To start a successful massage business, a plan will be needed.

Such a strategy is indispensable to the business’s success because it serves as a guide toward successfully implementing effective growth strategies.

In other words, it eliminates all guesswork from your business operations, thus, clarifying what needs to be done for enhanced business growth.

Read on to discover how to start and run a massage shop profitably.

Starting A Successful Massage Therapy Business

The beauty care industry is massive, with many opportunities for entrepreneurs to exploit.

One area that has shown a lot of promise is the massage sector, which has to do with the provision of massage therapy.

Things Needed To Start A Massage Business

The first question that comes to mind before venturing into a massage business is the requirement involved.

Now, there’s no single answer to this question. However, such requirements will include tools, supplies, and marketing materials.

These aren’t exhaustive in themselves, as you’ll also need to figure out how the business will be funded and identify your target market.

Let’s begin by considering the following;

  • Tools

The right massage tools or equipment are crucial for starting a great practice.

When considering tools for the trade, some are highly essential and cannot be overlooked. However, the tools required largely depend on the type of massage therapy you offer.

Now, there are varieties of massages, each serving a specific purpose. Some tools can be used for more than one type of massage, while others require specialized equipment.

Types of massages include Swedish massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, and deep tissue massage.

Others include sports massage, trigger point massage, reflexology, Shiatsu massage, Thai massage, prenatal massage, chair massage, and couple massage.

Essential tools include massage chairs, massage tables (accessories), and electric and manual devices. As an independent massage therapist, portability and mobility will be necessary.

Hence the need for carrying cases makes transporting items and tools much more manageable.

  • Supplies

Like equipment, supplies are equally crucial to performing good massage therapy sessions.

These primarily consist of lubricants or oils. When picking your oils, you’ll have to consider the scent and type of massage provided.

It is expected that you’ll have considerable experience choosing the oils most suitable for the type of massage therapy offered.

  • Marketing

However suitable you think you are as a massage therapist, a great deal of marketing will be needed to attract clients.

Awareness about your new business will need to be created. Now, there are several ways through which such attention can be raised.

Business cards are easily among the most effective marketing tools to advertise your business. Having these printed and distributed to potential and new clients will help spread the word about your work.

In marketing your massage therapy business, you don’t always want to bombard your clients with sales pitches. Instead, a more effective way to get their attention will be by providing them with helpful information about their interests.

This means you’ll need to know what their preferences are.

Create an email newsletter where stress-relieving tips are offered to your target audience. This gradually establishes you as an authority in this field, thus building a loyal following. Some incentives will also be in order.

Every client that walks in through your door should be seen as a tremendous opportunity to market your business. The first impression counts.

Therefore, you’ll need to give your all to ensure they feel valued and welcomed.

Additional Marketing Strategies

More ways to sell your business to a target market include hosting an open house.

Such an event can be printed on a flyer and posted on community bulletin boards, fitness centers, medical offices, and upscale apartments.

Such an event will seek to meet with potential clients in a friendly environment with food and drink and complimentary massages offered for free.

Starting a customer loyalty program is also a great way to attract potential clients, as exciting discounts are irresistible.

Package deals, setting up an online appointment service, publishing a massage blog, and leveraging the reach of social media can be highly effective in selling your massage business to your target audience.

  • Funding

Financing for your massage business is highly crucial to its success.

Here, we’re talking about adequate financing, which covers the purchase of equipment and supplies as well as running costs. Such funding may also include the cost of rent for a massage room or studio.

As a new business, it’s only wise to serve as the sole massage therapist until the business grows, thus leading to increased demand which requires hiring additional qualified massage therapists.

There are several options to consider when sourcing the needed funding. Such include savings, as well as investments or loans from financial institutions.

  • How Much Can you Charge Customers?

One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make before launching your massage business is determining how much your charges will be.

Your fee structure will depend on the national average and the regional fees being charged. In any case, your pricing should be competitive enough.

  • Be Innovative

Innovation in service delivery is one of the things to consider when drafting your plan. This allows you to infuse productivity in your operations, thus enhancing efficiency.

Some of the most effective strategies include eliminating payment stress by making multiple payment options available.

You may also want to accept insurance. This way, you open up your business to a set of clients who ordinarily won’t patronize a massage business without insurance.

Structuring your business to operate at night and on weekends makes it more attractive to clients.

Use gift certificates to increase the chances of attracting people through your doors.

  • Have a Growth Focused Operation

For your massage business to experience real growth, it has to be growth-focused and oriented.

This begins from the onset and must be diligently pursued. In other words, your plan must have achievable targets for growth.

These should have a timeframe for their full implementation.


There you go! This massage business startup guide has covered the most basic information necessary for achieving significant growth with your business.

Having a solid massage business plan isn’t enough. Complete and careful implementation is equally important.