13 Township Business Ideas In South Africa

Here are the most profitable township business ideas in South Africa.

It is no secret that the conditions in South African townships leave much to be desired.

Despite the underdevelopment within such communities, there are business opportunities that can be started in these communities with great potentials for profits.

South Africa Township Business Opportunities

As such, we’ll be looking at township business ideas in South Africa you can start today.

Repair And Sell Appliances

All sorts of appliances being discarded like trash in rich neighborhoods are considered useful in townships. These range from laundry, kitchen, as well as other types of home appliances. You can get these to repair and resell to people within townships who mostly cannot afford new ones.

The most important thing you need to start this business is a skill. As an electrician, you’re able to fix faulty appliances and get a profit through sales. Also, an appreciable level of business acumen is vital.

Laundry Services

These types of businesses are quite lucrative in the townships.

This rise in demand for laundry services is due to several reasons among which include having less time for chores.

As people become busier with work or other activities, laundry businesses provide some level of relief.

Bakery Business

Different events such as weddings, funerals, parties in addition to workplaces depend on products from bakeries.

These range from bread, cakes, and so on. If you live in the townships, consider starting this business as there’s a demand for snacks. These can be sold on the go or taken to flea markets among other places.

Some of the basic equipment you’ll need include dough mixer(s) an oven, cake counter among others.

Overall, the investments for starting a bakery business isn’t as much. It largely depends on your scale of operations.

Bicycle And Motorcycle Repair

These are used a lot in the township areas. With these comes the need for maintenance and repair services. This township business idea will prove handy when implemented strategically.

Find the best locations to site your business and you won’t lack for customers.

The most important thing is having the skill and providing exceptional customer care service. The first impression your customers have about your business is usually lasting and will determine how they relate afterward.

Auto Repair Or Mechanic Shop

Like bicycles and motorcycles, cars develop problems. When considering this idea, you should target areas with the most demand for your skills. You also want to look out for existing mechanic shops to find out what their services are like.

These are your competitors, hence the need to find out how they do business and how you can offer better services. Of course, you’ll need to market your business too.

One of the best ways is having loyal clients from your previous place of business. These will readily follow you to your new location. Also, leverage the power of referrals.

Towing Services

Closely related to auto repair are towing services.

This can either be started separately or in combination with an auto repair shop. Vehicles are unpredictable and could breakdown suddenly especially when optimal maintenance isn’t provided by the vehicle owner.

When this happens, towing services are always called upon to assist. The popularity of towing services is on the increase in townships. You want to invest in a business considered to show a lot of promise.

Getting a towing truck can be quite expensive. It will be necessary to consider all available options for the purchase or lease of a towing truck.

Food Markets

Food markets have become a trending feature of most townships. This is due to the increasing number of people who prefer to eat out in addition to socializing around such spots.

What more? Major brands have seen the food business opportunities presented by such markets and partner with small business owners, thus creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Sell In Flea Markets

Flea markets present the best locations to sell whatever you’re interested in. These may range from clothing to food, repair shops, and so many others. Selling whatever service or goods you have is a business idea to consider starting in your township.

Flea markets are informal trading areas which are popular with South Africans. There are several examples of successful businesses today that started this way.

Starting A Brick Supply Business

Brick supply businesses are crucial to the local building industry. These purchase bricks from the company with some profit margins provided and sell to end-users. You can become a part of this important supply chain by making bricks available at all strategic points.

The opportunities presented are quite significant. Recent growth in demand has seen brick suppliers flourish. You too can join this lucrative opportunity today. However, you’ll need to set aside adequate startup capital.

Find out what the costs are and figure out how to raise adequate funding before proceeding further.

Open A barbershop

Barbing saloons or barbershops are essential to all townships. These provide grooming services to the population.

Starting one won’t require enormous capital. You’ll need to get a shop within an ideal location in addition to buying equipment like clippers among others. Your main clients will include young and adult makes. Female customers aren’t uncommon too.

Beauty Salon

A beauty salon caters to all the beauty needs of clients like hair care treatments such as dyeing, shampooing, highlighting, and an assortment of hairstyles among others. You can decide to start with some services and later add more.

Like barbershops, beauty salons are essential to the grooming needs of people within townships. There’s a lot of money to be earned when done the right way.

Become A Furniture Designer

The Services and products of furniture designers are always in demand in townships. You can produce all sorts of household furniture as well as those for businesses. Being creative increases the level of patronage significantly.

Start A Computer Training Center

Computer training centers offer relevant skills for a variety of clients. These range from students to workers as well as people seeking to learn computer skills such as graphic design to start a business.

These are just a few of the many township business ideas in South Africa to consider. There’s a healthy demand for such services which impacts positively on businesses that provide them.