Delivery is a transport company that specializes in this area. It’s a low-investment opportunity that only requires around $17,500. As its franchisee, you get the needed support to boost your success.

xi. Nexterus

Nexterus is a brand that provides logistics, consulting, and supply chain management services. Its franchise program offers investors the opportunity to become part of its brand for an investment of $88k to $124k. The franchise agreement term is for five years and can be renewed.

xii. InXpress

Would you like to invest in a simple yet powerful and proven business model? InXpress offers you the chance to join its franchise program. This opportunity comes with several benefits that include high earning potential, comprehensive training and continuous support, the use of innovative software, and several more that can be found here.

xiii. Express Medical Transporters Inc.

Express Medical Transportation Inc. specializes in providing wheelchair & stretcher transportation. Its other services include ambulatory transport, bariatric transport, long-distance transport, covid-19 transport, and evacuations. You have the opportunity to join the company through its franchise program.

xiv. NEPAT Transport

This non-emergency transport service for seniors allows you to become its partner through its franchise program. With an investment of $125k to $300k, you can own a NEPAT transport franchise with a term agreement of 10 years. This can be renewed after meeting set requirements.

xv. Caring Man in a Van

Caring Man in a Van is a reputable transport company that provides affordable, non-emergency, stress-free transport. Services include wheelchair, ambulatory, and stretcher transport. To explore this opportunity, you’ll need an investment of $100k to $500k. Other requirements will need to be fully met to join the opportunity.

xvi. Safe Ship

This is a specialty shipping transport service you can join through its franchise program. Here, you can choose one of four different franchise business opportunities presented. These include the Safe Ship Turn-Key Pack & Ship Store Franchise Program and the Safe Ship RFD Pack & Ship Store Program.

The other franchise variants include the Safe Ship Area Manager Franchise Program and the Safe Ship Conversion Program. So, which is more suitable to join? You’ll need to contact the franchisor at 386-677-7909 for details on these and more.

Have you found a preferred transport franchise yet? The options above are aimed at providing you with some of the best transport franchises to pick from.

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