Sales Training Franchises

Many sales training franchises offer training for sales professionals. The main benefit of these franchise opportunities is that they can be time-consuming to set up but, once established, can be very profitable.

While sales training franchises offer a sure way to own a franchise, not all may present the same opportunities. This boils down to the simple fact that investor needs are different. Based on this reality, you need to be able to identify the most suitable franchise opportunity to invest in.

We’ve come to the rescue to provide some of the best sales training franchises. These offer some of the best ROI in the industry while providing comprehensive support and training, amongst others. Mostly, franchisees’ feedback has been great for each of these.

Sales Training Franchise Opportunities

Franchise opportunities in sales training aren’t hard to come by. You need to only research for such as you’re currently doing. Here, we’ve identified some of the best sales training franchises, including Crestom Int’l. LLC., Sandler Training, Dale Carnegie Training Center, and DEI Sales Training Systems.

More sales training franchises include Action Coach, Ology Business Coaching, The Alternative Board, The Growth Coach, and Pitman Training Group. More options include Mars Venus Coaching, City Saver, Resumes for Results, Talsmart, Francorp, etc.

i. Crestom Int’l. LLC.

Crestom is a reputable sales training franchise that seeks to make an impact by changing lives, organizations, and communities. It’s for franchise partners seeking to be part of a growing and supportive network while also seeking to create their destinies.

Crestom International helps you achieve all of that. Its winning and accredited curriculum have helped it train highly impactful sales professionals making a world of difference in their fields.

ii. Sandler Training

When looking for sales and training franchisees, most franchise candidates look out for those offering a clear path for growth, work/life balance, the ability to earn the money they deserve, and, more importantly, to make an impact in the lives of clients.

With Sandler Training, you have a reliable partner that helps you achieve these and more. This international franchise provides training in 25 languages! Areas covered include sales training, leadership training, management training, corporate coaching, executive coaching, etc.

iii. Dale Carnegie Training Center

Founded in 1912, the Dale Carnegie Training Center provides a whole range of training covering sales, presentation, leadership, and many customized corporate solutions. Now, Dale Training does not always offer franchise opportunities. Depending on when you read this, a franchise offer may be available.

iv. DEI Sales Training Systems

This sales training program was founded in 1979 by Stephen Schiffman. It wasn’t until 2003 that it began franchising. The financial requirements for owning this franchise include a franchise fee of $50,000 and an initial investment of $99,400 to $153,700. Candidates must have a net worth of $100,000.

v. Action Coach

This business service firm offers sales training as part of its program. This global franchise is interested in expanding its presence across new locations, and prospective franchisees are crucial. To qualify, you must meet its requirements, including financials and others.

vi. Ology Business Coaching

With the need for business coaching increasingly growing, Ology Business Coaching is one of many similar institutions with a comprehensive curriculum that includes sales training. There’s also extensive training available for franchisees to succeed with their franchise operations.

vii. The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board is a franchise opportunity that offers various services, including virtual board, business planning, sales training, StratPro, business coaching, and peer-to-peer group. This opportunity is available in locations across New Zealand, like Wellington and Hamilton Waikato.

More locations include Christchurch Canterbury, Nelson Marlborough, Napier Hawkes Bay, Auckland, and Northland. You get the needed support and training to grow your franchise.

viii. The Growth Coach

This business coaching franchise seeks partnership opportunities with interested franchise candidates. If you’re one, you’ll need a franchisee of $27,900 and total investments of $42,000 to $63,900 to qualify for the opportunity. There are financing sources in addition to comprehensive training and support.

ix. Pitman Training Group

Pitman Training allows you to own its sales training franchise. This unique, self-paced, flexible study system requires no teaching staff. The franchisor’s own virtual learning portal helps with such training. With this company, you get multiple income streams. This franchisor provides all you need to launch a successful operation.

x. Mars Venus Coaching

With an extensive support network in major world markets and marketing funds and programs, this sales training franchise offers available marketing resources at all levels. As its licensee, you get to benefit from a brand with 98% global recognition and ongoing training and support.

xi. City Saver

You might also want to try out this promising franchise opportunity. Founded in 2003, City Saver began franchising in 2011. To buy this franchise, you’ll need a franchise fee of $25,000 and an initial investment of $34,966 to $48,121. City Saver has a franchise agreement term of 10 years which is renewable.

xii. Resumes for Results

Resumes for Results came onboard in 1994. It wasn’t until 2002 before it began franchising. This company offers sales training and other services like business consulting, business services, etc. As a Resumes for Adults franchisee, you have access to its unique and highly effective business model.

xiii. Talsmart

Talsmart is an initial training and recruitment franchise seeking the perfect candidate. Services include sales training in IT and software, IT & software sales assessment, tech sales recruitment, and lead generation. Franchisees enjoy world-class training, being part of a global brand, and the opportunity to build a legacy.

xiv. Francorp

You might also want to try out this opportunity as a prospective franchisee. Like other sales training franchises, detailed guidance is given to new franchisees. This ensures the joining process isn’t complicated.

As an investor looking for investment opportunities, having a lot of great options is a good thing. However, much of the work lies in finding one you’d like to invest in. Here, you’ll be looking at the financials, availability, type of support, and your interests.

These sales training franchise opportunities offered a range of benefits to franchise candidates. As an investor, it’s essential to go through each of those mentioned to find one more suitable to your capabilities and personality.