In this article, we’ve covered details about taxi dispatching software, with information like basic features, types, and a host of other vital information; you should be able to learn a great deal by reading through.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into details, shall we?

Taxi Dispatcher Software

The transportation industry has seen a great deal of innovation over the years.

This has been brought about by the advent of tools and software that enhance efficiency and convenience for users.

With a growing demand for mobile applications and the need to go cashless, taxi dispatching software provide the perfect answer.

Taxi Dispatching Systems should have the Following Features.

If you can’t seem to make up your mind about what taxi dispatching software to use, you only need to find out the features each has.

By identifying and comparing these features, you can find one that meets your needs. The best taxi dispatching software should have an effortless signup process.

Also, a comprehensive admin panel and easy-to-follow booking procedure should be added.

More features of top-rated dispatch software include a mobile app for drivers and passengers, detailed ride information, GPS tracking, and booking flexibility.

Still, a seamless payment integration system, trip cancel part, and ride feedback should be added to highly effective taxi dispatching software features.

Some of the best taxi dispatching software may possess these features and more.

i. An Effortless Signup Process

The best taxi dispatching software is built to make the user experience stress-free and enjoyable. This starts from the signup process, which mustn’t be complicated.

You’ll mostly find this process relatively simple. Essential requirements should include name, e-mail ID, username, password, and mobile number.

ii. Comprehensive Admin Panel

A comprehensive admin panel is essential as it helps connect drivers and passengers. This is where the details of the trip and transactions are stored.

With such data, future improvements in services can be made. The admin panel of dispatching software should be comprehensive enough for all users.

iii. Easy-to-Follow Booking Procedure

For taxi dispatching software to be effective, it must have an easy-to-follow or user-centric booking process.

Registered users should be able to log into the app and choose a ride effortlessly. The best apps make this possible through detailed maps, GPS features, and a search bar.

iv. Mobile App for Drivers & Passengers

All taxi dispatching software is designed to connect drivers and passengers. This makes it necessary for apps to be prepared to serve both needs.

With mobile devices becoming the primary source of connection for most people, an app becomes necessary. This adds to convenience and ease of transaction.

v. Detailed Ride Information

After taxi booking is confirmed, detailed ride information must be available. Such details usually include the driver’s name, current cab location, and estimated arrival time.

Also, the driver’s contact details and the taxi’s color and make should be included.

All such details are available to the passenger when using taxi dispatching software. On the part of the driver, details like passenger name and mobile number should be available.

vi. GPS Tracking

GPS-enabled tracking is one of the primary features good taxi dispatching software should have. This allows for accessible and live-tracking data that helps connect driver and passenger.

The passenger can determine the expected arrival time through the GPS tracking feature.

vii. Booking Flexibility

Booking flexibility is a necessity for taxi dispatching software. Here, users should be able to make their preferences based on available options.

It offers a self-service feature that lets the passenger choose between riding immediately and booking for a later time. This provides convenience while helping people avoid rush periods.

viii. Seamless Payment Integration System

Good taxi dispatching software makes it very easy to pay for services. This is made possible through seamless payment integration in its design.

This mainly involves an e-wallet into which money is added for making online payments. An alternative for cash payments is also available.

ix. Trip Cancel Feature

As the name suggests, there are times when trips need to be canceled for a variety of reasons on both (driver and passenger) ends.

On the driver’s side, a trip may be canceled for reasons such as car damage, traffic congestion, or roadblocks.

Passengers may decide to cancel a trip for reasons like a change of plans, among other things. The trip cancel feature helps allows for more user flexibility.

x. Ride Feedback

Ride feedback is an essential piece of data collected from passengers. This helps improve services and may also sanction drivers who fail in some of their responsibilities.

Feedback from drivers is also required in taxi dispatching apps. This helps with improvements in in-app functionality.

Other taxi dispatching software features not mentioned above include SMS notification, reporting, fare calculator, route planning & optimization, and alternative ride types.

All of these provide options and added convenience to the user.

Best Taxi Dispatching Software to Buy

Having discussed some features of the best taxi dispatching software, it’s necessary to mention some of these apps to try out.

These include IT Curves, Tailwind TMS, Pro Transport, Limo Anywhere, MecuryGate, Taxi Mobile Solutions, ArcFleet, WEBFLEET, Fleet Harmony, and Samsride Dispatching Software.

More dispatch software includes WorkWave Route Manager, Route4Me, and Onfleet. There are many other taxi dispatching software we won’t be getting into due to time constraints.

Benefits of Taxi Dispatching Software

Regarding the use of dispatch software, several opportunities are available—from time-saving added booking convenience, enhanced transparency, and improved customer experience.

Also, drivers’ visibility is significantly increased, thus making it more beneficial to all users (drivers and passengers).

What Taxi Dispatching Software should I go for?

Having provided some insight about taxi dispatching software, one question that’s likely to arise would border around what the best software is.

It isn’t easy to pinpoint software as being head and shoulders above the rest. Instead, it largely depends on what functionalities and features you’re most interested in.

This is as far as we’d go regarding taxi dispatching software. We’ve identified their main features and the different types and benefits.

All that’s needed is to identify what software contains these features.