Sushi Franchises

There is no doubt that sushi is one of the most popular food items on the planet. From Tokyo to Los Angeles, sushi restaurants are popping up everywhere, and the popularity of sushi franchises is only continuing to grow.

What is a Sushi Franchise?

A sushi franchise is a business model in which a single owner or operator owns and operates a chain of sushi restaurants. The most common type of sushi franchise is the Japanese sushi restaurant, characterized by its fresh, delicious, and colorful sushi rolls and nigiri.

Best Sushi Franchise Opportunities

Looking for a sushi franchise to buy can be challenging, especially for persons with little to no idea of what the best brands are. We’ve provided much-needed assistance by including some of the top sushi franchise brands to consider.

These include Yoshinoya, Hissho Sushi & Craft Beer Bar, Yogis Grill, Maki of Japan, Wok Box, Ginger Sushi Boutique, and SanSai Fresh Grill & Sushi Kitchen. More options include Koi Sushi Bar, Rock N Roll Sushi, Ace Sushi, Samurai Sam’s Teriyaki Grill, Sushi Freak, and Ninja Sushi.

More sushi franchises include AFC Sushi, Maki of Japan, Maki-Mee, How Do You Roll? And Sushifork. Let’s find out more about these opportunities and how to leverage them.

i. Yoshinoya

If you’ve heard of the Yoshinoya sushi franchise, you’d know it’s a top brand. The best part is the company is offering franchise opportunities to interested and qualified investors. The franchise process includes an introduction, kick-off meetings, location selection, foundational knowledge, and take-off.

ii. Hissho Sushi & Craft Beer Bar

The franchise program at Hissho Sushi includes marketing & sales training, hands-on sushi training, food & safety training, and ongoing support from the field team & headquarters. Others include products, packaging, marketing & branding, team-building opportunities, access to a proven model of success, and phone conferences.

iii. Yogis Grill

This is also among the best sushi franchise opportunities to buy. Yogis Grill offers you a partnership opportunity to own your operations using its proven business model, which guarantees success. However, it would be best if you met all its franchise requirements to be considered for this opportunity.

iv. Maki of Japan

Maki of Japan is a full-service restaurant with a rich menu that has won a lot of loyal customers. Franchise candidates looking for an affordable but exceptional sushi franchise will find in Maki a great business to join. This company supports its franchisees with training, support, development, etc.

v. Wok Box

Wok Box is another company that offers franchising opportunities to interested and qualified franchise candidates. As its franchisee, you’re entitled to full support and use of its business model. Training and marketing support are other benefits you get to help you establish your restaurant operations.

vi. Ginger Sushi

To own a ginger sushi franchise, you’ll need to meet its total initial investment of $270,300 to $405,700 and its franchise fee of $30,000. This includes liquid cash and net worth requirements of $100,000 & $300,000, respectively. You can request franchise information by filling out and submitting the online form on its franchise site.

vii. SanSai Fresh Grill & Sushi Kitchen

This is another excellent sushi franchise opportunity you can try. To help you succeed, its support covers several key areas like site selection, point of sale systems, accounting software & systems, ongoing branding, advertising & promotion, marketing strategies, and content development.

viii. Koi Sushi Bar

Have you heard of the Koi Sushi Bar? It’s a great company place with a rich menu containing great-tasting Greek ethnic street food. If this sounds interesting, you might want to explore further by contacting the franchisor for more details and a guide on what’s needed to start.

ix. Rock N Roll Sushi

This sushi restaurant offers an American-style sushi experience founded on rock ‘n’ roll and great food traditions. It’s not only spread across different states in the US but is also an international franchise. With a low start-up, overhead, and food costs, it offers a unique opportunity to become part of a growing brand.

x. Ace Sushi

Ace sushi has a simple application process for its franchising program. This includes completing its application, attending an interview, approval, and attending its ACE university training which concludes with a grand opening of your franchise outlet. You’ll want to find out what’s in store by contacting the franchisor.

xi. Samurai Sam’s Teriyaki Grill

With no prior experience, you can apply for Samurai Sam’s Teriyaki Grill franchise opportunity by simply filling out and submitting its online form on the franchise page. This premiere Japanese restaurant franchise seeks to expand its operations with the help of suitable candidates.

xii. Sushi Freak

To choose its ideal franchisee, Sushi Freak provides a personal profile form that interested franchise candidates can fill out and submit. This helps the franchisor determine whether you’re the right fit for such an opportunity. Its franchise system includes the brand name, recipes, trademarks, operational systems, etc.

xiii. Ninja Sushi

There are several reasons to consider owning a Ninja Sushi franchise. These include its continuous menu development, moderate startup costs, modest staffing & labor costs, and branded proprietary sauces with retail opportunities. Repeat customers, predictable revenues, and home office support are other benefits.

xiv. AFC Sushi

With its impeccable fiscal management, immense purchasing power, and strong liquidity & solvency, AFC sushi is an attractive franchise with significant potential. New franchisees get all the training and support needed to succeed.

xv. Maki-Mee

This sushi franchise opportunity requires an initial investment of $251k to $357k to own. It was founded in 2011 and began franchising in 2017. As its franchisee, the franchise term of the agreement is five years which is renewable. There are financing options for qualified candidates and comprehensive support and training.

xvi. Sushifork

Sushifork offers franchise partnership opportunities to interested candidates drawn to the brand. You’ll need a total investment of around $190,500 and $505,000 to own a Sushifork franchise.

This franchise system includes real estate site selection, architectural design assistance, a world-class training program, on-site opening, ongoing support, operational expertise, and access to operating manuals, amongst others.

If you’ve found one or more of these exciting sushi franchise opportunities, you can explore further to find out details about what’s involved, the full benefits you stand to gain, and what’s required on your part.