Best Small Shop Ideas For Small Towns and Big Cities

Are you interested in successful small shop ideas? I know you are interested in starting a small shop business otherwise, you won’t be reading this. Let me congratulate you because you are making a very good decision that your future self will thank you for.

With the rate of unemployment and inflation, having a business alongside your job is not something to joke with.

So, please don’t waste any time, act on your decision to start a business and start right away. If you are feeling overwhelmed on what to do or you are handicapped because of insufficient capital, my advice is that you should start small.

Starting small will solve the challenge of being overwhelmed and help you get rid of the excuse of insufficient capital.

If you think starting small will kill the big dream you have for your business, you are wrong.

10 Best Small Retail Shop Business Ideas and Opportunities

There are many example of big businesses that started small; businesses like Apple, Dell, Amazon and Whole Foods Market that started small and have now grown into big brands. The idea is not to start small and remain small; the idea is to start small and grow big.

If you are ready to take my advice, then read these small shops ideas that you can start immediately.


Restaurant Business

People love to eat food as it is one of the basic necessities for human survival. And in this era of busyness, most people don’t have the time to cook, so, they most often eat out. This is why a restaurant business will ever be lucrative. If you have a knack for cooking sumptuous meals, then you should consider a restaurant business. It is easy to start and you can start with a small capital

Floral Shop

People celebrate all the time, from birthdays to weddings to opening ceremonies and launches. Flower is one of the common things celebrants receives as a gift. Flower is also use to express love to our loved ones and decorate our homes.

Because of these and many more uses of flowers, starting a floral shop is a very profitable venture. This business might interest you if you love flower or have a knowledge of floriculture.

Laundry Shop

People wear clothes all the time but many people don’t have the time to wash their clothes. This is why having a laundry shop is a good. Apart from the fact that laundry business is profitable, it is easy to start and it is not capital intensive.

Barber Shop

Operating a barbing shop is another small shop business idea you can look into. If you already know how to barb, then you are already a step ahead. All you just need to do is to get the basic equipment needed to start and look for a shop at a very busy location where you know your prospective clients congregate.

However, if you don’t have a barbing skill, you can learn it or you can hire a professional barber to work for you.

Book Shop

We are the information age and the paradigm is now shifting from the traditional formal education to self-education and people are now embracing self-education more than ever before. People are now gravitating towards reading as self-education requires reading good books. This is why a book shop is a good business idea you can start.


Humans are creatures of emotions; they love doing what will make them feel good. Being fit and fabulous is the current trend at the moment. Everybody want to be fit and fabulous so that they can feel good about themselves. And they are willingly to do everything to achieve this. This explains why many people are embracing exercise and workout.

So, you should consider the idea of starting a gym. Look out for an area in your neighborhood that doesn’t have a gym and start one there.

Photo Studio

People love taking pictures to captures moments of celebrations and fun so that they can have the memories of those moments and also share it with their loved ones. With the advent of Social Media platforms where one needs to show himself and stand out of the crowd, sharing pictures is one of the effective ways to achieve this. This is why photography is a good business to do. So, if you are thinking of setting up a small shop, consider a photo studio.

Bakery Shop

People love baked goods because of its visual appeal and tantalizing aroma. It is also handy and can be eaten anywhere unlike normal food. Baked goods like cakes and small chops are essential for celebrations like birthdays or weddings.

If you love baking snacks or bread, you can take a step further by starting a bakery shop where you sell varieties of baked goods like cakes, bread, and pastries. You can also choose to focus on a specific baking niche like cake or cupcakes.

I am sure this list of small shop ideas has served as a good guide for you in deciding the type of small business you can do. I want to add that the list is not exhaustive. So, you can make you’re your research and study your environment and figure out other small shop business ideas that suit you best.