15 Trucking Business Software for Dispatch, Billing & Reporting

Read on to find out more about the top 10 trucking business software you can use today. Each of these has been proven to provide truck businesses an edge in their daily operations.

Efficiency in operating a trucking business has been raised significantly through the inclusion of technology. This is what trucking business software provides.

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What Is A Trucking Software

These products are also known as trucking dispatch software. So, what exactly does it do? This software provides a unified platform to track your truck drivers, monitor interstate fuel tax agreement (IFTA), manage dispatch records, and pay invoices among other uses.

A truck dispatch software is a vital tool used by trucking or freight companies to ensure smooth operations. There are lots of them available on the market. You only need to search online and subscribe to whichever you think best fits your needs.

You only need to stick with this guide to the end, to learn about these and more.

Every trucking business needs one. It doesn’t matter the size of such a business.

Features Of Truck Dispatch Software

The features you get from this software depends on your choice of one. In other words, there are tons of similar products with a variety of features. Each seeks to give an edge to the subscriber or user.

As a freight broker, you’re likely to have specific needs you want to be met.

The most basic features include fast access to customer information, listing driver teams, calculating fuel expenses, advanced information, shipment information, invoice creation, and entering driver’s pay. These are only a few of the several things you can do with a truck dispatch software.

Benefits are many too. Some of these include saving you valuable time as well as money.

Also, you get to increase productivity significantly, in addition to pulling up records for all dispatches. Freight companies can avoid audits by maintaining all U.S Depart of Transportation (DOT) compliance regulations.

The Top 10 Trucking Business Software

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of trucking dispatch software you can choose from.

Sometimes the process of finding the right ones can be quite overwhelming. We’ve helped out by narrowing down the list of some of the top trucking dispatch software you can use.

These have been listed in no particular order and include the following;

The following are the top 10 trucking software any serious business should consider. These have been tried and tested and seen to outperform a lot of other software in the market.

TruckingOffice gives you an extra detail into your trucking operations. Such details include displaying information on what loads are making or losing money. It provides an easy way to manage your resources.

TruckingOffice is a subscription service and web-based with a monthly fee of $20. However, if you are skeptical and will want the trial version, the company is glad to offer this to you.

Features include dispatch management, billing & invoicing, driver settlements, load optimization, and maintenance management.

Others include trip logs, routing, vehicle management, quotes/estimates, and mileage tracking. In addition to these features, TruckingOffice is easy to use.

TruckingOffice helps out with all sorts of record organization plus invoicing in addition to features such as analysis, fleet maintenance, and management, dispatch and accounting. If you wish to increase revenue-per-mile for your trucking company, this is the software to consider.

What more? you also get to limit the number of roadside repairs.

With TruckingOffice, what you’re billed is determined by the size of your fleets. This software comes in two tiers; Basic and Pro. Each of these offers solutions for specific needs depending on the scale and features available.

  • Axon Trucking Software

With the AXON trucking software, trucking businesses can enhance efficiency by increasing staff productivity. At the same time, this helps reduce stressful workloads. Truck businesses have an added layer of assurance stemming from its over 100 video review collections.

Training is provided online. You also get a free demo in addition to cloud-based platforms as well as those you can install on your Windows computer. Its features include quotes and estimates, routing, scheduling, trip logs, billing & invoicing, driver management, and dispatch management.

Additional features include load optimization, maintenance management, and vehicle management.

Axon has been a trusted name that has been in the business of providing trucking solutions for over three decades. It has continued to leverage on advancing technology to create a wide range of services for freight operators.

Not only do subscribers have the option to cut their workload significantly, but drivers’ pay stress and cash flow problems are eliminated.

Whatever the size of your trucking company, ProTransport will give you more control. This runs on both web and Windows-based OS. This trucking software helps you save time, measure performance, and helps with strategic decision making. Training includes live online sessions, documentation, in-person training, and webinars.

Software features include load optimization, driver settlements, billing & invoicing, drier management, and maintenance management. Others are routing, scheduling, trip logs, mileage tracking, and vehicle management.

ProTransport offers a highly customizable trucking dispatch software that fits all sizes of freight business operations.

Among the many cool features, it has is its color-coded interface. This increases efficiency by making it easier to navigate for users.

Other features include its all-in-one system that incorporates accounting, dispatch, analytics, safety, and maintenance. There are other additional benefits you stand to gain by subscribing to its service.

  • Truckn Pro

Truckn Pro starts at $149.00 and helps trucking businesses manage expenses, pickups, driver payroll, among a host of other functions. It has an option for free trial too. This downloadable Windows-based platform includes features such as mileage tracking, routing, trip logs, vehicle management, and maintenance management.

Others are load optimization, driver settlements, driver management, dispatch management, and billing & invoicing.

  • ROADVision Trucking Software

Are you looking for a trucking software that is flexible, easy, affordable, and reliable? ROADVision gives you all of these and more. You benefit from its round-the-clock support plus training services. Training is provided in a variety of ways such as in-person, through webinars, live online sessions as well as thorough documentation.

This trucking software runs on both cloud and downloadable on Windows platforms. There’s also a free demo too! ROADVision has rich features that include vehicle management, trip logs, scheduling, routing, and quotes/estimates. Others are mileage tracking, load optimization, driver settlements, driver management, dispatch management, and billing & invoicing.

  • Rigbooks

This is a web-based bookkeeping software that helps you track and manage expenses. It also helps with mileage and fuel management while streamlining your operations for increased revenue generation. Rigbooks provides no training. However, this is compensated for in its ease of use.

These are features you get when you purchase this trucking software; mileage tracking, vehicle management, trip logs, billing & invoicing, driver management, load optimization, and maintenance management. Lots of customers have also left positive reviews about this software. Have we skipped something? Yea, that will be its free trial offer.

This trucking software does indeed have funny names. The Tailwind software starts at $69 per month. There are two other packages you can choose from. Tailwind is among a few trucking software that offers mobile (Android & IOS) support. A free trial is provided as well. Live online training is provided. Other types of training include webinars and documentation.

Whenever you get into problems, there’s always a live 24/7 support. Features of the Tailwind trucking software include driver settlements, billing & invoicing, driver management, and dispatch management. Others include vehicle management, trip logs, routing, scheduling, quotes/estimates, and mileage tracking.

Whatever the capacity of your freight business, this software offers you the opportunity to choose from three available tiers; Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

According to the developers, you can easily manage all things relating to compliance, paperwork, and dispatch all from its software interface.

As a pay-as-you-go software service, it has a variety of helpful features that include reporting, quoting & orders, compliance, dispatch, and accounting. What type of trucking service is this ideal for?

Tailwind TMS software effectively serves the needs of small to mid-sized carriers, owner-operators, and freight brokers.

Here are some other freight broker software options you should consider.

  • PowerPro

PowerPro is best for small to medium-sized trucking businesses. This trucking software offers web-based platforms. Live in-person training is provided in addition to webinars and live online classes. There are lots of positive reviews about its reliability too.

This truck dispatch software is quite a mouthful. However, it offers real value for freight operations and is among the top software you can use today. Its basic features include dispatch as well as a larger system with multiple integrations.

With this software, truck drivers are given more say, thus creating a situation for freight businesses to attract the best drivers.

LoadMaster is a web-based platform providing essential trucking services that cover dispatching, billing, and the management of a variety of other operational processes. Training is provided via documentation and in-person. Clients get support only within business hours.

What features does LoadMaster offer you? You benefit from VIN lookup, routing, maintenance management, and inventory management. Others are dispatch management, employee management, fuel management, and GPS tracking.

  • Degama Trucking Software

Degama trucking software is most ideal for medium to large trucking businesses. This software integrates with systems giving you streamlined and fast solutions. This software has a starting price of $800 per month. You get to test it on a free demo too.

Degama comes with support for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. You also get in-person training, live online training, webinars, and documentation. Features include mileage tracking, load optimization, quotes/estimates, dispatch management, and billing & invoicing.

Others include routing, scheduling, trip logs, and vehicle management.

OnFleet prides itself as the trusted last-mile delivery solution. This trucking software service enables you to easily perform a variety of functions such as tracking and communicating with drivers, analyze and also dispatch in addition to routing deliveries.

Features include end-to-end route planning, real-time updates, and dispatch among others. The best part is this trucking dispatch software can be used in over 90 countries and counting.

  • Ascend TMS

This trucking software comes backed with a cloud-based service that significantly increases its efficiency in addition to increasing your productivity. Main features include accounting capabilities, dispatch, and reporting.

Its developers have ensured you don’t have to deal with or encounter complex installation problems. This has solved through the development of web-based software for easy operation.

Trimble is one of the best truck dispatch software available for freight operators. It has significantly impacted on operational efficiencies over the years and continues to improve with the advancement in technology.

Its features include management, dispatch, and maintenance. Plus, it has attracted a high retention rate among customers, thus placing it among the most trusted software around.

The ITS software is available for mobile devices and can be downloaded for IOS and Android devices. This software comes with features that include maintenance, dispatch, reporting, invoicing, and accounting. Software modules such as IFTA reporting and file sharing can be added as your business needs grow.

Samsara provides a wide range of truck dispatch operations that include software and hardware as well as a comprehensive portfolio of Internet-of-Things (IoT). Its features are varied and include dispatch and routing. As a unified system of fleet management, users are given greater control over their business operations.

Truck Dispatch Software: Conclusion

These are only a few of the many good truck dispatch software you’ll find. These have been tried and tested with outstanding results. Little wonder that freight companies continue to prefer them over others. You too can start your journey by choosing any of these today.

This trucking software can be purchased for your trucking business. It will be necessary to get more detailed information on these before making a choice.

That way, you get the much finer details about their advantages and efficiency.