10+ Most Profitable Strip Mall Business Ideas To Start

What is the most lucrative strip mall business? Here are some startup ideas for prospective investors.

Strip malls are strategic shopping locations mostly located around busy roads or streets.

There are lots of retail businesses that could spring up from such facilities and these are what we seek to discuss. So, are you seeking to set up your own strip mall?

This article offers a whole range of ideas you can bring to fruition.

As always, every successful business begins with the conceptualization of what it should be about.

Here, you’ll need to consider the niche, what needs to be implemented, how to go about its implementation and a whole range of other factors.

We’re more concerned with the primary goal of every entrepreneur; choosing the right idea.

What Makes a Great Mall Business?

Before we get into details on strip mall business ideas, it’s necessary to consider the qualifying factors for an excellent idea.

They include the concept of value, the incorporation of a proven business model, as well as excellent customer service. Also, competitiveness is one other factor that must be taken into consideration.

  • Value

Value is primary when it comes to picking the right business idea. The goal is to provide value to your targeted market. Without value, your products or service will hardly sell.

Customers only patronize a business when convinced of its value. So, you can improve on already existing products or create completely new ones.

  • Incorporation of Proven Business Model

A variety of business models are adopted by businesses with varying results in terms of success. You’ll need to adopt a proven model that guarantees success.

This requires a great deal of research that includes looking at successful businesses with the hope of borrowing a leaf from its success story.

  • Excellent Customer Service

The perception of customers to any business idea is determined by how the concept is sold and how clients are treated.

You’ll want to have a thorough understanding of customer behavior to have a direction on where to go and how to go about implementation.

  • Competitiveness

You’re likely to find lots of existing strip mall-related businesses in existence. To stand a chance of competing with them, your business will have to be well structured. Competitiveness comes in many forms.

The main goal is to get a fair share of the market.

Strip Mall Business Ideas

When it comes to strip mall business ideas, there are lots to choose from. Each idea allows launching a profitable business.

To arrive at an idea, the degree of interest you have in it must be high. In other words, you should go with a niche that best aligns with your interest and expertise.

Some of the best strip mall business ideas include a flower shop, restaurant, wine store, home improvement store, ice cream shop, pawn store, and cosmetics shop.

Other ideas to consider include salon & barbershop, shared office spaces, bakery, vape store, and grocery shop.

Other strip mall business ideas to brainstorm on include children’s products store, pet grooming & boarding service, boutique, nail salon, fruits mart, retail pharmacy store, and a cigar lounge.

These are a few of the many strip mall business ideas we’ll be looking at.

  • Flower Shop

Are you interested in flowers? So do a lot of people. You can turn this into a business opportunity by selling a variety of flower types to interested buyers.

There’s never a shortage of buyers for as long as you have assorted varieties on display.

  • Restaurant

A restaurant is another type of business that can be located within a strip mall.

The foot traffic within such locations makes them ideal for establishing a restaurant. You can do what you love doing by selling to your preferred target market.

  • Wine Store

You can open a wine store within a strip mall. Such businesses thrive in areas with a lot of foot traffic. This is a common feature with strip malls.

They serve as great platforms for retail businesses such as wine stores.

  • Home Improvement Store

People visit home improvement stores to purchase a wide variety of home improvement supplies.

Strip malls provide the perfect shopping location as some customers may seek to make other purchases or carry out other businesses.

  • Ice Cream Shop

A strip mall provides the perfect destination for people to grab some refreshments and snacks. By locating your ice cream shop here, you take advantage of the high foot traffic to make more sales.

  • Pawn Shop

People always pawn assorted items of value for monetary reward.

If this business idea sounds interesting, you might want to have it located in a strip mall. People visit strip malls for a variety of reasons including to pawn items of perceived value.

  • Cosmetic Shop

This is a multi-billion dollar industry that includes different players ranging from manufacturers, wholesale, and retail businesses.

A strip mall will serve as a perfect place to market your cosmetic wares. Its strategic location, coupled with the high volume of daily visitors makes it ideal for this type of business.

  • Salon & Barbershop

Salons and barbershops are places where people go to make their hair. Strip malls serve as perfect destinations for many when the need to groom arises.

So, if you’re looking for a strip mall business, this is one idea to consider.

  • Shared Office Spaces

Co-working spaces have increasingly become popular with a lot of people opting for such low-cost office arrangements.

With small office booths being provided, such spaces are easily rented out faster than normal office buildings. This is one advantage of strip malls.

  • Bakery

Bakeries are quite popular around strip malls.

In other words, your bakery business will fit perfectly within a strip mall. Plus, bakery products typically sell fast due to the foot traffic present within such locations.

  • Grocery Shop

When people need groceries, they mostly go to the mall.

Having a grocery store or shop located within such an area will prove quite profitable. You might want to try out this business idea by opening your grocery shop.

The above-listed strip mall business ideas are only a few of many others you can try out.

These have, and continue to be profitable. While this is true, a lot of work is needed to ensure your preferred business idea succeeds.