Sure Step Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

SURE STEP FLOOR CLEANING AND ANTI SLIP Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Have you been part of a bathtub accident? Has anyone you know or maybe you have been slipped on a marble floor once or maybe twice or more? Have you used a Sure Step product before?

In this article, we are going to look at the Sure Step distributorship opportunity. In this article, we are also going to examine the possibilities of success and how best to take advantage of the Sure Step program.

We will also be looking at the history of the company, the cost of its franchise, franchising fee, if they have trainings and supports, how much to start, the tenure of agreement and distributorship program. We will also examine how much you can make with the Sure Step franchise opportunity.

Is Sure Step a Franchise?
Yes, it is. Sure Step is a floor treatment and maintenance company. Sure Step is registered and incorporated in the United States of America as Sure Step USA LLC. The company has been a member of the Maintenance Services Industry for over 28 years since 1991.

Sure Step is a business opportunity that can be categorized as a franchise business opportunity. It is a great way for entrepreneurs and business minded individuals to make some good income for their self.

The company is a leader in floor safety technology. The company makes use of the highest technology in floor testing using the Regan Scientific Instruments BOT3000E portable digital tribometer which measures the slip resistance of floors.

The technology is also in compliant with the international standard in friction measurements.

The success of the company comes from the ability of its floor treatment product to increase the coefficient friction of a hard floor by 200% to 400% even if the floor is wet which prevents slips on the floor.

Part of the testament to the success of the Sure Step franchise is its BBB accreditation which the company has received from authorities in the United States of America and Canada for over 13 years now.

The company also offers slip resistance treatment to its esteemed customers.

How Much Does Sure Step Franchise Cost?
To become a franchisee of the Sure Step franchise an initial investment of $24,750 (U.S dollar) is required. The franchisee is required to show a liquid asset and cash of $24.750 (U.S dollar).

Sure Step Franchise Fee
The franchise fee for the Sure Step franchise is $24,750 (U.S dollar).

Sure Step Startup Cost
The startup cost for a Sure Step franchise is $24,750 (U.S dollar). For further information on other costs, the franchisee can contact the company directly.

Sure Step Membership Training, Requirements and Support
Sure Step franchise provides training and support for its franchise distributors and marketing guides and brochures.

The support that Sure Step provides its franchise distributors include:

  • A regular supply of all needed floor treatment and non-slip products.
  • Sure Step supports its franchisees with a marketing guide for their franchise territory.
  • Sure Step also supports its franchisees with a dedicated toll-free line.
  • The franchisee will be trained on how to apply the products for floor treatment.
  • Sure Step supports its franchisees with a business plan.
  • Sure Step supports its franchisees with a truly tested marketing strategy.

Sure Step Application and Terms of Agreement
The Sure Step franchise term of agreement/renewal is not known. However, expect the terms of agreement/renewal to be more like that of a distributorship.

To get more information on the terms of agreement/renewal of the franchise agreement, contact the company on its website:

You can also contact Sure Step franchise on their office phone: 204-944-2982 or toll-free: 1-888-517-8899.

How Much Does a Sure Step Franchise Make?
It is not known, how much a Sure Step franchise makes as the success of a franchisee would depend on the nature of his business, his location and how well his marketing plan is working.

But the success of the existing distributors of Sure Step is a pointer to the fact that there is an amazing opportunity for profit and to make money in a Sure Step franchise distributorship.

As the marble floor market is growing, so is the markets for Sure Step franchise slip protection products.

The distributors of the Sure Step franchise have a potential market in banks, factories, car dealerships, condominiums, airport terminals, bus terminals, apartment blocks, casinos, hospitals, event centers, hotels, government buildings, restaurants, and military bases.

Potential customers for the business also includes recreational centers, office buildings, schools, museums, churches, shopping malls, residential homes, supermarkets, post offices and anywhere else you can find a marble floor.

How to Open a Sure Step Franchise
To open a sure step franchise, the franchisee will have to contact the company directly. Part of the criteria for acceptance into the Sure Step franchise distributorship will be dependent on the availability of the applicant’s territory and location.

To contact the company, they can be reached on their office line: 204-944-2982. Sure Step franchise can also be contacted toll-free: 1-888-517-8899. The Sure Step official website is at Contact them for further information to join the franchise.

This is an opportunity for you if you are a person with an entrepreneurial spirit to start and raise a successful business.

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