How does it feel staying in a hot sun? You sure will want something to cover your head.  How about when preparing for an outing in casual wear, you will want to look good. At both moments you need something to cover your head.

One thing that could be of help at that moment is using a cap. But just using any cap would not be very appropriate.

Adding flowers to beautify your cap will make more sense and make you look cooler. Apart from the fact that using it to beautify your head, you could also make more money from starting such a business.

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Starting a flower shaping business is a nice idea and one that will benefit both you and other users. Let us now discuss how one can start flowers capping and make a mark on it.


To start any business one needs to get a good market for it since the product is for sale and not for personal consumption. The same theory applies to the flowerscaping business. To start flowerscaping business you need to get a good market for it. Searching for a good market involves looking for people who appreciate what you are bringing to the market.

When considering the concept of a good market, you need to note that for a market to be called “good” for your product you definitely must be making steady sales, and even at times need to work extra hours to meet buyers’ demand. The geographical location of the place you’re citing your market should also be considered.

Do they have more rain than sun there? How well do they organize a special outing, would only the female appreciate it or both gender? This amongst others are questions you need to consider.

To start flowerscaping business, one of the best market locations you can pick is one with students.


For people to love your product they must be assured of its quality. To start flowerscaping business you need to get the best material to be able to capture the heart of the proposed user.

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Remember the first impression people get when they use your product lasts more than the product itself when you use good material people will buy your product no matter the price.

Remember quality defines the price. At the start of flowerscaping business, you need to also note that using good glue or material to fasten your flower to the cap is very important. Without the flower, they have little to admire in your product.


To start flowerscaping business and make it last you must make sure your product enticed people. People want beautiful things that look sparkling from afar, take note of your color combinations so that it might fit into any occasion and clothing.

Even people who do not appreciate your product will be forced to buy if you keep good and beautiful material. Neatly attaching the flower to the cap is very important, if it is not neat, buyers will be discouraged.


For you to start flowerscaping business you need to have numerous designs to be able to capture the interest of the buyer. Designs come in different shapes and colors, but the most important factor to note is using a single design won’t grow your business.


A professional is someone skilled in a particular field. To start flowerscaping business you need to consult one. He has an idea of how much funds will be needed to start the business, he also knows the number of manpower needed to start the business.

He knows places where you can get the material at a cheaper rate. He knows the pros and cons of setting up the business and as such he offers the best ideas and advice.


To start a flowerscaping business you need a business plan overall. For every house built there is a plan that has first been drawn, the same applies at the start of flowerscaping business. You need a good business plan that will guide you on every step you will take in the business.

A flower scaping business plan contains more than just the business name and mode of operation. Even before starting you can estimate how much you will make, check the highest probability of you being at a loss, see the minimum, and the maximum number of sales required for you to get a profit. So to start flowerscaping business you need a good business plan.


In conclusion, flowerscaping business is one business that does not need a huge amount of funds to start. Putting all we have discussed in mind while planning to start flowerscaping business will help your sales.

Use good material, quality ones, find a good market for good sales, use material that attracts people beautiful ones, seek advice from professionals to know do’s and don’ts of the business. And also endeavor to prepare a well-scripted business plan. At least for a start, this is all you need.


Here is a business plan for selling fresh flowers.

Flower Shop Business is a type of business that can be started by anyone once you have the basic knowledge of flowers, that is, you can differentiate one flower from the other. You do not need any educational background or qualification to start the business, once you have an interest in it then you are good to go.

What you need for your business is a good location and a regular supply of flowers. Below is a flower shop business plan sample that can also help you in writing your business plan for your flower shop.

Business Name: Blossom Flower Shop


  • Business Description
  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion


Blossom Flower Shop is a registered and standard business owned by Cinder Franklin and will be situated in the University District Area of Columbus. We are planning to become the best and largest florist center in Columbus and in achieving this, a facility has been secured in the former location of a full-service retail florist.

The shop is located in an area that is open and visible to all making it for people to walk into the shop even if it is just to make inquiries.


Flower shop business has to do with retailing flowers. Flower Shop Business is the type of business that continues to exist and succeed as long as we still do weddings, burials, dates, birthdays, and other special events. Flowers are major requirements for weddings, burial designs and also as a decoration of event and worship centers. It is a profitable business that also thrives well.

One good thing about the business is that you can decide to focus on natural flowers, artificial flowers, or both. If you want to be dealing with natural flowers, then you must have a garden where you grow them.


Bloom Flower Shop is going into the flower business majorly to make a profit and we are aware of the fact that we need to satisfy our customers to be able to make profits. To this, the following services will be made available:

  • Selling high quality and innovative fresh flower arrangements using different design containers and styles.
  • The storefront will be done to resemble an art gallery with beautiful flower arrangements displayed like art upfront.
  • Communicating with customers through print advertising, direct mail, and a website.

The products that will be provided by Bloom Flower Shop are:

  • Natural and artificial flowers
  • Cut flowers
  • Potted plants
  • Floral arrangements


The vision of this business is a full dedication of operating with constant interest and enthusiasm for learning, being open to new ideas and good chances, and being willing to adapt to evolving market situations. Also, the business aims to become the best and leading flower shop in Columbus.


The mission of Bloom Flower Shop is to serve an ideal target audience within a three-mile radius of its location. The business will use a high level of technology and sophisticated marketing strategy to secure a clientele of executive businessmen and will be different from other florist centers by offering a very good and reliable service to our customers.


We intend to build a standard and leading flower shop in Columbus and in doing this, a good and right structure will be put in place to support the growth of the business. Qualified, hardworking, honest, goal-oriented, and customer-centric people will be hired to contribute to the growth of the business. Therefore, these people will be hired to occupy the following positions:

  • Chief Executive Officer (owner of the business)
  • Shop Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Cashiers
  • Customer Service Officials
  • Cleaners

Market Trends

An online presence is now the trend for most flower businesses considering the rapid rate at which the online community is growing. An online flower shop will be opened to create an online presence and also create awareness in the online world. Also, we will be joining florist associations in the area and also get to know wedding and event planners.

Target Market

After researching those who could be our target market, we came up with the following groups of people:

  • Event Planners
  • Business People
  • Tourists
  • Students
  • Funeral Homes
  • About to wed couples
  • Corporate Executives


To get a good hold of customers and make the business grow well, we will focus mainly on advertising the business by adopting a strategic advertising method. The business will be advertised on wedding planner magazines, dating sites, events forum, and so on.

We will also create a strong online presence because of the rapid growth of the online community and this will be done through constant blogging and also creating awareness on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

An online shop will also be opened for people to order flowers for their special occasion online and an effective delivery system will also be put in place.


The business needs $60,000 for its startup capital which has already been gotten. At Bloom Flower Shop, the following are the payment options that will be made available:

  • Payment by cash
  • Payment with check
  • Payment via Point of Sale Machine


Studies on the florist industry show that the industry is highly competitive and for a business to survive, it has to be customer-centric and highly creative. Regarding this, Bloom Flower Shop is very much prepared to compete favorably well with other flower shops.


This is a flower business plan sample and the business is owned by Cinder Franklin and will be situated in the University District Area of Columbus.

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