How to Sell on Naaptol – Requirements and Registration for Sellers

How to Become a Seller on Naaptol – Merchant Signup

Are you planning on selling on Naaptol? Do you want to know if you will be making the right decision selling on Naaptol?

Naaptol is one of the leading and most talked about online shopping websites in India, so getting your products sell there is not a bad idea.

This post contains everything you need to know about how to sell on Naaptol. I did my research to find out the procedures it takes to become a seller on Naaptol and how the sales process is done to how seller gets their money.

Naaptol Seller Registration

Naaptol attracts a huge number of Indian online shoppers and as a result of this, the Naaptol vendors or sellers are scoring high on the scale of smooth selling which its end product is nothing but free flow of financial Stabilities.

All in all, Naaptol has grown even thrice in term of buyers and this is as a result of sellers who plight their trades conveniently on the online marketplace platform.

However, the unique process of inviting and fetching in large third party sellers throughout the whole India is exactly what Naaptol has engaged in.

The following are however the surefire tips on how to sell on Naaptol.


The first thing to do to be able to sell on Naaptol is to register and become a member of the platform. Becoming a Naaptol seller or vendor starts with visiting Naaptol online official page and fill out all the required rudiments on the merchant registration page.

The page requires you as a merchant who will love to associate and sell on Naaptol to supply some basic information about your brand, goods or products for the creation of your seller account.

Among this information are the name and type of firm or company you operate, the type of products you sell, whether or not you provide shipping service and other related information. After you are done filling the required spaces you will need to proceed to the next step by clicking on the ‘next’ button.

Provide your personal information

Also, to sell on Naaptol, it’s very important for you to provide your personal information as a seller on the leading ecommerce website in India. Mind you, your provided personal details or information are confidential for they are only needed to verify the address you filled in the online merchant/seller registration form.

And besides, your products will be considered to be one of the most use and popular brands around the globe if eventually featured on Naaptol online shopping page, so why wouldn’t your private details be required?

Your personal details that will be required are your Postal Address, your State and city Name, mobile phone number, Area Pin Code, active Email address and others (though not restricted to the aforementioned).

Once you are done filling the above details, all you need is to click on the submit button situated at the right below on the Naaptol seller page and exercise patient for some minutes till your request will be approved by Naaptol merchant management team.

Survey the online shopping page

While you are still waiting for an approval from Naaptol merchant management team, it is very necessary for you at this juncture to browse through the Naaptol website and carry out a survey on how things are being run there.

Check out for the ways and manner in which buyers place their orders, manner of pricing and labelling, mode of goods displaying and other valuable things that you will need to know once you become a member of the community.

In addition, you will need to cease that opportunity to run-check on the section which your brand or products will fit in on the page or else if you misplace your products in the wrong place it might delay you in seeing potential buyers to patronize such goods or products in time.

There are some sections which the products contain therein are categorized as top-selling product they are usually on heavy demand compared to others on Naaptol.

These categories or sections are where you can place your products that are available for sale because they will in no time sell off the shelves. All this vital information will only be exposed to you if you survey or browse through the Naaptol marketplace platform.

Sign the terms and conditions

Having filled in all the necessary information about your brand and yourself as an individual as needed by Naaptol, you will receive some messages which will center on Naaptol terms and conditions.

Mind you, you are not under compulsion to agree on the likely terms that will be sent to you; it agreement depends and lies solely on your satisfaction.

Among these terms and conditions are the issue of percentage to go to the pursue of Naaptol on your every single sale, issues of shipping and the extent of the quality to which your products must meet are some of the agreement you are required to reach.

Having satisfied with all their requirements, you are almost on the go to sell on Naaptol.


Immediately after you agreed on the terms and conditions placed by Naaptol you have automatically become a member and have the right to auction your products for sell. Now, the knowledge and experience you garnered during the cause of surveying the website will come in to play a role.

Upload the pictures of your goods and or products to be sold in the right section or category with brief description and tag it with the selling price. The next you are to do is to be expecting potential buyers in no time because you are a seller or merchant on Naaptol already.

Conclusively, the five steps explained above are the simplest and easiest ways to sell on Naaptol, one of the bestselling online shopping in India.