Top Maid Franchises for Sale

Starting a residential or commercial cleaning business is something a lot of people want to do.

While seeking to start a business is one thing, launching and running it efficiently is another. Two approaches to actualizing your goal are the most common.

You have the option to start from scratch or join a franchise.

Because we’re more interested in the latter, this article identifies some of the best maid franchises you can own. These businesses offer investors the opportunity to join their ranks.

While maid franchises present a rare opportunity to establish your operations, knowing what option to pick is essential.

Best Maid Franchises to Buy

In a bid to establish a thriving business, you’ll need to start by identifying what the best maid franchises are.

We’ve identified some of the best maid franchise programs, including MaidPro, Merry Maids, The Maids, Maid Brigade, The Cleaning Authority, Molly Maid, and Two Maids and a Mop.

Other maid franchise options include Home Cleaning Centers of America, You’ve Got Maids, Sears Maid Services, and TruBlue Total House Care.

More options include Maid Simple, eMaids, Maids, Maids by Trade, Maid Right, etc. Let’s find out what they’re about.

i. MaidPro

This company specializes in residential cleaning services. It was founded in 1991 and began franchising six years later in 1997.

The Investment needed to join MaidPro’s franchise program is around $95k to $120k. As a veteran, you can enjoy a 20% discount on the franchise fee.

This franchisor offers a renewable franchise term of 5 years.

ii. Merry Maids

Merry Maids is another maid franchise opportunity you might want to explore. With a minimum initial investment of $94,480, you get to join its franchise program.

Here, franchisees enjoy benefits like joining an established brand, superior marketing support, ongoing support, and comprehensive training.

iii. The Maids

The Maids offers several housekeeping franchise opportunities across North America.

Its support system includes sales support, business coaching, preferred vendors, power training, sales & customer service training, employee training, SMART startup training, and SMART start training.

iv. Maid Brigade

Maid Brigade boasts about its cutting-edge technology, repeat client base, and unmatched industry experience as the reason for its success.

Maid Brigade’s national recognition, mentorship match program, and world-class resources are some of the reasons to explore its franchise program further.

v. The Cleaning Authority

You get to be part of this cleaning franchise for an initial investment of $150k to $200k.

Some of the best reasons to join include the recurring revenues from its repeat customer base, the franchisor’s handling of marketing, and the benefit of building towards absentee ownership.

These and other reasons might interest you.

vi. Molly Maid

Molly Maid is another reputable maid franchise program to explore. It offers a low-risk investment opportunity in a high-growth industry and has an experienced team on standby to provide support.

What more? Molly Maid’s proven business systems and market-leading brand awareness are more compelling reasons to join.

vii. Two Maids and a Mop

Two Maids presents an exciting investment opportunity with minimum startup costs of around $83,140 and average franchisee revenue of $1,097,830.

Benefits include preferred vendor relationships, use of its proprietary software, immediate scheduling, and the expertise of its digital marketing experts, etc.

viii. Home Cleaning Centers of America

The opportunities offered by this maid franchise are many.

Some of these include training & guidance, identifiable expenses, networking with fellow owners, and lower startup costs. Other benefits include access to its marketing programs, name recognition & value, and a proven system that works.

To be considered for this opportunity, franchise candidates must meet the franchisor’s financial requirements. This includes an investment of around $45,500 to $55,500.

ix. You’ve Got Maids

You’ve Got Maids gives you a chance to become its franchisee. The ideal candidate should be someone ready to follow a proven system and prepared to build a positive culture.

Other characteristics include being comfortable with modern marketing strategies and seeing the potential in the home cleaning industry.

You’ve Got Maids also seeks candidates who understand the value of working with a plan, connect with people, and enjoy helping them.

x. Sears Maid Services

Sears is a maid service that offers varying franchise models, including air duct cleaning, carpet & upholstery cleaning, garage solutions, handyman solutions, and maid services.

The path to ownership includes application, review, validation, discovery, and approval stages. This takes a total of 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

xi. TruBlue Total House Care

With this maid franchise, you can reap the benefits of multiple revenue streams while leveraging on its low-investment home-based business.

The financial requirement includes a total investment of $65,050 to $91,400, a franchise fee of $44,900, and minimum liquid capital of $50,000.

xii. Maid Simple

This residential cleaning business offers you the chance to join its franchise program for an investment of $11k. As a veteran, Maid Simple provides you with a 10% discount on its franchise fee.

The franchise term is ten years and can be renewed after meeting set criteria.

xiii. eMaids

There are many reasons to become an eMaids franchisee. These include its low royalty fees, intense marketing research, and access to its technologically advanced software.

Others have comprehensive marketing plans, a fully optimized website, comprehensive support, large territory, lower startup costs, and more significant ROI.

xiv. La Maids

La Maids has a comprehensive ownership process that includes an introduction, kickoff, discovery day, foundational knowledge, and launch.

Franchisees enjoy support covering critical areas of operation like operations, marketing, and ongoing business development. You’ll need an investment of $49,300 and a franchise fee of $25,000.

xv. Maids by Trade

How would you like to join a maid franchise with a sustainable model?

Maids by Trade offer this benefit and more. The franchisor seeks people-focused, resourceful candidates who enjoy the rewards of hard work.

This franchisor also encourages independent, reliable & trustworthy candidates to apply.

xvi. Maid Right

You may like to partner with or join Maid Right’s franchise program for multiple reasons.

These include its Total-Home results service, adoption of advanced technology, reliability, green cleaning solutions, safer, healthier cleaning products, a fully insured business, and trustworthy credentials.

Now that you know the different maid franchises, you can decide what opportunity to explore.

This is only possible through further research on each option and speaking to the respective franchise representatives for details on their offerings.