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Are you making plans to start a telemarketing business? What are some ways to start a telemarketing small business? There are some things to learn before you jump into the business.

Starting a telemarketing business is not that much different from starting any other type of business. The telemarketing industry has rapidly grown from 25% to 50% for the past 10 years.

Telemarketing is the only business that allow you to earn money making sales call for your clients. The list of people to call will be given to you by the company.

Telemarketing has made a lot of people very rich and the business seems to have no end in terms of it demand.


If you want to succeed in telemarketing business, you need to check your experience and ask yourself if you are good at selling via the phone. Starting a telemarketing business need not too much capital.

All that is need is just a big room, phones and computers.

In this post, I will be sharing with you what you need to know to start a telemarketing company and become a business owner. You can own a telemarketing company and start helping other company reach out to their existing and potential customers through cold calling.

If you are looking for a business idea that is very easy to start and does not require huge startup capital, then start a telemarketing company as what you need to get started are not much and expensive compare to other businesses.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a telemarketing company.

Telemarketing is a process of marketing goods and services through the phone and the use of computer. Any marketing that is done using a phone as a means of communication to both potential and existing customers is called telemarketing.

What is Needed to Start a Telemarketing Company

  • A Large room
  • Phones
  • Computers
  • Whites pages to look for phone numbers
  • Good marketing and communication skill
  • Good and experience staff

Telemarketing is a form of direct marketing which includes passing information to customers, collecting data of customers, generating leads and creating awareness about a particular goods or services using a phone or a calling system in the computer.

Starting a telemarketing company is like starting any other business, here are what you need to know to start a telemarketing company.

In this guide, I choose to share with you some necessary steps you need to know before you can start a telemarketing business.

How To Start and Run A Telemarketing Company

Just like any business idea, you will need a business plan and a good understanding of marketing in general. Your business plan should include financial, marketing and operational strategies that you plan to implement into your business.

Obtaining a good template would help you with the outline of what you need to do to create your business plan. The internet offers free business plan templates if you can search for them.

  • Find a Good Office and Buy your Equipment

After drawing your business plan, you will need to go look for a good office space to rent. If you have extra free room in your house with no disturb, it will save you money for rent as you can make use of it.

After you have made arrangement for an office, go get the telemarketing equipment which include computers, phones, headsets. Your computer need to have a software interface that communicates between your equipment and your phone lines.

Buy or lease a call center in a box, a self-contained server and software that provides a desktop interface and enables you to manage call processing and routing, and produce management reports.

  • Get your Business Register and Get Necessary Licenses

Getting your business register will be the best thing you will do for your business. I will suggest it is registered as a Limited Liability Company because of it benefits. With a registered business, you tend to attract big brands as they know that you are really serious and you can be trusted too.

Aside of getting your business registered, you still need to get the necessary license from appropriate authority so your telemarketing business won’t be disturbed. Certain permits may also be required. Speak with your local County Clerk about what your jurisdiction requires so that you can create a legal business presence.

  • Become Educated about the Telemarketing Business

One of the best way to start a telemarketing business is by first getting necessary experience as a telemarketer from a telemarketing company.

You can first choose to work as an agent or supervisor for a telemarketing company or call center to get first hand on how the job look like, an understanding of customers’ needs and an ability to empathize with people.

Build market knowledge if you plan to specialize in telemarketing services for specific sectors, such as financial services, industrial products or home improvements. There are many books on this topic and niche that can help build you up in the telemarketing business.

  • Identify Potential Clients

You have to decide on your target market and go find them. This time you need to have a list of businesses in your niche that might need your service. Ask friends and look up for directories. Call businesses on your list and tell them what you can do for them.

If they show interest, send them a brochure or flyer or go to them to explain the terms of your offering.

  • Design a Contract for your Telemarketing Business

This is very important and professional for telemarketing business. You need to design a contract that you will be using to seal contracts with clients. Get a lawyer to reviews the terms and structure it orderly.

  • Hire Assistants for your Telemarketing Business

One sure way of hiring assistance is by placing the advert on the net. Hiring should be done carefully so you don’t hire the wrong people into your company. It is better to get people who are already experience in the telemarketing field. This will save you time and money in training them.

A commercial enterprise should look out for hiring an agent who has good communication skills, active listening skills, possess good convincing power and is blessed with patience, polite and professional and has the power to handle queries. This person should also be able to take rejection and still stay motivated.

  • Promote and Market your Business

To experience success, you will need to market your brand to attract customers. Apply all the telemarketing strategy you know, do online marketing, approach companies that match the market profile of your business.

You can approach larger telemarketing company and offer an outsourced service they can use when they need additional capacity. You can apply social media marketing for your business promotion too.

In conclusion, starting a telemarketing company is not as hard as people see it. Start with whatever you have for now. You can start with two phones and one computer in a garage or in your room. There is always a room for growth. Just start and do your best, as you grow, you can then start adding up.

This article should prove useful for anyone that want to start a telemarketing business. There are many telemarketing companies that started from scratch but today, they are doing successfully well.
You just have to put in the hard work and see how things turn out. Good luck!

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