Who is the Richest Man in The Whole World?

Richest People in The Whole World – Top 10 Billionaires List

I have compiled a list of the richest person in the whole world. These wealthy billionaires from different countries across the world have been ranked based on their estimated net worth.

So who is the richest in the whole world?

When we wake up every day to go to school or work, our underlying drive for most day to day activities is to become rich and successful. No matter your current financial status, you will always see people behind and ahead of you.

So in this post, I will be giving you profiles of Forbes richest people in the whole world.

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However, these people should not be taken as the latest 10 richest men of all time. So, who is d richest man in d whole world for now? Are these people the best businessmen in the whole world?

Before we go on, here is what to know about the poorest man in the world.

Who is the Richest Person in The Whole World?

1.  William Henry Bill Gates

Date Of Birth: 28, October 1955
Birth Place: Seattle, Washington, United States
Education: Lakeside School, Harvard College
Business Type: Software company
Net Asset: $79.2 billion

2. Carlos Slim Helu

Date of Birth: January 28, 1940 (Age-74)
Birth Place: Mexico City, Mexico
Education: Civil Engineering
Business Type: Chairman of Telmex, America Móvil, Samsung Mexico, and many other
Net Asset: $77.1 billion

3. Warren Edward Buffett

Date Of Birth: August 30, 1930 (Age 83)
Birth Place: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Education: Columbia Business School
Business Type: Textile industry
Net Asset: $72.7 billion

4.Amancio Ortega

Date of Birth: March 28, 1936 (Age-77)
Birth Place: Province of Leon, Spain
Education: Not Found
Business Type: Spanish global fashion giant Inditex, Zara
Net Asset: $64.5 billion

5. Larry Joseph Ellison

Date of Birth: August 17, 1944 (Age-69)
Birth Place: East Side, New York City. USA
Education: University of Chicago
Type: Software, Oracle
Net Asset: $54.3 billion

6. Charles Koch

Age: 79
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, MIT; MS, MIT
Business Type: Oil pipelines, refineries, building materials, etc, CEO, Koch Industries
Net Asset:$42.9 Billion

7. David Koch

Age: 74
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, MIT; MS, MIT
Business Type: Oil pipelines, refineries, building materials, etc, Executive VP, Koch Industries
Net Asset: $41.9 Billion

8. Christy Walton

Date of Birth: 1955 (Age-59)
Birth Place: Jackson, Wyoming, United States
Education: Not Found
Earning Type: Inherited, Walmart,
Net Asset: $41.7 billion

9. Jim Walton 

Age: 67
Earning Type: Wal-Mart, Chairman and CEO, Arvest Bank Group, Inc.
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, University of Arkansas
Net Asset: $40.6 Billion

10. Liliane Bettencourt

Age: 92
Source Of Wealth: L’Oreal
Net Asset: $40.1 Billion

Richest People Ever in History

Who is the richest person in the world ever? Who was Mansa Musa and what did he do? When it comes to matters of wealth, historical figures have often overshadowed present-day billionaires by a distant gap.

This is not meant to steal the shine of billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and the rest of the pack but to state an obvious fact which several kinds of research have shown to be significantly greater.

The list of the richest people in history is dominated by kings and emperors. Let’s look at the top 10 richest people of all time.

  1. Osman Ali Khan- Estimated Net-Worth $230 Billion

Osman Alik Khan ran an absolute monarchy in India in the 20th century that lasted from 1911-1948. During this time, he had an estimated net worth of 2 billion dollars which translated to its present-day value amounts to over $230 billion. With the whole of Hyderabad as his private estate, and enjoying absolute authority, all state assets were subject to his control.

  1. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia- Estimated Net-Worth $300 Billion

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia’s reign started from the late 19th century and ended in the 20th century in 1917. Within this period, he had absolute control over the resources of the state. This made him extremely wealthy as he became one of the richest monarchs ever to have ruled. His wealth at that time equated to $300 billion in current estimations. His wealth came mainly from taxations, private commissions, and spoils of war among several others.

  1. Andrew Carnegie- Estimated Net-Worth-$337 Billion

Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish immigrant who became one of the richest Americans in history. He was a key figure in driving the huge expansions in the American steel industry, and through that process earned enormous wealth.

However, his story was that a rise from rags to riches and did a lot of philanthropy. His wealth was committed to several causes during his twilight years. His major wealth came from the sale of his company U.S. Steel to J.P Morgan.

  1. John D. Rockefeller- Estimated Net-Worth $367 Billion

His major investments were in the petroleum industry. His company the Standard Oil Company had over 90% stake in the production of American oil. A 1918 federal income tax return estimated his fortune to be around $1.5 billion in 1918.

His net-worth then translated to present-day figures amount to around $367 billion. He is still referred to as one of the people who shaped America’s future.

  1. Mansa Musa I of Mali- Estimated Net-Worth-$415 Billion

King Mansa Musa is famous for his wealth as he controlled a vast empire that spanned from Mali to Ghana during his quarter of a century reign. He had enormous supplies of gold which made up to 50% of the global supply. As a highly valuable resource, he used it to trade with merchants from across the world who brought other valuable supplies in exchange for his.

Stories are told of his pilgrimage to Mecca where he is reported to have spent so lavishly that it caused an inflation or currency crisis. So great was his wealth that there are several guesses about their true worth.

However, it is believed that in its current-day value, his wealth amounted to $415 billion.

  1. King Solomon of Israel -Estimated Net-Worth-$2.2 Trillion

During his 39 year reign in Israel, King Solomon earned a hefty 25 ton of gold per annum. This was not the only source of wealth as he is said to have taxed his subjects heavily in addition to his many trading partners who traded in a variety of items.

His fame spread across the whole world with people traveling from distant lands (such as the Queen of Sheba) to see his wealth. His net-worth is just an estimate as it could surpass the exact figures given.

Due to his wealth, people (Queen Sheba) was said to be amazed by his servant lived. During his reign, both silver and gold were said to have been so common as stones.

  1. Augustus Caesar- Estimated Net-Worth-$4.63 Trillion

Augustus Caesar the Roman Emperor was said to be so rich that his wealth was said to amount to about 20% of the economy of the entire Roman Empire. The Roman Empire spread across several lands and countries.

During his time as king, his wealth was massive. This is enormous bearing the fact that his wealth is the subject of discussion. However, it is said that this did not last throughout his lifetime

  1. Akbar I – Estimated Net-Worth-$21 Trillion

Akbar, I was Emperor of the Mughal Empire and his rule lasted from the mid 16th century to the early 17th century. He embarked on series of conquests and controlled large swathes of lands that spread across the Indian sub-continent.

When compared to its current estimates in dollar terms today, it will amount to a massive $21 Trillion. In his day, this was equal to 25% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product GDP.

  1. Emperor Shenzong- Estimated Net-Worth- Over $30 Trillion

During his reign, he was said to control unbelievable wealth that it is estimated to be around 30% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product. A positive aspect of his reign is that while he collected taxes, implemented friendly policies that benefitted his subjects.

  1. Genghis Khan-Estimated Net-Worth- Over $100 Trillion

This great warrior conquered a huge territory that spanned from Europe to Asia, conquering lands and redistributing the wealth obtained during the process. According to history, no one has repeated this feat after him as he is said to be worth over $100 Trillion in today’s estimation.

These are the top 10 richest people in history with the wealth they have made during their time as rulers. Some of these people used their wealth to the benefit of their people while others did not.

Whatever the case, the fact remains that they are considered the richest people that ever lived on the face of the earth.

Top 10 Wealthiest Men In The Whole World

Though it’s difficult to say who is the richest person in the world ever, Bill Gates still retains his number one position as the current richest man in the whole world. What is your view on this list of the top 10 richest people in the whole world?

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