Massage Therapy Advertising – 15 Marketing Ideas That Attract Clients

What’s the best way for a massage therapist to advertise? Find out.

Advertising is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, there won’t be patronage and sales. It helps sell the business to a target audience.

Marketing Massage Therapy

This article takes a look at the beauty and health industry with a specific focus on massage therapy. Massage therapists are the professionals here.

As a massage therapist, you want to reach a wider target audience through the adoption of effective marketing techniques.

Over the years, advertising has steadily evolved with the availability of the internet and many other marketing tools. These have proven effective in driving sales.

Marketing For Massage Therapist: Does It Help?

As with most businesses, advertising a massage business does a lot more than you can imagine.

Through advertising, you get to generate leads, increase foot traffic, highlight product enhancements, and also introduce new services & products.

Additional benefits include getting traffic to your web page, improving brand awareness, impacting positively on brand image, and drawing attention to the grand opening of a new outlet.

All of these are effective strategies adopted by massage therapists to develop a strong business plan and promote their business

How To Market Your Massage Business

As mentioned earlier, advertising has evolved over the years to become more formidable especially with new tools and platforms made available.

Massage therapists have jumped on the new trend to sell their business to their target markets.

Here is how to get more massage clients.

  • Where do massage therapists advertise now?

Today, massage therapist sell their business by establishing personal brands. What more? They develop websites through which valuable and relevant content is developed and shared.

Paper fliers are still as relevant today as they were decades ago.

The power and reach of social media have further projected their business to a wider audience. Interactions on social media have become more engaging.

Massage therapists also sell their business through the provision of exclusive incentives.

Mobile massage services have become mainstream with clients getting extra convenience from services rendered. Networking events offer advertising opportunities for massage therapists.

These professionals are found in such events where they sell their services.

  • Establishing Personal Brands

Successful massage therapists have leveraged their skills and experiences to establish vital relationships with their market.

This is seen in their preference of a niche, as well as networking with healthcare experts who connect them to the market.

Here, image is of vital importance. With such information, massage therapists have been able to make their businesses more visible.

Here are some massage names if you intend to build a memorable brand.

  • Massage Advertising Websites

Do you need to put massage advertising online?

Websites are among places where massage therapists market or advertise their business. This requires a significant amount of work. First off, a website needs to be created.

Because everyone is on the internet, the need for businesses to have an online presence becomes crucial.

With user-friendly websites, relevant and valuable content associated with the massage business is created. Massage therapists have leveraged the reach of the internet to offer niche-specific services to interested clients.

Potential clients need to only visit such websites to find information about services being rendered.

  • Paper Fliers

Paper fliers have been around for decades.

These simple, yet effective marketing tool remains as effective today as it used to be. Massage therapists have leveraged that to market their services and business.

These professionals have agreements with neighboring businesses to share their flyers.

With this strategy, more clients are gained every time.

  • Social Media

The power and reach of social media cannot be underestimated. These platforms see a lot of users every day going online to connect with friends or discover new trends.

Some of the most popular platforms include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

Similar to websites, pages created are used to promote relevant content about the business.

  • Exclusive Incentives

As a marketing strategy, massage therapists develop exclusive incentives meant to attract both new and repeat patronage. As the name implies, such incentives have many benefits such as discounts and value-added services to attract patronage.

  • Mobile Massage Services

Innovations within the massage industry have brought about mobile massage services.

Here, clients get the extra convenience of getting massage therapy sessions in the comfort of their homes.

Massage therapists respond to different client needs by scheduling visits.

  • Networking Events

Networking events are a gold mine for most massage therapists. These are events where these professionals connect with like-minded people to stay updated with industry trends.

Through such events, new relationships are forged and more potent marketing strategies are adopted to drive sales.

  • Regular Contact with Clients

By being in regular contact with their clients, massage therapists can update existing clients with new and innovative services available.

Regular contact with clients also helps attract newer clients through loyalty programs as well as periodic email and newsletter releases.

  • Promotional Events

Another marketing activity adopted by massage therapists to sell their services includes promotional events. With promotional events, new or potential clients are made to get a feel of the business as well as the services being offered.

Exploring or experiencing massage services this way increases the likelihood of more sales.

  • Professional LinkedIn Profiles

As professionals, massage therapists are expected to have befitting profiles. This trend has seen a surge in the number of therapists opening up professional LinkedIn profiles.

The natural response to that is increased patronage. Clients have more confidence in their capacity to deliver.

  • Sales Promotion

Successful massage therapists have periodic sales promotion events with offers to existing and new clients. During such events, significant discounts are given with some massage services provided free of charge.

  • Including Unique Gifts

Here is effectively free advertising for massage therapists.

Most people like free stuff.

This is especially true when the stuff you offer creates a loyal client base. This strategy has been adopted by massage therapists to launch successful business operations.

New clients are gained each time the business is advertised this way.

  • Online Massage Cards

Due to the online presence of businesses, online massage cards must be created.

Some of the most successful massage therapists have adopted this trend to promote their business to their online audience. This brings about an appreciable level of patronage.

  • Educational Massage Videos

Millions of people go online every day to learn new stuff. This is why educational massage videos have increasingly become widely used by massage therapists to sell their businesses.

One thing that’s common with such videos is that they offer value. Clients hardly hesitate to learn more.

All the above strategies are currently being adopted by massage therapists to advertise their business.

These strategies are working.

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