Repair Business Ideas – Small Service Opportunities


If you are a person that loves fixing things, it will be a very good idea if you can find repair business ideas that you can consider starting.

Aside from being your own boss, you get to involve yourself with a repair service business that you love, making money from your skill.


There are many types of repair business ideas that you can start with relatively small capital. And one good thing about the repair business industry is that the competition is low compared to other niches of small businesses.

It all lies in how good the expert is at getting the repair job done. If you make your customers happy with getting their repair work done well, they will always surely come back to you or refer someone to you if your service is needed.

I bring before you today, 10 profitable repair business ideas that you should consider and venture into if you have always loved to start a repair shop business.

  1. Appliance Repair Business

As many people are unable or unwilling to buy new appliances as they may not be able to afford new ones due to the economic recession, more people are now getting their old appliances repaired instead of buying new ones.

You can enjoy a high level of success if you focus on appliances repair. You can decide to focus on a particular appliance such as dryers, washers, or refrigerators or you may be skilled enough to fix anything.

You should first consider the market before deciding on specializing in one particular appliance repair.

  1. Automobile Repair Business

This is an automobile business that has the capacity to make you wealthy in the long term as most people now have automobiles. If you have a good knowledge of automobile fixing especially small engine repair and a good network or list of referrals, it can help boost sales.

You can put your business in the fast lane by taking your services directly to customers’ homes or places of business.

  1. Porcelain Repair Business

What does a porcelain repair entrepreneur do? They fix unsightly chips and cracks in tubs, rub a dub, and other porcelain accessories. With a porcelain-repair kit in hand, sinks and tubs are made like new again while you smile home with cash.

  1. Windshield Repair Business

This is an automobile repair business idea that you don’t stress yourself in getting customers to do their windshield repair work. When you are looking for customers, simply visit parking lots and used car lots for cars with cracked, chipped windshields.

  1. Bicycle Repair Business

This business idea can be started from your home as a part-time business and work your way to transiting it to a full-time business. You can also offer your service to a local bicycle shop when you don’t have any work at hand.

One other way to get customers is by involving yourself in regional bicycle races and events to bring in customers. You get them by letting them know that their bicycle will never disappoint them in any race if they can allow you to repair it for them whenever it is bad.

  1. Computer Repair Business

This is another wonderful lucrative repair business idea. Practically every home in the country has a computer if not more than one. And fortunately for you, only a few know anything about fixing computers.

This is just how great the tech business is and how you can profit as an entrepreneur of a computer repair business.

You can make money from people who are trying everything possible to make their computer last longer as they may not be able to afford a brand new one.

Much of your business will be updating software or adding hardware rather than making repairs.

  1. Shoe Repair Business

This is another repair business that never goes out of style. I know of a guy in my community that has built a house from a shoe repairing business. He helps fix shoes and change some parts. He even goes as far as turning a bad wore-out shoe into a good-looking one like it was bought.

This guy is so skillful at what he does that people are always bringing their shoes for him to fix. So, you see how profitable this business can be? If you know you can learn this business idea or have a passion for shoe repair, then you can start this repair business and profit from it.

  1. Toilet Repair Business

Practically every house has a sewage system. There is no doubt that once every year the toilet has to be fixed mostly in a home where there are children. The business may not be as needy as other repair businesses but it is always lucrative depending on how you want to charge.

Since you know that you only get a contract once in a while, it is left for you to run this kind of repair business as a side business while you do other work.

  1. Motorcycle Repair Business

This business is good for motorcycle lovers. If you have always found love for motorcycles, there is a wide market for you. You can land a contract with any sport motorcycle company to be their chief repairer.

There are few motorcycle repairers from my research and feasibility study. This means you won’t be competing with many parties if any.

  1. Phone Repair Business

You don’t need anybody to tell you that this is a million-dollar industry if you are very skillful at fixing many types of phones mostly android as it is more popular. You can start this business from home or rent a shop.

You can add selling of phone spare parts and also selling of brand new phones too. You can become wealthy if you can deliver good customers services and can do perfect repairs on your customer’s phone.