Sample Data Entry Business Plan Template

Starting a successful data entry business is hinged on the quality of your plan. Your data entry business plan encompasses all actions to be taken and how to implement the same. Of course, the contents of a business plan should be well-thought-out and thoroughly researched. It doesn’t matter how long it’s written as long as … Read more

Sample Virtual Assistant Service Business Plan Template

VIRTUAL OFFICE ASSISTANT BUSINESS PLAN A virtual assistant business is self-employed. It falls under the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, and it is particularly concerned with providing several professional products and services to both individuals and businesses. If you are very interested in starting up a virtual assistant business and are set to write a simple … Read more

Sample Intellectual Property Management Business Plan Template

We’ll be looking at writing an intellectual property management business plan. Are you an expert in the oversight of intangible assets? If you are, you may want to consider starting your intellectual property management business. These types of businesses are involved in the management of a variety of intangible assets such as inventions, music, publications, … Read more

Sample Resume Writing Service Business Plan Template

RESUME WRITING BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE How do I start a resume writing business? In the United States, the human resource consulting industry is a big and thriving industry. The resume writing service business is a business which is filed under the human resource consulting industry, and people who operate a resume writing agency could be … Read more

Sample Concierge Service Business Plan Template

PERSONAL CONCIERGE BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE What is a concierge business? How much do you charge personal concierge? What is a concierge service? The concierge services industry is well regarded for providing customers with on-demand services. The major target market of this line of business includes individuals, employees, business executives, etc. If you are an entrepreneur … Read more

Sample Leasing Business Plan Template

LEASING COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE Are you looking to start a leasing company? A lease is a contract where a party agrees to rent properties (building, equipment, machinery, vehicle, parcel of land etc.) owned by him to a second party (lessee) usually with terms. This enables the lessee’s use of the asset and guarantees the … Read more

Sample Cold Storage Business Plan Template

Are you interested in a cold storage business plan? Your desire to start a cold storage business will require getting everything necessary for success before venturing out. Here, we’re simply referring to the plans and strategies needed. This article helps entrepreneurs in that regard by providing a business plan template to use. The success of … Read more

Sample Telephone Answering Service Business Plan Template

However well you think you know about a business, you’ll never have a full grasp of its running without setting a strategy for its running. This is what a telephone answering service business plan helps you achieve. Large companies and businesses have found efficient ways of outsourcing non-essential work to smaller businesses. One of such … Read more

Sample Electrical Contractor Business Plan Template

The guide focuses on how to write an electrical contractor business plan. As an electrical contractor, the goal of establishing your business is only achievable when the process is well coordinated. Coordination comes from having a carefully written plan. Here, your business plan is crucial to how successful your operations are. Now, a lot of … Read more

Sample Outsourcing Business Plan Template

Here is a business plan for starting an outsourcing business. Like most new businesses, launching an outsourcing business will present a lot of challenges. Being able to overcome them is where most entrepreneurs find deep satisfaction. The process begins with writing an outsourcing business plan. This requires a lot of considerations and deliberations with the … Read more

Sample Escort Service Business Plan Template

ESCORT BUSINESS PLAN If you are an ambitious entrepreneur with love for adventure, hard cash and a never-ending demand business, starting an escort business is your best bet. You can start an escort business and be providing escort services to tourists. Starting an escort business is more than just starting any business. There are some … Read more

Sample Fire Protection Equipment Business Plan Template

Here is a business plan for starting a fire protection equipment company. Fires accidents are very dangerous and usual occurrences that put lives at risk. Now, putting out such fires requires not only some level of skill (depending on the severity) but also the right protective equipment. Fire Protection Equipment Business Plan Sample This has … Read more