Services To Sell Online – Examples, Offer Skills & Starting Up

What kind of services sell best online? Here are the best services to make money online.

The internet has opened up tons of opportunities for businesses and individuals to transact business both within and beyond borders.

It’s a global space that can be taken advantage of if you have the services and products others need. You only need to identify such needs and have them filled.


This article takes a look at some of the best online services to sell. This is a great business opportunity for anyone trying to figure out what line of business to embark on.

From the ideas provided, you should be able to find one that resonates with you. More importantly, you must know that success will require a great deal of work.

So what online services are in demand?

What skills do you have?

When it comes to the selling of online services, a lot depends on the skill sets possessed. A lot of people possess a wide range of skills that can turn out to be useful in starting an online business.

Even persons without such can easily learn one on the internet. With that, they’ll be well on their way to selling to target audiences.

If you’re wondering what kind of skills these are, they may include learning a foreign language to serve as a translator, remote coaching, and a whole lot of others you’ll learn about shortly.

Also important are the platforms to use in selling such services and products. All of that will be discussed shortly.

Selling Professional Services Online

Which service can I sell online?

When it comes to setting up a successful business operation, you’ll have to figure out things to put in place for a successful operation. First, you need to know that you are the product, and also, time is a limited resource.

Unique customer needs have to be met by you. More importantly, understanding the scope of your reach is vital. You should never be everywhere as this could limit your chances of growth.

Plus your drive for credibility should be paramount.

  • You’re the Product

This is common with all service-based businesses.

Here, understanding you’re the product is key to success. Whatever line of business you’re in, instead of a tangible product, you’re practically selling your time by offering value to your clients.

As such, reasonable value must be gotten by clients.

  • Time is a Limited Resource

For a lot of service-oriented businesses online, the owners have to work around any time constraints to be available to clients.

Unlike product-based businesses where they’re packaged and shipped to any destination, your time is limited to the number of clients you can attend to.

  • Satisfying Unique Customer Needs

Services-based businesses aren’t easy to run. This is because each client has the unique needs they want to be met. To shore up your reputation, you’ll have to be certain that the needs of the client are met to the fullest.

This helps with attracting future referrals.

  • Start Local

While it’s true that the internet opens up the world to you, the reality is that local audiences tend to offer more repeat patronages compared to those from far away.

So, you might want to target your local clients while also opening up or selling to a global population.

  • Never be Everywhere

This has to do with choosing a niche and sticking to it.

No client will take you seriously if you’re all about the place. In other words, you need to demonstrate your competence in your particular niche area and stick with it until you succeed.

  • Be Credible

Credibility is a vital attribute you need to possess as an online service provider. Clients need to be able to trust you before they patronize you.

Now a great deal of such patronage comes from referrals. As such, the more clients consider you as being credible, the higher your referrals become.

Professional Services to Offer Online

Coming back to the main point of discussion, there are tons of online services covering a variety of human endeavors.

These include traveling consulting & support agencies, web development, nutrition consultants, online travel agents, business coaching, and logo design.

Other exciting ideas include virtual assistance service, remote consultations & medical advice, remote organizer, and remote coaching.

More online services to sell are online psychological sessions, personal stylist, Facebook ads agency, goal-accomplishment motivational service, and an online sports trainer and mentor.

You can also sell any of the following services, online shopping assistants, SEO services, content writing, graphics design services, language learning, private data protection, and online speech therapists.

Speech writing is another area of business to get involved in.

  • More Online Services to Sell

Speaking of some of the best services to try out, you might want to offer financial advisory services or provide SAT tutoring & preparation.

Others you might find interesting include nutritional consulting, online beauty & wellness services, email marketing management, data analysis, business coaching, and software development.

YouTube channel content creator, ghostwriting, online auction assistant, online speech therapist, and data modeling & visualization services are more services that can be offered or sold online.

You can also try out online stock assistance, customer service management, or call service center service.

These Services are almost inexhaustible

There’s never a lack of online service ideas to sell as long as you have the interest and capacity. These have a wide range of categories. So, your interests should first be driven by your preferred niche area or category.

Examples of different service categories to sell online include beauty, fitness & wellness, food & travel, coaching & sales, home maintenance & repair, freelancing, teaching & tutoring, people & pet care, voice-over & narration, translation, web design & development, virtual agent & assistant, etc.

Where to Sell Services Online

Having mentioned some of the best online services to sell, it’s important to consider where to sell these. There are tons of platforms where such can be sold.

Certain platforms are created for selling a particular type or category of services.

For example, you can sell your web design & development services on platforms like Yeeply, DesignCrowd, Crowdspring, and Codeable. For translation services, such could be sold on Trusted Translations, Gengo, and Unababel.

There you have it! These are only a few of lots of online services you can sell. We’ve also mentioned some service categories in addition to online platforms where these can be sold.