Tea is arguably the most consumed beverage in the world. Other close contenders include coffee, beer, and a host of others. Based on such reality, readers with entrepreneurial drive are likely to be drawn by the economic prospects of starting a tea business since there’s a vast market.

How you go about choosing your preferred niche is entirely up to you. However, we’re more interested in identifying tea franchise programs you can join. Thankfully, there are lots of these, and we’ve picked some of the best to show you. So, are you ready to start your tea journey?

Tea Franchises Opportunities

When it comes to tea franchises to buy, there are several good options. These include The Teahouse, Flava Tea, Tsujiri, and Jamba Juice. Other tea franchise options include The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Camellia’s Tea House, i-Tea, Tea Lounge, Tea Shop, The Spice & Tea Exchange, and Presotea.

There are more tea franchises like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Dobra Tea, Teapioca Lounge, Teagschwendner, Spice Merchants, and Chung Yang Tea. You also have Demmers Teahaus, Hiccups Restaurant & Tea House, as well as Sweetwaters.

i. The Teahouse

The Teahouse’s tradition of customer satisfaction and employee support has helped it achieve significant growth with high sales volume. It also allows you to open your teahouse while offering robust support and training to enable your operations to grow.

ii. Fava Tea

Fava Tea is Wisconsin’s biggest loose tea specialty retail store. This franchise has zero complications when applying for the opportunity, as all you have to do to get started is contact the franchisor. A franchise representative reaches out to you to discuss your qualification and answer your questions.

iii. Tsujiri

Tsujiri is a global tea brand that sells its franchise opportunities to interested and qualified candidates. Qualifying for this opportunity requires meeting its financial requirements, amongst others. To find out more about this opportunity, email the franchisor at info@tsujiri.co.nz.

iv. Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice has a range of products and services, including tea, coffee, frozen yogurt, retail and health, beauty, and nutrition services. To qualify for its franchise program, you’ll need a cash investment of $125,000, a total investment of $238,600 to $504,300, and a minimum net worth of $350,000.

v. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

With over five decades in the making and a global spread, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a reputable franchise program with various retail formats. Such formats include traditional airports, university campuses, military bases, store-in-store, and hotels & casinos. There are available territories spread across the world.

vi. Camellia’s Tea House

Camellia’s Tea House offers various services, including tea collection, bespoke services, client management, tea gastronomy, and wellness expertise. This exciting franchise works with master bakers, chefs, and tea sommeliers to create a unique range of tea-infused foods, cakes, and pastries.

vii. i-Tea

This is yet another tea franchise you have the opportunity of applying to. Details about its franchise offering are provided in its franchise application brochure. You’ll need to review it to determine if the franchise offering suits you. Also, you can contact i-Tea for more details and answers to any questions you have.

viii. Tea Lounge

This tea company specializes in various products like tea, coffee, cocktails, baked goods, sandwiches, and live entertainment. You’ll need an investment of $141k to $244k to own this franchise. Financing options are offered to qualified candidates. There’s also support and training for new franchisees.

ix. Tea Shop

Tea Shop offers several benefits to its franchisees. Such include being part of a strong and prestigious chain, its deep consolidated know-how, initial and ongoing training, and innovative and suggestive marketing campaigns. Other benefits include organization & effective monitoring of franchisee operations.

x. The Spice & Tea Exchange

The cost of owning a Spice and Tea Exchange franchise includes a franchise fee of $38,750, an establishment package of $95,000 to $125,000, building out a range of $40,000 to $150,000, and a total investment of around $188,650 to $389,250. To get started, fill out and submit the online form at the bottom of its page to speak with a franchise sales manager.

xi. Presotea

Presotea offers an investment opportunity to interested and qualified franchise candidates. Joining this franchise requires meeting its financial requirements. For details on that and more, fill out and submit its franchise form for a detailed guide on what’s needed and how to go about the application process.

xii. Dobra Tea

Franchise candidates interested in this opportunity are expected to meet certain requirements, like having the ability to lead a small team and being open to new trends and approaches. More acceptable characteristics include love for its tea and tea culture and gastronomic operation experience, amongst others.

xiii. Teapioca Lounge

At Teapioca Lounge, there are many reasons to join its franchise program. These include its promising investment opportunity, location-friendly operations, adoption of technology in its operations, site research and selection assistance, and extensive menu that appeals to a large audience.

xiv. Teagschwendner

Reasons to join the Teagschwendner franchise include its sound mentoring concept and startup support, comprehensive support, and participation in the system through advisory boards. More reasons include the benefit of a strong and established brand, mentoring concept & startup support, etc.

xv. Spice Merchants

Spice Merchant’s strong history of success makes it a viable tea investment opportunity. According to the franchisor, its stores are typically profitable within the first year of opening. One point that stands out is to care for its franchisee operations. In other words, your business is in good hands as you’re given all the support needed to succeed.

xvi. Demmers Teahaus

Demmers Teahaus has a successful franchise system interested in franchisees in central and eastern European countries. Its highly successful franchise brand partners with new franchisees to help them succeed. Demmers Teahaus also offers its proven business systems duplicated by its franchisees.

xvii. Hiccups Restaurant & Tea House

This is another tea franchise you can join. Here, you only need to follow its simplified procedure, including getting started, approval, site selection, store building, grand opening, and continued support. Does this appeal to you? If it does, you can contact Hiccups for more details about the opportunity.

With the details supplied above, the identity of some of the best tea franchises is not in doubt. You can learn more about the opportunity with the information provided.

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